When I joined Project Happiness at my school, I was going through some unhappy times starting my high school adventure. I joined this small side club to help spread happiness in the world as I love giving back. I wasn’t positively sure how I could spread happiness myself if I wasn’t happy to begin with. But every meeting I came and brought my A game ready to see what I could do to help. That’s when I realized I was happy because this was something I was passionate about. Somewhere where I know I’m doing the right thing. It made me feel good to help others because I know simply smiling at someone can make their day and by making their day happy they could pass it on.

Now it’s been a year and I’m the co-chair of the club. I’m 100% ready to start moving out to our community(it was originally school based) and sending a smile to people out there. I found my happiness in helping others. Where are you going to find yours?