20170529 Shinhwa Company update
this made me miss my OT6 even more TT
Happy ShinDependence Day! 

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Does Chrystal think that Bendy looks cute in that sailor suit?


But Bendy… come on!!!

Bendy:-i hate everybody, Their souls will burn in hell infinitely-

#SanversWeek Topic/Prompt Voting is Open!

Alright yall, so! 

#SanversWeek – you’ve all decided it shall be 4 weeks after the finale, June 18th-24th.

(Beautiful gif work above by the wonderful, talented @smolsawyer – this is the kinda stuff #SanversWeek should generate, yo!)

So, this week, we’re going to vote on what we want the topics/prompts for each day to be! Yall submitted ideas, and now, we need to choose seven (one for each day of the week)!

Remember, we want the topics/prompts to be general enough to allow for lots of different stories, gifs, fan art, manips, etc (#SanversWeek is thirsty for them all!), but specific enough to be… you know… a day’s topic/prompt.

So!!! In the replies, vote for your favorite topics by number (see list below: I’ve compiled/consolidated your replies and offline ideas!). (You can vote for multiple numbers.) Please vote before the finale airs on May 22nd!

The seven ideas that receive the most votes in the replies to this post will be selected by the Goblet of Fire crap, wrong fandom to be the day-by-day prompts for #SanversWeek!

Your ideas for day-by-day topics/prompts are as follows: 

1. Ride or Die

2. Nerd Girlfriends

3. Hobbies

4. Smut

5. “You’re drunk.”

6. “Don’t go.”

7. “How did you get in here?”

8. Family

9. Angst

10. AU

11. Hogwarts AU

12. Magic/Fantasy/Sci Fi AU

13. Domestic

14. Soulmates AU

15. High School AU

16. Fluff

17. Hurt/Comfort

18. Artists’ Choice/Freebie

19. Intimacy

20. “There’s something you need to know.”

21. Jealousy

22. Love Triangle

23. Lesbian Tropes

24. Wedding

25. Motorcycle Girlfriends

26. Travel

27. Canon Divergence

Reply with the number corresponding to your favs, and reblog so more people can vote!! 

All the loveeeeeee <3 <3 <3 

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My favorite type of Kylux trope is honestly the ones where Kylo goes back to being Ben and still wants Hux, but is just 'NO, I don't want you, I want Kylo'.

honestly me too, me too

Ben being unable to let go of Hux despite everyone telling him that Hux is bad, evil & everything they’re fighting to destroy

but Ben can’t, he’s still so in love with Hux that even just the mention of harming him sends his powers into disarray

Imagine Hux being captured and Ben rushing towards the cells to see him, only for Hux to treat him coldly, telling him that he’s not in love with Ben Solo, he was in love with Kylo Ren, and ONLY Kylo Ren

Ben feels the heartache all over again