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No regrets

Don’t know if this is what you wanted Anon but I do love the talk Gabby/Sylvie had. Enjoy!


Sylvie was practically living at Antonio’s apartment when she wasn’t at work. So most of her clothes were there. She was in the bathroom getting ready for another shift when she noticed marks on her neck. Oh no. Gabby was going to kill her if she had to look at the love marks on her neck that was caused by her brother. She warned Antonio to not leave marks where it is noticeable especially given what her job was.

After she was done getting ready and her hair was braided, she walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Antonio was. “I’m going to kill you.” She glared at him.

Antonio looked up at her as he was tying his shoes, confused at why she was going to kill him. “Why? What the hell did I do?” He asked, still puzzled.

She walked over to him and she showed her neck to him. “This! You did this.” She was still glaring at him.

Antonio shrugged his shoulders, not bothering to look. He was there, he knew what he did. He stood up, facing her. “And I don’t have any regrets.”

Although that should have calmed her down, it didn’t. It made her more mad. “I am a paramedic, Antonio! I deal with patients all day long. Seeing the marks on my neck, it isn’t very professional. And I don’t know if you know this, but I try to be professional.”

Antonio leaned forward and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I know baby. You’re like me in that way. But don’t act innocent either. I have marks on my neck too.” He pointed out.

He thought that would make her shut up, but of course it didn’t. “But your partner also isn’t my sister or brother.” She pointed out which made him laugh. “What am I supposed to do?” She asked.

Antonio shrugged his shoulders. “Can’t makeup cover it? Or just make a turtleneck sweater on.” He said, simply. He walked out of the bedroom, shaking his head. Women were always stressing over the little problems.

Sylvie sighed. “Thanks for your help!” She called out after him. She, of course had makeup but it would take too long to try to cover it up. So she opt for the sweater.

An hour later, she walked into the firehouse, and everyone gave her an odd look because of the sweater. She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s really cold out.” She lamely lied. But luckily, it was cold out and they all knew how much she hated the cold.

They were all sitting down at the table, everyone in the firehouse, when Stella kept looking at Sylvie. Finally after a few minutes of her not saying anything, Sylvie said something. “What? What is it?” She asked.

Stella shrugged her shoulders, not saying anything. Sylvie turned her head to asked Gabby how Louie was doing when Stella gasped. “What is on your neck?” She asked. Sylvie wanted to die right there. If it was just her and Stella, she wouldn’t have cared. But everyone was in here.

Sylvie laughed nervously, shaking her head. “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Stella wasn’t buying it though. “Uh huh.” She said as she leaned forward and pulled down the sweater that was covering her neck. “Whoa.” Stella said with a laugh. “Looks like someone thought you were candy.”

Sylvie’s face turned bright red. She wished she could just crawl under a rock and die. She wanted to kill her boyfriend right now. ‘Damn you’ Antonio Dawson, she thought.

Since Gabby was close by when this was going on, she just shook her head. “Sylvie….” she warned.

Sylvie looked over at Gabby. “Hey. Blame Stella. She didn’t have to yank my sweater down to see it.” She pointed out.

Gabby shook her head, wanting to change the topic but Stella didn’t want to do that. “I gotta say Sylvie, I didn’t think this would last between you two.”

Sylvie laughed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence there, Stella. Appreciate it.” She said as she moved her sweater back up to covered her neck. She was surprised that no one else said anything, but she was sure they wanted to.

After a few minutes later, Gabby stood up and Sylvie looked at her apologetically. She knew she was happy for them, but at the same time, she also realized how hard, or well weird it was for her.

Gabby walked over to the beds and sat down on her spot. She took out her phone and she texted Antonio.

Look Antonio, I absolutely love you and Sylvie together. But could you, you know, not leave any marks where I can see it?

She hit send and she didn’t expect a response for at least an hour, knowing that he could be busy with a case, so she was surprised when her phone went off, signaling a text message.

Hey, just be happy not all of them are visible sis.

At that text message, she just wanted to throw up. She was used to growing up and hearing all her friends saying how hot her brother was. But none of her friends actually got with him. So, all of this was new for her. She wasn’t even going to respond back to him when he texted her again.

