1. Transferring to Dauntless
  2. Private Training Sessions
  3. I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies
  4. I’ll Protect You
  5. Complimenting your Piercing
  6. Without You
  7. Comforting Eric after a Fight
  8. Cleaning Lady
  9. Sparring with Eric
  10. Sassing Eric Part 1 and Part 2
  11. Beating Him in a Fight
  12. The Proposal
  13. New Tattoo
  14. I’m Pregnant
  15. Badass Leader
  16. Four helping Eric
  17. Therapy Sessions
  18. Valentine’s Day
  19. Eric’s Tumor
  20. He Takes a Bullet for You
  21. Taking Care of You When You’re Pregnant
  22. Your kids transfer
  23. She’s Got You High
  24. Insecurities
  25. Coming out Part 1 and Part 2 (Not romantic but very fluffy!)
  26. Alcoholism
  27. Sick Eric
  28. PTSD
  29. Performer
  30. Withdrawal Doctor
  31. Attacked
  32. Comforting
  33. Special: Eric vs. Minho Crossover!
  34. Birthday Special!
  35. When You’re on Your Period
  36. Eric and the Stray Cat
  37. You’re Sick
  38. Getting high with him
  39. Love triangle: Eric and Four
  40. Eric taking your baby to work with him
  41. Assuring Eric that you’ll always be there for him
  42. Love Myself
  43. Your family doesn’t approve
  44. Nightmares
  45. Forced to share a room with him: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
  46. Caught in the Rain
  47. Comforting Eric after his parent’s death
  48. Training session gets heated
  49. Pregnant during the war
  50. Not Knowing Much English
  51. Martial Artist
  52. Helping heal Eric
  53. Accidental matching tattoos
  54. The Dog who Protects
  55. Lessons of Love
  56. In Heaven with Eric
  57. Depression
  58. Let me in
  59. You Can’t Kill Him!
  60. How did I end up in your lap?
  61. Too noisy
  62. Playing pool
  63. Help me get dressed
  64. Eric x male!reader: Confessions
  65. Prince Charming
  66. Truce
  67. Weak but sassy
  68. Prince Eric (Halloween Special!)
  69. Keep you safe
  70. Pushed to the limit
  71. Little Brother
  72. Miscarriage


  1. Goofing Off with Him in Training
  2. Peter’s Crush
  3. Sassing Peter
  4. He sneaks into the infirmary to see you
  5. Taking care of you when you’re drunk
  6. Peter x Caleb BROTP
  7. Confessing he likes you
  8. The morning after
  9. Nightmare


  1. Proposing to Eric’s sister
  2. The Hideous Creature
  3. Tattoos and Surprises
  4. Zeke and Uriah Tease Him
  5. Comforting him (Warning: Allegiant Spoilers!)
  6. Pranking him
  7. You Get Injured and He proposes
  8. Love triangle: Eric and Four
  9. Meeting Marcus
  10. Four x Tris Pregnancy Announcement
  11. I’m Pregnant!
  13. Nightmare
  14. But you’re injured


  1. Proposing


  1. Happily Ever After
  2. Peter and Eric are crushing on you, but you like Uriah


  1. Peter x Caleb BROTP


  1. Oblivious Al


  1. Four x Tris Pregnancy Announcement

The Maze Runner:


  1. Jealous of the Greenie
  2. Special: Eric vs. Minho Crossover!


  1. Badass Bitch
  2. The Changing
  3. You’re a girl?


  1. Twins
  2. Caught singing
  3. Oblivious Love


  1. The Vegan
  2. Arguments and Confessions
  3. The Strange Girl
  4. Reunited
  5. Pregnant
  6. Impressing you at a bonfire
  7. High School Jealousy AU
  8. It’s not a boy?
  9. I hate my voice
  10. How we met
  11. Stay away from my man!


