For Love to stand alone...

You can love unhappily.
We must nourish love,
For love cannot stand alone.
So, subject her to happiness,
Comfort her with warmth,
Energise her with enthusiasm,
Secure her with trust,
Respect her,
Truly, honour her,
Maintain your dignity,
Always have faith,
Let your eyes watch God,
Remain in a state of humility,
Be open to adventure,
Be peace in her heart,
Love needs to be nurtured,
It doesn’t stand alone.


OOMF that don’t even live here Bless me with $500 cause they like what I was doing. #real #loveisjaded The main folks saying the fuck with ya ain’t putting their words in actions……

If you don’t want them problems keep ya dick in ya pants, when women wanna argue they wanna muthfucka rumba. Fuck talking it out, they ready to clown especially if y'all fucked. The emotion that come with sex is a dangerous game if that woman is not detach from sexual feelings. Some of these bitches be having me scared these days….these hoes will kill you!!!! Lol #napkindiaries #loveisjaded

The Devil is testing me and I seen myself about to get out of character. It happens sometimes but I see growth in me, moving forward is the only direction. I AM ME….#loveisjaded Stay true to self, self is all you got most of your life!