A Love-in-Grand-Central Story: She Met Him Under the Clock

“More than just 400 miles separated Marie and Harvey.  She was the daughter of Polish Catholics, barely scraping by in Buffalo; he was the son of Russian Jews who had already served in the New York Attorney General’s office, and was now a successful lawyer in Brooklyn.

Fate, however, sent him up to Buffalo, where he was called to assist with a legal matter.  Walking into the local lawyer’s office, he spotted Marie, the lovely secretary, sitting behind the desk.  ”I’m gonna marry that girl,” Harvey decided.

He didn’t have long to stay in town, however, and after briefly getting to know Marie, he quickly suggested that, if she was interested, she should meet him at an appointed date and time; the place would be under the clock at Grand Central.

Marie took the train to New York, as planned, and met Harvey under the clock in Vanderbilt Hall.  A whirlwind courting period later, they were married by Mayor La Guardia, who pointed out that he didn’t officiate at many weddings, but those he did would stick.  

And stick it did.  Harvey and Marie were my grandparents, who remained married until Harvey’s death in 1993.  Marie died in 2007, but I fondly remember one afternoon passing through Grand Central with her and my mother when she stopped for a moment at the top of the west stairs and said “this is where it all started.”

Grand Central Terminal will always have a deep, personal significance to me.”

Photo and Story by Marc Hermann

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Or create your own story at our Missed Connections event in Grand Central this Valentine’s Day.


A Love-in-Grand-Central Story: Peter & Annie

Peter & I were married last winter at the Museum of the City of New York, but I begged both Peter and our photographer, Richard Jopson, to make a stop at Grand Central for a few wedding photos.  Grand Central is my favorite building in New York City - it’s so beautiful that its hard not to be taken with it each time you visit, even if you pass through it everyday.  I hope our grandchildren think of us when they look at a place like the ticket booth - and are reminded that some things like love, marriage and really superb architecture (!) are simple enough that they don’t ever really change.”

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Or create your own story at our Missed Connections event in Grand Central this Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, find your sweetheart under the starry sky of Grand Central. For the first time, our annual Missed Connections party will be held at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall, a landmark space known for reunions, proposals and chance encounters.

Inspired by anonymous Craigslist postings on the Missed Connections classifieds, this event will feature art, poetry, music, and romance, as well as a special viewing of the Transit Museum’s exhibit, Grand by Design, celebrating the 100th birthday of the historic train station.  

Whispering walls, kissing rooms and wedding photos galore - we want to hear your love-in-Grand Central stories!  Share them by tagging #GCT100 or submitting directly here.  

Tastings lovingly provided by Boylan Bottling Co., Brooklyn Brewery, Grande Harvest Wines, Li-Lac Chocolates and Zaro’s Bakery.  

Advance Tickets: $10/$7 Museum Members; All tickets $15 at the door.

This Valentine’s Day hop on board our vintage love trains for a night of music, flirting and brief encounters – inspired by anonymous Craigslist postings on the Missed Connections classifieds.

Pour your heart out with valentine’s crafts, cookie decorating, raffle prizes, love poetry,and public displays of affection in our token photo booth. Explore our 1936 decommissioned subway station after hours and find your Missed Connections at the NY Transit Museum!

Tickets: $15/$10 for Museum Members

Grand Central is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! My boyfriend and I always take the train in from Union Station New Haven when we come into the City. No matter how many times we pass through Grand Central, we always take pictures in the Main Concourse. It never gets old for us. On one trip in February, he encouraged me to make silly faces just be silly in the Main Concourse, took some pictures, and then we rushed to the 6 train to get to Yankee Stadium for a tour. While on the subway, we were reviewing the pictures we had taken at Grand Central and were surprised that one of our pictures really came out magical! Not only did we get a great shot of me making funny faces in the concourse, but we also noticed that because of the lighting and the rushed way my boyfriend took the picture, he had created a really cool exposure with another person running to make his train. It really captured Grand Central in all its glory for us!

Submitted by Meredith

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