Just seen ive past 100 followers here!! Thanks guys! Here’s a Flat brush master study after TOM LOVELL. 

This was when things started to really click for me in terms of colour temperatures and how far i can/should exaggerate them. 

I always worry about whether or not my colours are complimenting each other etc. But thinking of colour as a temperature…should the colour be hot or cold here? What colour do i think would look hot or cold here? What about the shape of the colour too?

Just believe and trust in your own ‘sensibilities’ with colour…you might be surprised.

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Do you believe in life after love?
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Afterlife (3)

The pain had been intense, but very fleeting. It had been over before it had really begun. The men had come, swords raised, there had been a short moment of sheerest terror and all-consuming pain …

….and then it was gone. Richard had felt a jolt, a moment of dizziness, and then he had stood somewhere he did not recognise. Somewhere beautiful, of bright colours, and sunshine, and good smells.

Somewhere that was definitely nowhere near a battlefield. It did not take him long to work out that this meant he had to be dead.

Well, damn. That had not been the plan.

Before he could become angry about this, though, sad at the idea, he was distracted by the noise around him. It sounded as if - hesitantly, he looked around himself, to see many more people arriving around him, materialising in a way that should have alarmed him but did not. Among others, he spotted Rob Percy, looking confused. John Howard, who had removed his helmet and was shaking his grey-haired head.. Apparently noticing Richard´s eyes on him, he turned and gave him a slightly apologetic grin: “Bit of a disaster, your grace, wasn`t it?”

Richard felt an ill-fitting urge to laugh. “You could say that”, he answered, and John`s grin widened. Before he said something else, though, Richard was interrupted by a voice calling: “Papa! Papa!”, and he froze. Could it be - could it -

Slowly, almost frightened of what he would see, he turned around, to see Ned running towards him, beaming, arms stretched out: “Papa! You`re home, Papa!” And without further ado, his son threw himself into his arms.

For a moment, Richard could answer nothing, could only hold his son - happy, healthy, laughing - scarcely able to believe it. He was with his son again. He was with Ned. They would never have to part again. “I`m glad to see you, Ned”, he murmured after a short while, and his son drew away and nodded, beaming. “Mama says she wants to see you too, but she allowed me to go first”, he said. “And Grandpa York says he wants to see you too.”

RIchard did not know how to answer. Anne. She was here, too. She was here. He was with his Anne again. And even his father … “There`ve been many people who said they wanted to see you”, Ned chattered on, apparently oblivious of his silence. “Uncle George, and Uncle Edward.” He frowned a bit. “Uncle Edward said you were -” He chewed on his lip for a moment, then finished triumphantly: “Too damn clever for his own damn good, and should have kept his damn ears shut.” He grinned at Richard. “I think he said more, but Mama did not allow me to listen any more.”

“Can you-” Richard broke off, surprised at how much his voice was shaking. “Can you show me to them, then, my son?” He smiled slightly when Ned nodded, took his hand and led him away from the place he had arrived at, towards some figures in the distance.

Approaching them, the first person Richard saw was Anne. Anne, smiling, looking as cheerful as she had when they had been crowned together, her face not too thin as it had been in the last month before her dead but full and healthy.

She was fine, and unwittingly, Richard felt himself start to smile as well. She was fine. She was smiling at him, coming towards him - releasing Ned`s hand, Richard forgot all thoughts of dignity and ran towards her, and she laughed and spread her arms. “My lord husband.” “Anne!” Richard`s voice was almost a sob. “I`ve missed you. You would not believe how much I have missed you.” “I`ve missed you too”, Anne answered. “I still would have wished you wouldn`t have to join me quite as soon.”

Richard released her, to give her a half-amused, half-reproachful look. “It was not intentional”, he muttered, and Anne grinned. “Really? You`re still as easy to wind up as you always were.” When Richard opened his mouth in mock-outrage, she reached out and put her hand under his chin, closing it again. “There are others who want to see you as well”, she said. “Your father, for one. And my father. He says he is very proud of you.”

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed, Richard allowed her to show him the way to some of the people who were standing around. He recognised some of them by sight, but when he saw the man who was striding towards him, he was, for the third time in a very short time, rendered speechless. Being dead apparenty attacked his wits.

On the other hand, it was not every day he saw his father, dead for over two decades, coming towards him.

His first thought was that his cousin the earl had not lied. His father really did resemble him a lot; it was like looking into a slightly distorting looking glass. He wondered what he should say; the only memories he had of his father before his death were of being carried by him, and being ruffled over his hair another time. That was all.

He doubted it would make for fascinating conversation.

But his father took that worry from him by slapping him on the shoulder, booming: “Welcome, son! I am glad to see you well, though I would have been more glad to only see you in three decades.” “My lord father”, Richard murmured, and the older man laughed. “Your grace, I should say to you, shouldn`t I? You did well.”

“I lost”, Richard pointed out, because he could think of nothing else, but his father shrugged. “So did I. I still think I did rather well.” “I have … always been looking up to you”, Richard said, and again the other man laughed. “So you should have. Come on now, my nephew wishes to speak to you.”

Richard followed him, too overwhelmed to protest. Over what would have been the next hours had he been somewhere where time existed, he spoke to his cousin the Earl of Warwick, to George, to Edward who boxed him none too gently on the arm and told him he should have “fucking refused to listen”, but finally admitted, after Richard had given an angry answer, that he would not have acted any differently himself. He even exchanged a few words with his grandfather Ralph, about whom his mother had sometimes spoken, and came to the conclusion that while it would not have been necessary to die so early, things could have been worse.

John Howard, beaming next to his first wife Katherine, concured when Richard said this, and Rob Percy, himself standing next to his own first wife, nodded. Robert Brackenbury just shrugged.

