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Jungkook/Never be like you

Jimin/Dangerous Woman

Taehyung/Ain’t My Fault

Jin/Don’t Let Me Down

Suga/Side to Side

Namjoon/Needed Me


Jackson/Same Old Love

Yugyeom/Into You

JB/Pity Party

Bambam/Kiss it better

Mark/I hate you, I love you

Youngjae/Send my love


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Jinyoung Imagine - Can’t Have You

A/N - Requested by the absolutely lovely @red-2000! I love doing song based imagines, it’s nice to just create a little story from a few lyrics. I chose Jinyoung for this one mainly bc I’ve got a lot of Jaebum requests coming up plus his series so thought Jinyoung needed a bit of love! Hope you enjoy~

This is a kinda odd request but! I’d like an imagine based off of the Jonas Brothers “Can’t Have You”. If possible, can you do it for Jaebum or Jinyoung? And can it be in their point of view? You really are the best 💜💜💜 

You warned me that you were gonna leave
I never thought you would really go
I was blind but baby now I see

Jinyoung sat in his room, still in shock. Never did he believe that he’s really lose the one he loved most; the one he cared about with every ounce of his being. Sure, things hadn’t been too great recently but he could have never expected that he’d be left alone with no shoulder to cry on like this. He realised now that he had been blinded. By love or by ignorance, he didn’t know.

Broke your heart but now I know
That I was bein’ such a fool 
And that I didn’t deserve you 

The weeks leading up to the breakup, Jinyoung had been going out more with his friends, leaving (Y/N) alone most nights. Any night he was at home, things felt weird. Different. But he could never notice it. He always thought it was just something wrong with them and not his behaviour or their relationship. But as he sat there with tear-stained cheeks and puffy red eyes, he knew that it was all his fault that (Y/N) had left him.

I don’t wanna fall asleep
‘Cause I don’t know if I’ll get up

He was barely sleeping. He couldn’t sleep. The bed felt cold and empty without their presence bringing it warmth. He didn’t even want to sleep because then he’d only dream of having them back and it’d make the mornings even harder. If he slept, then he wouldn’t be able to bring himself back to reality and he knew it. (Y/N) was like a drug to him and he was only now realising just how addicted he was.

Begging to hear your voice
Tell me you love me too

He was desperate to hear (Y/N) just say his name and tell him that they loved him, just like old times. Jinyoung craved the beautiful way they spoke and how amazing it sounded. To hear that (Y/N) still loved him would give him all the strength he needed to carry on.

‘Cause I’d rather just be alone
If I know that I can’t have you

He barely saw anyone nowadays. He stayed at home for as long as he could, only going out to buy food. He wouldn’t make plans with anyone and would just avoid the public eye as much as possible. The way his heart ached made him feel like he would never love or care for another. If he couldn’t have (Y/N) then he didn’t want anyone else.

Lookin’ at the letter you that you left
Wondering if I’ll ever get you back
Dreamin’ about when I’ll see you next

The note (Y/N) had left behind was the only form of communication that Jinyoung had with him. Their words forever inked onto that small slip of paper. ‘I’m sorry, Jinyoung. But I can’t stay any longer. The fights are too loud and too often. We aren’t the same people we were when we first met 3 years ago. Things have changed and it’s for the best. I love you. - (Y/N)’ Nothing could stop him from reading it over and over, wondering and hoping that he’d be able to get them back.

I know I was such a fool
But I can’t live without you

The first day he went out for more than a short trip to the supermarket, Jinyoung ended up bumping into (Y/N). Possibly the best and worst thing to happen to him. It felt bittersweet to be reunited but he knew that if he wanted any chance of getting back together that he needed to tell them everything. But even after he confessed how stupid he had been and how much he really needed them in his life, (Y/N) just said no, tears threatening to spill. Both of them needed the other but they also both knew they couldn’t have the other. Their relationship wouldn’t be the same as it once was and they both knew it.

I don’t wanna cause a scene
But I’m dyin’ without your love

Jinyoung didn’t want to accept that it was truly over, even though the logical part of him did acknowledge it. They were in public and he didn’t want people staring at them. That’s the last thing both of them needed. But he felt like he was crumbling away inside, soon to be completely gone.

Tell me you love me too
'Cause I’d rather just be alone
If I know that I can’t have you

He just needed (Y/N) to say those three special words and everything would be okay. He could live with himself if he at least heard (Y/N) say “I love you.” But the words never came. Instead, all he heard was, “goodbye, Jinyoung.” And watched as the love of his life left him once again. He felt his heart break again, much like what he had done to (Y/N). A throbbing pain filled Jinyoung’s chest and he just let the tears flow, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop them.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Hope you're doing well!! Could you do the "characters in a movie" , that you did for Bts, for Got7 aswell?

hi! could you please describe GOT7 as movie characters as well like you’ve done for BTS, if that’s okay? p.s: i really love your blog - ♡

Hi anons! Sure, here we go:

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