Can't believe this shit! (Jahar)

I’ve only just heard on the news 2 things that have really pissed me off but also made me think:
1) “Dzhokhar & Tamerlan planned July 4 Attack” - basically if Jahar really did say this I’m only hoping he’s saying it because he feels he has nothing left to lose. I’m guessing no one has told him of the thousands of supporters he has that are proving him innocent? I wish I could just tell him to be quiet. Jahar, stop talking!!

2) “Attack was attempted suicide” - BULLSHIT! By looking at Jahars twitter, reading and listening to his close friends like Junes & Troy I highly doubt this is true on Jahars part anyway.

I really wish he would stop talking (if he actually is, we all know what the media is like) whenever I hear something new I’m just like “JAHAR SHUT UP MAN”
Still praying, supporting and hoping.

What do you all think about these new stories??