And only then did it occur to Richard that Francis was not there. He had seen him knocked off his horse during the battle, had seen him fall. He had been certain he had to have been dead, had even in the adrenaline of his final charge felt a stab of nearly unbearable pain at the thought.

He had thought he was off talking to his own long-dead parents when he arrived, but it turned out he was not there. “He survived”, Anne said gently when Richard, starting to become nervous, shouted for him. “He still lives.”

“What - what-” Richard could not believe it, was torn between sheerest relief and the pain of not having him by his side like always. “Can I see him?”

Anne said nothing for a while, then she nodded hesitantly. “You can … but I wouldn`t advise you to. It`s painful, watching those you left behind.” “I want to see him!” Richard barely listened, and when his father murmured, in a gentle tone of voice: “Your lady wife is right”, he roared: “I WANT TO SEE HIM!”

Anne  shrugged. “I`ll show you then how to”, she said. “But it is not nice to do.”

Richard glared at her, but as soon as she had showed him, as soon as he could see Francis, as soon as he could visit him, stand next to him, he had to admit she had been right. Francis was sitting on the ground of the sanctuary he had apparently fled to after the battle, shaking, tears running down his face, and he kept murmuring his name: “Richard, Richard.” “I`m right here!”, Richard answered, but Francis did not hear him, looked right through him even as he kept asking for him.

Richard was not able to stand it for long, but soon afterwards, he felt bad for fleeing. He also visited his son John, his mother, his daughter, his nephew John, his sister Elizabeth, and found that Anne had been right. It was not a pleasant thing to see his loved ones while they could not see him. Only his visit with his sister Margaret had given him some comfort, for she, while looking sad too, had looked very determined. and muttered a few choice words about Tudor.

Good old Margaret. She had always been the best of sisters.

Richard soon became used to his life after death, but even though he was repeatedly told by Anne and his father - who kept murmuring he had his “mother`s stubbornness” - not to, he could not help himself but visit Francis, and it depressed him every time. Sometimes, he sent Rob, or John, but they inevitably came back sooner or later to say he was asking for him.

One time, Rob laughed, telling him Francis had tried attacking a man who had tried to offer him a pardon from Tudor - “it was spectacular, I`m telling you, that man will have nightmares forever” - but the next time Richard went to see him he lay ill. Richard tried to hold his hand for comfort, but it went right through Francis`s hand, and this was more than he was able to stand.

To cool himself off, he went to Westminster for a while, stood right behind the usurper Tudor and let his hand hover right over his shoulder, laughing at Tudor`s nervous, confused, looks behind himself. Then, just for good measure, he kicked Jasper Tudor through the shin, sniggering even more at the man`s sudden grimace and shivers, before going back.

He could barely bring himself to see Francis after that. It was terrible to see him become thin, the dull eyes, the pain. He became thinner and thinner. Richard screamed at him to stop it, to get on with his life, but Francis could not hear him.

Richard had some hope when he broke sanctuary, found visiting him easier then, could sometimes even convince Anne, who said she found it horrible to see people grieving, to come along.

When Francis`s rebellion failed, Richard thought he would see him soon. He broke down entirely, and more than once, Richard came to see him stare at his dagger. Richard slapped him, not caring his hand went through him, shouting to not even dare thinking about it.

He told himself it was due to that that Francis survived, fled to Margaret, where soon afterward his nephew John joined him. This was fun to watch, and Richard often applauded them for their plans of what to do, for their plans to overthrow Tudor.

He had a few choice words for the usurper once he arrived in the afterlife.

But apparently Richard`s battle knowledge and ability to estimate chances had suffered from being dead, because although the army Francis, Margaret and John organised looked promising, Tudor`s army won in the end. Richard stood by, watching. It was not pretty.

Soon after he had decided he did not want to see it, John came tripping towards him, a slightly awkward grin on his face. “I didn`t actually mean to be dead yet”, was the first thing he said to Richard, to which the latter grimaced. “Funny, I planned it.”

John laughed at that. “I`m glad to see you”, he said. “I - Francis is still alive, I think. You probably want to know.”

Richard did want to know, but when he went to see Francis again, he saw it was not a state of events that would stay like that for very long. Francis was injured, and his eyes more empty than ever.

He made it back to Margaret. There he collapsed.

Richard, once again ignoring all warnings - “why do I even try”, his father murmured. “Come along, lady Anne, I apologise for my son`s obstinancy, we will never make him understand” - sat at his bedside. Francis was dying. Richard tried to stroke his sweaty hair away from his forehead, but again his hand went through it.

He started murmuring comfort instead.

After a time, Francis seemed to look in his direction.

Richard did not move away from his side from that moment on, and after a while, Rob came too. Then Anne. Then John. Then his nephew John.

Francis started looking into their direction more often, even as his face lost all its colour, he lost yet more weight and his body started giving out, and some light returned to his eyes.

Richard was there when they closed, was there when a jolt threw them all backwards, away from Francis`s room.

It took only a moment, then Francis appeared as well, looking confusedly around himself before recognising them.

His eyes lit up as he, without any ceremony, threw himself at Richard, and as he caught him, engulfed him in a hug, he heard Anne laugh, Rob chuckle, and felt like everything was alright now.

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The Dragon’s Princesses

A/N: Yohoo, the sequel/next chapter of A Knight’s Prophecy is finally here! Yay! My writing style does tend to fluctuate, so this is not as crack-ish as AKP.

Summary: NozoEli are introduced in their gay garden. Maki tries to escape from her predicament. Nico gets annoyed and upset and bullied by everyone. Souhi’s summaries become shittier.

Pairings: NicoMaki, NozoEli


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