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Drag race fans literally LOVEEEEE to compare ru girls to other queens and compare their makeup and style and say that they copied a ru girl. It's as if drag doesn't exist outside of rpdr???? On the Lisa limbaugh video with james st everyone kept on saying that it's just trixie with a tooth gap. Trixie didn't invent exaggerated eye make-up but okay work


Vernon/OFC: Cafuné

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Friends-to-Lovers

Word Count: 1448

Characters: oblivious!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua Hong

“I’m going to pass out.” she cried, throwing her pen in some random corner of her dorm room. Flopping her belly down on the mattress, she muffled her screams by pressing her face against the duvet. It was currently exam period, and she was just not having it.

Hansol quickly followed, eager to take a break. He plopped down right next to her, so close that the entire bed shifted and bounced her up. “C’mon. You’re super smart. You just gotta relax.” he reassured, bumping her shoulder.

“I haven’t been retaining anything for the past hour.” she muttered, teary-eyed at the textbook in front of her. Throwing her textbook under her pillow, she plopped her head on the comfy cotton. “Maybe if I take a nap on top of it, I could learn through osmosis.”

He made an “are you kidding me?” face before chuckling, and reached over to pull the blanket over her. “I don’t know about that, but a nap sounds like a great idea.” and he grabbed all the books on the mattress and dumped them on the floor.

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Loveeeee it!!1 SEVENTEEN ain’t playin around with these bops! Now I’m anticipating their album!

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most to least likely to date a foreign girl in seventeen?


Hes always so inclusive with his members and he said that he wouldn’t get jealous if his girlfriend biased another member so I think he’d be so down to date a foreigner. 


Just like Hoshi he’s super caring and gives off hella man vibes, he probably wouldn’t even care if she knew korean because he’d be into that sappy like “we can speak through our love”


Although I put him third, I’d say Mingyu is iffy, he wouldn’t set into his mind “oh I want to date a foreigner because _____” but instead he’s almost fascinated with the idea, and accidentally becomes infatuated with the girl


Dating a foreigner would happen accidentally also. Like he’s working in the studio late and night and goes on omegle or something, and sees a cute girl (how cute would that be omg i feel inspired)


Would loveeeee dating a foreign girl, maybe be a bit sad when she doesn’t understand his jokes sometimes but he would be a big ball of sunshine when he gets a smile out of her. 


Be the best boyfriend to a foreigner, teaching them about his culture and korea and making sure she’s comfortable in every situation (like if they’re out eating and the foreigner is nervous about ordering food in korean so he would teach her hour to pronounce it correctly.) 


Just like jun because they know how hard it is to be in another culture. Minghao would act manly tho and order for his partner. He’d be so happy because even though you both might not know korean as fluently as others he would love calling you ‘honey’ and ‘darling’ in korean


Similar to Minghao and Jun, because he’s not native to korea he understands what it’s like and doesn’t mind helping his partner out. Might even prefer it? Just someone to be the most comfortable with because they can understand what it’s like to be somewhere new and unknown.


As long as shes cute and funny he’s down for anything lol. Dating a foreigner he would sing to her in korean and act hard to get when she begs to know what to words mean.


Wouldn’t care either way honestly but I believe he likes the sexy on the outside/cutie on the inside type of person. Remember when he said he likes legs. If she can make him smile and laugh then she’s fine by him.


Again, wouldn’t be opposed to dating a foreigner, it’s just hard for him to find one he is comfortable enough with to date. The language barrier would make him nervous and unsure how to act.


Wants to be seen as a man and would feel nervous around foreign girls because his image with seventeen is constantly like a child. 


I’m not saying he WOULDN’T date a foreigner, but considering his vibe and looks, he would be more attracted to korean girls because of the beauty standards he’s more used to. Possibly be self conscious around a foreign girl? (but lowkey not because hey, it’s jeonghan)


Hey fam, thanks so much for 5k followers, we have to plan something but how could we top the choose your own story lol. 

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I would loveeeee to hear more girls talk boys influence on there. I'm aware they didn't write it but they sounded amazing!! Listening to it for the fourth time. Sobbing. Crying. A puddle of goo. How did your test go??

I got a 90 thank goddddd. And yeah, it was a real group effort and they put their heart in it, which is cool bc they didn’t even write the song