3 Simple Styles After A Failed Twistout

These are 3 quick and easy styles that I do after I don’t get the definition I want from a twistout, bantu knot, or flat twist or if my hair hasn’t dried all the way or if I’m being lay which is probably the case!
You can add accessories, modify and perfect these styles!

I just had my wisdom teeth pulled a couple days ago so bare with me!

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My Boyfriend Does My Makeup lol

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Dear Future Husband (Spoken Word)

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“3 Quick Everyday Natural Hair Styles”

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a video on my flat twists.. well here it is!

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A bonus video is now up on my channel! Showing people how I do my puff has been highly requested so I decided to make a quick tutorial on how I achieve my puff!  Enjoy and make sure you subscribe! :)


Another bonus video is now up! Check my latest tutorial on this Golden Goddess makeup look I’ve been rocking this summer!

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