@lovefigures I just wanted to show everyone you can be all shapes and sizes and still be confident and beautiful. Beauty is about how you treat people and how you show yourself to the world. I express myself through pinup fashion and beauty because its about embracing curves and yourself. So be yourself and be beautiful in a new and different way

NCT Masterlist Pt. 1 🐣

** Reactions **

Them being the other man: pt. 1, pt. 2

Horoscope compatibility 

Buying their girlfriend pads

NCT as dessert

NCT U having a nightmare about their significant other: pt.1, pt. 2

Your child choosing you over them: pt. 1, pt. 2

NCT as EXO songs

NCT and the Sorting Hat

Significant other’s age range

Their girlfriend wearing something revealing in public: pt. 1, pt. 2

NCT as BTS songs

Cinnamon rolls

NCT yearbook edition 

NCT’s preference

Catching them staring at your chest

Playing the Pocky game: pt. 1

Finding out one of the members is actually a girl: pt. 1, pt. 2

Kissing another member behind his back: pt. 1, pt. 1.5, pt. 2

NCT as your wedding date: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3

Taking them lingerie shopping: pt. 1, pt. 2

NCT meeting your family: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3

Injuring your hands at volleyball camp

Cuddling with NCT: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt. 5

Protective NCT: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3

Jealous NCT: pt. 1, pt. 2, pt. 3

Having an idol girlfriend: pt. 1

Jealous and protective of their idol girlfriend: pt. 1

Dating a noona

Storming off after a misunderstanding 

The members of NCT Dream checking out NCT U’s girlfriends 

NCT U’s reaction to you knowing a lot of random facts 

** Scenarios **

Getting to know Naka

Daddy, how are babies made?

Keeping secrets from the hubby 

Please don’t leave me

Private piano lesson


Prisoner of love

Figuring things out

Cling wrap 

Day in the park 

Meeting Markus 

isthosonetaken commented and requested: Have to agree, a peace and a confidence in Dylan. I must read more about young Rebby. I am on a phone 99% of time, and searching blogs is nigh on impossible,could you link to your best posts on the mindset of Eric please?

We all know the drama that is searching blogs, which is made exponentially worse through browsing Tumblr on a phone, so of course I can do a shortlist of links to (what I think are really good) posts of mine that concern Eric.. I basically dove into my archive and checked for some interesting things, though I’m sure I omitted some parts because going through my archive is a nightmare. xD Here we go:

The Divided Mind

Building ‘Reb’

SSRIs and Eric Harris

Eric’s Nazism/racism

The God-conundrum

Defining the boys pre-massacre (included because it features my Eric-centrepoints)

Rebutting Dave Cullen’s “psychopath”-chapter

But was he a psychopath?

Girls finding Eric ‘weird’

Eric not wanting to die (not my post, but based on a post of mine it links to!)

Conditional love

Figuring Eric out

Eric doesn’t scare me (and it upsets people? lol)

Why Eric killed himself

Anger issues

Homicidal or suicidal?

Eric the hypocrite

Eric’s emotional life (wow no this sounds so emo sorry)

Eric & Love

Bonus round: Eric if he had lived (I do tiny fics sometimes)


A complete lack of self confidence and a plethora of body image issues have left me for years feeling ashamed and embarrassed of my body. For years I suffered from eating disorders and completely lost touch with reality on what it means to be a women and to be beautiful.  It’s only in the past year as I’ve embraced my worth as a person and not purely as an aesthetic that I’ve come to love the female form in all of it’s lovely variety. :)))

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