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“The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out…”

—Florence + the Machine

Why i need a TID movie adaptation

Listen up. I need a “The Infernal Devices” movie adaptation. I don’t think you understand. I live and break TID. All i can think about is TID. I even have a TID playlist. I need a TID movie adaptation so i can make edits of it. I just fudging need to see the characters that i love so much come to life. I have even thought about becoming a producer or something to make a TID movie myself (with the permission of Cassandra ). I need to see Jem play the violin. I need to see Will fighting. I need to see Tessa slaying. I need to see Charlotte being a boss ass woman. I need to see Sophie coming out of her shell. I need to see Jessamine with her beautifull dresses. I need to see henry covered in smudge. I need to see Magnus becoming friends with Tessa. I need a TID movie adaptation.

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Joshua Anthony Brand as William (Will) Herondale

Danielle Campbell as Teresa (Tessa) Gray

or Emily Rudd

Mitch Hewer as James (Jem) Carstairs

Kaya Scoldelario as Cecily (Cecy) Herondale

Douglas Booth as Gabriel Lightwood

Anna Popplewell as Sophie Collins

Max Irons as Gideon Lightwood

Gabriella Wilde as Jessamine (Jessie) Lovelace

Gemma Arterton as Charlotte (Lottie) Branwell/Fairchild

Tom Hiddleston as Henry Branwell

Chace Crawford as Nathaniel (Nate) Gray

Clemence Poesy as Camille Belcourd

Alexander Skarsgard as Alexei De Quincey


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Lovelace (movie)

Where are all the reviews and comments on Womens rights, abuse, misogyny/sexism, etc.?

This movie is good, I originally thought it would be awful, it’s not. Holy. Shit.

Followers, I recommend it.
People, review and you will be loved!

Lots of pics in the tags, but it’s not really bringing up much else.