There's so much beauty in the world!

It overwhelms me sometimes, the amount of beauty that surrounds us on this planet. Mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, prairies, animals and people yes, even people! I love people, especially when they’re having very human moments. Like today on the train, on my way into work. This young, sort of nerdy looking guy was just grinning like a goofball at these two girls on the platform. Was one of them his girlfriend? Had they just said goodbye? Had he been hitting on them? Were they only strangers, sharing a moment? The taller of the girls was pretending to hide behind a book, but by the time the train pulled away from the platform, she and her friend were both blushing and grinning back. I couldn’t help smiling like a ridiculous fool myself, and I glanced quickly around the crowded the train to see if anyone else had witnessed the brief exchange of goofy happiness. Nobody made eye contact. Was I the only one who had noticed? Oh well. I closed my eyes and leaned back, settling once again into my music. Today, I decided, was going to be a good day.