And she stood there, naked in the mirror. She analyzed the pale, brown sugar colored skin facing her. The scars, the stretch marks. She gazed at her B cup breasts, flat stomach, petite waist, small hairs above flower, her touching thighs, her knees, her calf’s and ankles. She turned to inspect her size 3 butt. She inspected every inch of her, then back up to her face. Stared herself dead in the eyes past her eyes, to her soul, and smirked. Shes never done this before so at first the words were hard to utter, but she re grasped her confidence. She opened her mouth and proclaimed “You are beautiful.” then a pause. She tilted her head, then began again, “You are beautiful.. Everything, From the scars on your face to the burises on your feet. You are beautiful. You are worth more than gold. You, Are. Beautiful.”

Lol my finger got stuck. Try to show off. Silly morning. #havingfun #loveingmyself #naturalhair #naturalhairstyle #sillyperson