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Isaac- Coming Back Together

Requests-  could you do an isaac imagine where the witch!reader has to come up with a spell in a short amount of time (like a few days or a week) to trap theo and his chimeras. isaac can see she’s stressing out but she doesnt want his help bc she’s still mad at him for leaving to go to paris. thanks! /  An Isaac one based on the song Over you~ Ingrid Michaelson pls 🙏 Loveeee your work!

A/N- So I combined these two and I just need to say that this blog turned one yesterday, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with the way it’s turned out and how much support you guys have given me. Thank you so much for a great year guys, hopefully there will be a few more to come. 

You sat on Scott’s couch, pouring over the pages of a heavy, leather-bound book. You obviously weren’t very happy with what you were finding and every few seconds you would find yourself anxiously bringing your hand up to bite your nails. It was a nervous habit you had acquired in the past few weeks, but you blamed it on the anxiety Theo and his chimeras had caused.
It was only days ago that Scott had asked you to help him find a way to trap Theo and the others, something that was imperative to the Pack’s plan to save Lydia. You all knew that he was going to try and interfere, although you weren’t exactly sure why. It was no secret that Theo had a habit of making things infinitely more complicated, so Scott had decided he had to be out of the picture.
It was supposed to be a simple trapping spell, something that would keep Theo’s pack away from Eichen House while you all managed to save Lydia, but so far you hadn’t been able to find one that would work on so many people. That was why you were currently pouring over some of your family’s old spell books in Scott’s living room and fighting the urge to pull out your hair as the meeting continued around you.
As you sat there, trying to figure out a way to save your friend, you felt the unmistakable sensation of a stare on the back of your neck. You picked your head up from the ancient book in your lap and glanced across the room, only to find Isaac Lahey staring at you intently. He looked concerned, but you could have cared less about his feelings. He clearly hadn’t cared about yours when he had gone to France with Chris Argent, and now that he was back, you found it ridiculous that he was trying to worm his way back into your life.
You had spent months telling yourself that you were getting over him, purely because you hadn’t been able to. No matter how much you tried to convince yourself, it hadn’t worked and Isaac could tell. Still, you weren’t just going to let him waltz back into your life and sweep you off your feet again, especially with everything going on.
You glared at him as you met his eyes and you could see the hurt on his face. It was almost enough to cause a fault in your expression, but before you could break, Scott’s voice drew you back to the present.
“…right, Y/n? Y/n?”
You looked over at Scott, crowded around his coffee table with Liam, Kira, Stiles and Malia. The minute you broke your intense gaze with Isaac, you realized he had been talking to you.
“Sorry, what?” you asked, shutting the book in your hands.
“You can do the spell, right?” he asked. “You can trap Theo and the others?”
You swallowed, feeling the heat of six pairs of eyes on you. You knew your friends were counting on you, but you just weren’t sure if you could find something that would help.
“I can try,” you told him. “I haven’t been able to find a spell, but I can talk to my mom. She might know something. And I have all these books…”
You trailed off, a slight frown on your face. Malia sighed. “Please tell me we have a backup plan.”
“Malia,” Scott scolded.
“What?” the Coyote demanded. “We don’t know if she can do it. We don’t even know if Kira can cut the power in Eichen House. There are too many things that could go wrong here. I’m not the only one thinking it.”
“We don’t have another choice,” Scott said firmly. “We have to get Lydia.”
“I agree with Scott,” Isaac piped up from the armchair. “We at least have to try, right?”
“For once,” Stiles cut in. “Isaac is right. Malia, we need to believe in each other. If we don’t, this is never going to work. Come on, say it. I believe in you, Kira. I believe in you, Y/n.”
Malia frowned and you sighed. “I’m going to call my mom.”
You rose from the couch, shoving the spellbook away from your lap and heading toward the door. You pulled the door open and tried to fight the tears threatening to spill. It was so frustrating to not be able to help. Here you were, this powerful witch, and you couldn’t even perform a spell that would help save Lydia’s life.
You took a deep breath, leaning over the railing of Scott porch. You closed your eyes for a few moments and tried to calm yourself down, knowing that you couldn’t help anyone if you were worked up.
“I believe in you, you know.”
You whirled around, startled at the voice behind you. Isaac was standing there, hands in his pockets as he looked over at you with empathy in his eyes. You sighed angrily, although it was mostly at yourself. You hadn’t even noticed him following you out the door.
“Well that’s very comforting,” you snarked. “I could have used that six months ago.”
“Y/n, come on,” Isaac protested. “That isn’t fair. I’m here now, okay? And I know you need me-”
“I don’t need you!” you hissed. “I didn’t need you for six months and I don’t need you now! I moved on!”
Before the angry words even finished pouring out of your mouth, you knew they were a lie. And Isaac knew it too.
“You never liked asking for help,” he said softly. “But it’s okay to admit that you need it-”
“I don’t need any help from you!” you spat. “I can do this on my own, Isaac.”
Isaac swallowed, trying to hide the hurt on his face. “Well, I’ll be here for you if you do.”
You froze at his words, your resolve faltering a bit. Isaac noticed your expression before it quickly hardened again, but he knew you still cared about him. All he wanted to do was hold you again, to pretend like nothing had changed between you, but like it or not, so much had. In the six months he had left you on your own, the Dread Doctors had shown up,, Scott had died, and after nearly being killed by Theo yourself, you had performed the spell that had given him the strength to come back from the dead.
Isaac hadn’t known how much you had gone through, but Scott had explained it to him. That was mostly because when he had arrived back to Beacon Hills, you ignored him for the first week, causing him to go to someone else to find out just how much had happened while he was away.
It wasn’t until a few days ago that you had actually said something to him, and even though it had been a little hostile, the “What do you want?” had caused him to smile. He had hope that you were slowly coming around, but he knew you were still upset. Isaac had his reasons for leaving, but you still didn’t know what they were, and as he walked back inside, he just hoped he would get a chance to explain himself to you.

