Dungeons and Dragons
  • Eiffel, the DM, to Lovelace: Alright, so you've seduced every female villain, monster, and NPC in our campaign so far, but I think I've finally come up with a way to stop you from-
  • Lovelace: I roll to seduce Minkowski.
  • Eiffel: You already seduced Minkowski's character.
  • Lovelace: No, Eiffel. I roll to seduce *Minkowski.*
  • Eiffel: But-
  • Minkowski: I rolled a 1 on my save, so you might want to leave now.

Wolf 359 but instead of a space station they’re just snowed in at the Goddard Futuristics office building after the holiday party and there’s no way to get out and the only music is erratic classical. Also Lovelace tried leaving in her junker of a car but got turned around and ended up back there and then her car died.