Karan Johar - “I haven’t seen as hard-working and dedicated an actress like Katrina in my entire career. What Katrina has done to the song is unbelievable. Would anyone have imagined that this girl from London would pull off this desi song like that? She can easily play a very desi girl in a film, after this song. Hats off to Katrina – she is something else altogether!”

Shahid Kapoor - “Katrina Kaif has done an amazing job in Chikni Chameli.”

Nargis Fakhri - “Chikni Chameli – just watched it. Wow she is just SOO HOT! What a great job! I can’t stop smiling. It’s 6. 56 am NYC time and I was bouncing in my seat.”

Hrithik Roshan - “I was blown away when I saw the rehearsal. Katrina is outstanding. The audience will be spellbound by Katrina as Chikni Chameli. She is the most hardworking co-star and is unbelievable!”

Salman Khan - “I loved the song. Katrina worked so hard and you can see that onscreen. She done a really good job. She looks fabulous in the song. She has indeed come a long way.”

Vaibhavi Merchant - "Katrina is looking very good in Chikni Chameli and I told Karan about it. I really loved it and whenever Katrina comes and does a song like this you know what the effect is.”

Sanjay Dutt - “Kat has brought so much energy to this number that we’re still reeling from the impact! Chikni will get the all ceetees it deserves.”

Sonam Kapoor - “I think Chikni Chameli is a very energetic song and katrina kaif has worked really hard on it.”

Priyanka Chopra - Katrina Kaif is a really good dancer and has done a brilliant job.