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Character Aesthetics: Tonks

My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities…like the ability to behave myself.


My Exo Experience was AWESOME !! I nearly died coming into the building, seeing the fans,seeing my seat, even seeing the letters on the screens(not even fully entering the theater). I screamed for my man D.O Kyungsoo from the time I entered, until I left Dallas (LITERALLY). I got D.O attention from my seat, which killed my life and almost sent me crumbling down like a building.

So what happened was, I was waving my hands and my binoculars ( Yass I brought my binoculars. Ain’t no games were played ). As I was doing this, he was scanning the theater, and then he whipped his head …to the middle directly …in MY VIEW POINT. And as this is happening I was FROZE IN SPACE, and the surroundings around me disappear. It felt like It was just me and him and nothing else mattered. I promise u I didn’t move, I just stare and was frozen at the reality of him looking at my vantage point ( DIRECTLY IN MY SECTION) . I then pull up my binoculars ( my hands were shaking, mind u) and HE LOOKED THROUGH THEM !!HE LOOKED in THEM !!! HE NOTICE ME !!!!!!!!!! ( I’m screaming while typing this).

The reality of what happened is still not real to me. So that’s what happened💀💀💀 😭😷😷and also I got Chen to look at me for a slight second, which felt like FOREVER. I felt so ACCOMPLISHED !!! That was only the half of my concert experience, but for more go on my tumblr page, I will be posting the whole experience of the concert. #exo #exodallas #d.o