A day in the frustrating life of a cockroach.

Meet Cott Roche, a frustrated and misunderstood bug that isn’t the smoothest with the ladies. Or anyone in general. Hopefully someday, he’d get a chance to apologize to Lady Black Widow from his rudeness and anger.

Besides that, he runs a small bar that doesn’t get much customers because of how intimidating he looks. His dreams are always against his image.

Follow Lady Black Widow! She’s extremely adorable and admirable in every single way. Great art! Great drawings!

This little short comic is a tribute to that blog and the character herself for being so well designed. YOU GO GIRL! Sorry for making her cry!


Yeaaaaaahh about that one sketch of Lacey and what appears to be male Sunflower.. that was just a random idea so don’t ask me why..xD Oh and the last pic of Loveless and uh.. Discorded Proso I guess.xDD If they were in a relationship, it would be a love-hate kind of relationship.

Still some more to come and I promise the next time I take pictures of my sketchbook I will make it more clear!;u;


Some of my human sketches that I did in my 2 sketchbooks that I have now filled~ 

Truly sorry for the quality of the pictures, my iPad isn’t the best at taking pictures at night and my hands get all shaky every time I want to take a pic of something.

There’s more to come!

Okay, It's Seems That I'm Not Posting ANYTHING Here..

Cuz I really am not in the mood to draw the continuation of the story.. So uhh…Let’s just say that Loveless and Proso explained everything that had happened to Lovelace while she was asleep and now I’ll be answering the rest of the questions for Loveless before she leaves (Yes, she’ll be leaving, but not forever. She might come back every once in a while…When I’m in the mood.:P)

Aand about Sunflower’s story.. I’ve kinda lost interest in it. Might just have her come back from the hospital and say that her father’s fine. Nyegh, that’ll do.

I’m sorry, I’m just.. worried that the questions will pile up some more which is why I closed the ask box and didn’t answer any questions here.:c