Lean In: Chapter Twelve

Thank you SO much for your patience and support. Seriously, you guys make my day. And thank you for your concern about me updating this story–I had to take a bit of a break due to the stress of my schedule right now. But, it was not in vain! I found my love of writing for myself again. It works out well for you guys too, I guess–this time apart allowed me to get over 6,500 words written :) I hope you like it!

Side Note: This chapter contains some smut, but the smut I write depends on the emotions I’m trying to convey. In this sense, it is more intimacy than the sex, so a little different from Chapter Five’s reconciliation.


“What time are we visiting your sister?” Amelia asks, lazing on the couch with her morning cup of coffee and a medical journal she’s in the process of catching up on.


“Owen,” she chuckles, “I know you want to go. She got out a few days ago and you’ve given her time.” She pats for him to sit beside her, placing her medical journal on the coffee table. Once he’s seated, she pulls him to lay on her lap, gently running her fingers through the ginger strands. “I want to go, too.”


“Of course. She’s my sister.” She tugs a little on the strands, rubbing his scalp to bring him comfort.

“You’re the best, you know that?” Owen asks, turning to look up and meet her eyes.

“I’ve been told once or twice.” She giggles as he tickles her side to continue her confession. “I may have also said it myself once or twice.”

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