remember when we would sit on your couch, my legs draped over you, head on your chest, and just talk and kiss and watch whatever we could find on tv? sometimes i would just look up at you, thinking about how lucky i was to have someone that made me feel so complete. your heartbeat was my favourite sound, next to your laugh, especially when you were laughing at me. and the butterflies i felt when you kissed my forehead.. i wish i could keep that feeling on replay. i thought i could keep you forever, i thought you loved me enough to stay. but i lost you, or you lost me i suppose. you came to be everything that i would later regret and miss. you completed me, and now i am so incomplete. you know that feeling you get when you know you’re forgetting something? i can’t shake it. because you should be here right now. 

i think at this point, i could pack up and leave, go somewhere far away and not even care. i can’t be in this place with these people, with memories and regrets everywhere i turn. i wish i could just go somewhere, somewhere that makes my problems seem smaller and my dreams seem bigger.