LoveGame (2/2)

Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mentions of past sex
Wordcount: 9000+

             Gwiboon x Jinki

Part 1

Gwiboon is positive that life hates her when she a few weeks later run into Jonghyun during a gathering with her own friends.

She learns that he’s a friend of Jonghun’s whose a friend of Minwoo’s and Gwiboon hopes he doesn’t recognize her, but she realizes quickly enough that Jonghyun hasn’t forgotten about her and that he definitely remembers her for the night she called Jinki to help Taeyeon home.

At least she hopes Jinki hasn’t told them about their slip-up in the car. Soyu looks at her offended.

“I didn’t know you were dating,” she says and Gwiboon wants to hide. Instead she takes a swig of her beer.

“I’m not.”

Her gaze clearly says ‘let’s talk later’ but Soyu doesn’t get the hint and Jonghyun, for some reason, decides that their conversation is more interesting than the boys’.

Gwiboon can see him trying to hide his eavesdropping but it isn’t working.

“So who is Jinki?”

Gwiboon sighs deeply and bites her lower lip.

“A guy I fucked once.”

She hopes Jonghyun doesn’t know about the first time. If he decides to chime in with a comment, she’s doomed. But Jonghyun doesn’t say anything.

The conversation dies down when Gwiboon answers in short sentences and Soyu gets tired of interrogating her about a guy she clearly doesn’t want to be interrogated about.

Gwiboon turns to the boys and their conversation and takes another beer.

They’re sitting on campus, getting drunk on the big grass field in front and playing some ridiculous beer game that Hongki had decided on and Gwiboon feels her stomach cramp with laughter when said man is too drunk to run around the beer bottle and tips it into the grass, only to whine about his precious golden liquid.

And then Jonghyun waves to a couple of people a couple of meters away and Gwiboon instantly freezes.

What is he doing here?

Minjung grabs his hand and drags him towards the group of students and Gwiboon hates herself for being here in the first place.

She doesn’t want to meet him. She’s still supposed to forget him. He was a one night stand. Two night stand. Whatever.

He’s nothing and he’s not supposed to be here.

Minjung plops down next to Jonghyun and pecks his cheek and Gwiboon widens her eyes.

Jinki sits down and keeps his eyes away from her. It annoys her just a tiny bit. If she hasn’t been able to forget him, he shouldn’t have been able to forget her either.

She sighs and starts picking the grass when someone joins her. She only sees the hand, picking grass but she knows it’s him and she doesn’t know what to say to him.

They’ve never really spoken to each other excluding the awkward introduction after their first night. Gwiboon isn’t really embarrassed about that time.

She’s more embarrassed about her own feelings and how he keeps making her stomach twist when it definitely shouldn’t be twisting.

“Hey,” he says.

“Hi,” she mirrors and keeps adding grass to their growing pile. He stops her and she looks up in surprise. Jinki is smiling.

It has her heart beating faster. Gwiboon hates herself.

“My name is Jinki,” he says genuinely and she frowns. Does he think she doesn’t know that? But his smile stays in place and Soyu is looking at them so Gwiboon does her best to send him a small smile as well.

“I’m Gwiboon.”

She stares at him and he looks at her before he takes her hand and shakes it gently.

“Nice to meet you.”

The words have a smile forming on Gwiboon’s lips and she can’t help it when she snickers. It’s not like they’re meeting for the first time really but she supposes they did skip all formal introductions and went straight to the sex.

“Nice to meet you too.”

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