  1. Anonymous Letters

The Hunger Games:


  1. He saves you
  2. He falls for you on his victory tour
  3. Cato catches you sneaking into the gym
  4. I’m pregnant!
  5. Goodbye


  1. Your birthday
  2. Caught in the Woods
  3. A new beginning (MOCKINGJAY SPOILERSSSS)


  1. Capitol Surprise
  2. He Saves You

The Outsiders:


  1. Caught in the rain


  1. Trying to help Johnny and Ponyboy (Spoilers from the end of the book!!)


  1. Trying to help Johnny and Ponyboy (Spoilers from the end of the book!!)

Harry Potter:

Sirius Black

  1. Stupid Idea

Preferences (And Headcannons):


  1. On your period
  2. Cuddling
  3. Pregnancy Announcement
  4. Moving in Together
  5. Dating Peter would involve… (Headcannon)
  6. Dating Four Would Involve… (Headcannon)
  7. Dating Eric Would Involve… (Headcannon)

The Hunger Games:

  1. Dating Peeta would involve… (Headcannon)

The Maze Runner:

  1. Going on a roller coaster with the Gladers (Headcannon)
  2. A Baby in the Glade (Headcannon)


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Fic requests are open, but here’s what I have so far!

[D] = Drabble (under 600 words)


Phillip Hamilton

John Laurens

Hercules Mulligan


Eliza Schuyler

In the Heights



Fools in Love

In the end, out of all the surviving characters in episode 20 it was Wook who received a proper closure - fitting, tragic and symbolic - he sacrificed so much for power and his family only to be abandoned by them and ending up powerless; but most of all, when asked about love during the final days of his life THE ONLY WOMAN HE COULD THINK OF WAS MYUNG HEE. And judging from his symptoms (muffed coughs, loss of weight, …), IN THE END HE DIED FROM THE SAME ILLNESS SHE DID (tuberculosis) ; so perhaps one day after he pays for his sins in the various levels of hell, he will meet her once again.

“Why couldn’t I say it? I knew she wanted so badly to hear it. I couldn’t tell her I loved her. I did not think I did. But, Soo, those feelings were love. I thought I was just grateful. It was love. I thought she was just comforting It was love.” - Wook

Despite everything he has done, in the end you have to pity this man who fell in love with his own wife, but was too young and foolish to realize it, instead chasing an idealized version of what he thought was love, WHEN HE HAD THE PERFECT LOVE ALL ALONG. Perhaps, the reason why Wook and Soo were attracted to each other to begin with was because of HOW VERY SIMILAR THEY WERE - BOTH FAILING TO RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE TRUE LOVE UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE, LETTING IT SLIP BY because they dragged their feet and kept hesitating for far too long; HAE SOO NEVER MANAGED TO TOLD SO DIRECTLY HOW MUCH SHE LOVED HIM, JUST LIKE WOOK NEVER MANAGED TO TELL MYUNG HEE.

“You’re so foolish. You are both so foolish.” - Myung Hee

In the end, Myung Hee was right all along - they were both the same blind fools.

Future Hearts Pt.2 (M)

PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3 | PT.4 | PT.5 |

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff + Punk!Jungkook

Word Count: 12,182

Description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook.

A/N: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”


In fall it was lust

In winter it was young love

In spring it was true love

In summer it was heartbreak



The blades of grass dipped within the spaces of your fingers as you laid on the ground underneath the school tree. The shade covered your body allowing a relaxing atmosphere to take over; well that is until he gets there.

You suddenly feel yourself being pulled up to your feet, causing you to crash into something firm. When you open your eyes you’re met with a sly smirk hidden behind the now familiar glint of his lip ring.

“Jungkook, what’re you doing here, you’re supposed to be sick?” You give him a skeptical look, but he’s not having any of it and he quickly pulls you into his embrace.

“I was, but now I’m not, and I wanted to see you.” He smiles as he drops his hands down to your hips to keep you in place.

