Six Women Who Changed Science. And The World. Part 2.

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Ada Lovelace shirts, coffee mugs, canvases, blankets, pillows and totes!

Ada Lovelace, a badass “enchantress of numbers” and all-around math nerd, wrote the world’s first computer program in the 1840s. This is my little homage to one of the many great women in STEM fields. 


Illustrator and graphic designer Ann Shen’s drawings of bad girls throughout history. (Though “badass” is more appropriate than “bad,” strictly scientifically speaking.)

For some substantiation on the badassery of the above, see Amelia Earhart on marriage, Ada Lovelace on science and spirituality, Nellie Bly’s groundbreaking journalistic feistiness, and Eleanor Roosevelt on happiness and conformity and her controversial love letters to Lorena Hickok.

And so I’ve read “Angels twice descending” (Cassandra Clare) and I loved it)))

But poor George, he was so nice and such a good guy…I was so startled and my first reaction was like, “WHAT?!” that it took me a couple times of re-reading the lines until I could digest the idea T_T

Ave atque vale, George Lovelace. Hail and farewell.

😱"He cheated, you stayed, he cheated again, now what?“😱

Poor you. Yes you, who has reported my last illustration one more time… You have nothing else to do?

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Feelin’ lucky, punk?

(Minkowski’s on the left, Lovelace on the right)

So this probably won’t be the last time I say this but!! you guys should really listen to the podcast Wolf 359! I started listening about a month ago and I have already listened to every episode (and started repeating episodes) I love it so much it is A+

There’s space adventures and shenanigans and camaraderie and comedy and drama and mystery and Lots of Lovely Ladies so basically you should really listen to Wolf 359??? ok thats it bye

gold for a bride in her wedding gown, and red to call the enchantment down

this was the first thing I wanted to draw after finishing lady midnight. just two lines of Isabelle’s engagement mention BUT I WANT TO CRY @cassandraclare

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