Second week in.. Its getting tough now, why is university so slow compared to actual work life?

From top down; A poster and A6 flyer that stuck to my original design from last week then the same again, a DL flyer with the brief simply being “Make it look like Ibiza”… and at the bottom a correx board (double sided design) that would be behind the bar.

Im getting paid to be on Photoshop all day! E Z PAY


Nearly at my two month mark as a graphic designer and Ive got to say that its been absolutely amazing. The job is so intense and your constantly working/talking with clients but it has improved me so much.

My speed in designing is unreal compared to university, I can spot typefaces far easier, i see the architecture of design that is around us alot more.

It doesnt matter how good you are at something now, if you just do it everyday you will improve. Dont pressure yourself to improve, just do it and the improvements will come.

Listening to reggae music while designing helps soo much its unreal.

The designs above are a mixture of rejected ones and ones sent to print.