So, I’m taking it that the sweater didn’t work, huh? Did Sylvie say she was mad at me?

Gabby was a little confused on what he meant, but then she started to think about it. The reason why Sylvie and Antonio were attracted to each other in the first place was because they had a lot in common and one of those things were they both loved their jobs. She figured instead of shutting out her friend and partner she would help her. She texted back Antonio real fast.

I don’t know. She didn’t seem mad. But I’m sure in 24 hours she will feel better.

She hit back send and then stood up. She walked into the locker room and then into her locker and took out her bag of makeup. She walked around the firehouse, looking for Sylvie. She found her talking to Cruz, but she didn’t seem upset anymore, the events that happened earlier were long gone. She walked over to Sylvie, “Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt.” She began as she looked at Cruz. “But I need Sylvie so we can do inventory.” Cruz brought the lie and Sylvie was about to say they didn’t need to when Gabby cut her eyes at her, so Sylvie just shut up.

As Cruz walked away, Gabby looked at her. “I know I have some work I need to improve when it comes to you dating my brother, but that is my issue, not yours. When I broke up with Casey, you were there for me in ways no one else was. If it wasn’t for you, who knows who I would have moved in with. So, to say thank you let me cover up your marks.” She said, in a little disgust tone, but tried to hide it.

Sylvie smiled as she jumped up, hugging Gabby. “Thank you thank you. I would have done it earlier, but I didn’t have time.” She explained, letting her know that she knew how to do it.

Gabby pulled away from the hug, smiling. “I know. Come on, Sylvie.”

They decided to cover up the lie from Cruz, the best place would be in the back of the ambulance.

Sylvie took a deep breath as Gabby was putting the makeup on her neck. “You know, I am crazy about your brother. This isn’t just a fling.” She didn’t want Gabby to think that all she and Antonio did was have sex.

Gabby laughed and she nodded her head. “Remember Sylvie, we were on a double date together. I know. And I also know he is crazy about you too.”

This made Sylvie break out in a huge grin. “He is, isn’t he?” She said, her eyes sparkling.

Gabby smiled and she nodded her head. “Just don’t be mad at him over this. Guys don’t really think too far into the future, you know?”

Sylvie nodded her head. “I wasn’t mad because of what he did. I was just mad because having these marks on my neck isn’t very professional.”

Gabby nodded her head and she smiled. God, they were really perfect for each other. She finished her neck and she leaned back. “I never thought anyone would take their job more serious, or as serious, as my brother. You remember how I got us in trouble?” She asked and Sylvie was puzzled.

“Which time? You kind of always gets us in trouble.” Sylvie laughed, not trying to hurt her friend’s feelings but it was true.

“When I threw the woman’s phone. And you said you followed the rules?” She asked, in which Sylvie just nodded. “That’s Antonio to the fullest. And you may think he probably broken the rules before, he is a cop after all. But not my brother. He is the most honest cop I know. The only time he ever broken the rules a little was when Diego was kidnapped.”

Sylvie smiled and she nodded her head. “I always follow the rules too, but if my child was missing, I would definitely break the rules too.” She pointed out. “Also, Antonio isn’t just an honest cop, he is an honest man. If there is one man I would feel like wouldn’t ever cheat on me, it is Antonio.” She said, gushing about her wonderful, amazing boyfriend.

Before Gabby could respond, the alarm went off and she smiled at her friend. “Got done just in time. And it looks good too.” She said, admiring her work.

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anonymous asked:

i totally thought luca was gonna get back at viv by getting with one of her friends or something!


Luca was too heartbroken to react that way. He doesn’t have that type of personality to do something like that, anyway. Even in revenge. He’s more of the type to sulk or get drunk over something that hurts him, rather than acting in a destructive way.

Even though her kissing Stefan really hurt him, he still loves her. He wouldn’t want to ‘get back’ at her by doing something cruel like that. It’s not how you treat those you love, even if they made a mistake first. If he couldn’t get past something, he would just leave. ♥


#RP from @kidfury: My Life Motto (performed by Roz Ryan, Jenifer Lewis & Brandy Norwood) thank you @4everbrandy.

Your mom @charmlatrese …😂😂😭😭 #LOVEit!

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