“You’re gonna get in so much shit if they see you.” He was wearing jeans and a plain black t-shirt, nothing even close to the school uniform.

“Well then we better get out of here before they see me.” He whispers as he dips his head down pressing his lips to yours, enveloping you in his addictive presence. You begin to mold your mouth to his as his fingers dig into your sides. You’ve only been going for a few seconds when you feel him tug you forward, causing you to reluctantly break away.

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Unreleased Hurts songs (in alphabetical order, regularly updated)

  1. Angel Chasing
  2. AU
  3. Beyond Tonight
  4. Chain Reaction
  5. Find A Way
  6. Gone
  7. Green Eyes
  8. High
  9. I want You
  10. If We Never Fall In Love
  11. Imitation Of Love
  12. In A Vice
  13. Jet
  14. Jezebel
  15. Leave
  16. Misunderstood
  17. Nuclear
  18. Oblivion
  19. Pedestal
  20. Saints In The System
  21. Satellite
  22. Save You
  23. Seventeen
  24. Sorry I Loved You
  25. Throne
  26. Welcome To The Family
  27. Widow Maker
  28. Without You
  29. Wrecking Ball

Tonight you say
you wish you were dead
when I bring you a cup of water
and prop up your feet

it kills me a little
your words
blade sharp
in my battle
to keep you alive

how weary I am
under the weight
of our disintegrating minds

maybe this isn’t a poem
not enough purple smoke
the mirrors all cracked
like the newest lines under my paladin eyes

measure my love
in the dirt on my face
the callouses on my hands
the knots in my too long hair

measure my loss
in burdens not shared
words not said
futures rewritten

and for all the heat of your fear
the bed made cold
without you

then finish it
his eyes are flickering
his fists are trembling
he is in there

i am a violin
and he is playing my heartstrings
with a bow
in the form of a knife

even if he cuts me open
even if he plucks each string from my body
i won’t give up
for the flicker in his eye
promises me that
our sonnet is still playing
and there is hope
and redemption
and love
in the notes

our song will play long into the night
my violin will never resign
cause i am with him
until the end of the line.

- “then finish it.” // stucky poetry; caws // @catwomvn​

dating I.M would include
  • shy boyfriend changkyun, always when you both spend time together
  • that deep voice..
  • forehead kisses
  • never failing when he tries to make you laugh
  • if you’re in a bad mood, expect him coming at your home with your favourite food
  • funny and unforgettable moments with Monsta x
  • yaja time with all of the members
  • funny girl group dance competitions
  • I.M rapping when he’s bored or when you just want to hear his rap
  • if he’s sad be ready for quiet changkyun
  • he’s good at hiding his feelings when needed and he wouldn’t tell you what’s bothering him
  • you’ll need to show him how much he means to you, showering him with love
  • in the end, he’ll break down in front of you, him crying in your arms as you stroke his head gently
  • you’ll reassure him there’s nothing to be afraid of; he can tell you  what is bugging him; no matter what, you’ll always be there for him
  • for the rest of the day, you’ll both stay in bed while cuddling, silence surrounding you
  • and in the morning he’ll wake you up with a big smile on his face as he snuggles closer to you, pulling the blanket over his head, laughing
  • and you’ll ask yourself ‘how did I even fell for this idiot?’, smiling at his actions, now happy because of his happiness
  • him always holding your hand when he’s nervous
  • changkyun not afraid of PDA
  • that’s why he’ll kiss you, hug you, tickle you, give you eskimo kisses; forehead kisses; neck kisses
  • and who wouldn’t want him for boyfriend.. like seriously

in star wars episode II, Obi-Wan goes on a solo adventure. Anakin and Padmé stay behind and fall in love

in star wars episode V, Luke goes on a solo adventure and Leia and Han stay behind and develop their relationship 

now i’m not saying that in episode VII i think Poe and Finn will fall in love while Rey is off on her own ….. no wait that’s exactly what i’m saying