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I don’t know how he does it, but he always manages to look so flawless in this outfit. Like, no matter what he’s doing… everything is perfect. ;A;

Yeah so, this is kind of embarrassing to give to the queen of photoshop and pretty edits, hahaha. But I wanted to make something for you since you’ve made pretty things for me in the past. ^_^  I’m just sorry I fail so badly, haha orz.

Happy birthday, Thy!!!!

As the maknae said, I hope you’re having a great day! I love you! <333

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! :) I miss everyone! Thank you for all the lovely messages i received and THANK YOU VERY MUCH hesty for all the links you sent me. You’re so nice for sharing all those wonderful photos of KYUMIN ♥ and HD vid of KRY. 

I’m back! And i missed a lot of updates! I need a lot of catching up. Take care everyone and Have a Blessed Easter~

Happy Happy Birthday my lovely dongsaeng sister Hesty! ♥ I hope on this special day you’ll receive lots of love and so much happiness you truly deserve. Wishing you good health and sound mind. Stay being humble and a sweet sister as you are. Love you lots~ and sweet hugs and kisses.

PS: I know what i saw on FB last week where in your birthday was really on May 5th is true right? Or else it’s really embarassing XD You didn’t even confirmed to me though. You silly!