lovekira's art

A while ago, I was taking paint-sketch suggestions, and the ever fantastic nabulos suggested Predaking on a throne, and it was the first suggestion I started on…. only to confirm my creeping suspicions that ROBOTS. ARE. HARD. TO. DRAW. And robots with animalistic features? GAME OVER. This is as far as I got, but I think I’m gonna tackle him again with a different approach. For now, HAVE HIS HANDSOME (yet poorly drawn here) FACE.

I really should be sleeping because I have to be on a plane early tomorrow morning, but first I wanted to try out some new brushes in Painter. Been watching a lot of Batman Beyond with the boyfriend lately since we finished Young Justice but are still on a DC kick. (…tbh, I am never not going to be on a DC kick.) Man, so many memories for elementary school Saturday mornings!

So here, have some Terry McGinnis as Batman! See you in a week!