You sat at your desk, head in your hands as you rubbed at your aching temples. A quick glance over at your alarm clock told you that it was past two in the morning, and the hours were ticking down until you had to find a spell. As you stared at the several open spellbooks on your desk in disdain, your phone suddenly rang. Thinking it was Scott or another member of the pack, you reached for it blindly. With a sigh, you rubbed your eyes and picked up the phone. “Hello?”
“Hard at work on that spell?”
You blinked in the dim light of your desk lamp, suddenly wide awake from the chill that ran down your spine. You were never going to forget that smooth, cocky voice, the one that had so confidently told Scott that he was going to kill him.
“What do you want, Theo?” you demanded.
“Just to chat,” he told you. “Considering that you’re planning on ruining my perfect plan. I won’t hurt Lydia. I don’t know why Scott thinks I would.”
“So why don’t you tell him that?” you asked. “If you’re trying to scare me-”
Theo chuckled, dark and low. “Why would I need to do that? You’re a powerful witch, Y/n, but I could have torn you apart in the library. You practically bled out that night anyway. Maybe if you had, Scott wouldn’t be trying to ruin my plan.”
You swallowed. “Stay away from me.”
“You know,” Theo continued. “It’s a shame that witches have all that power, but they can’t even heal themselves. Other people are a different story, but what happens if you’re alone?”
“Unlike you, I’m not alone,” you told him, gaining a little confidence. “I have a real pack.”
“I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you,” Theo warned. “I know you’re struggling with the spell. Why else would you be sitting at your desk for hours, pouring over spellbooks?”
At his words, you whirled toward the window, which was cracked open slightly to let some air in. You quickly jumped up and slammed it shut, reaching up to lock it. You peered out cautiously, but there was no one on the empty street. Your hand twitched up to the curtains, but before you could close them, Theo spoke again.
“Draw the blinds if it makes you feel better,” he told you. “But just know that I’m not going to let you ruin my plan again, Y/n. If it wasn’t for you, Scott would still be dead. Now that I think about it, maybe you’re the one I should have killed.”
“You’re not going to scare me, Theo,” you stated, but your voice was shaky. “Go back to your fake pack, but just know that people a lot more powerful than you have gone up against Scott. If you do, you’ll lose.”
With that, you pulled the phone away from your ear and ended the call. You quickly drew the blinds and stepped back from the window, your hands shaking slightly. Even though you had insisted Theo didn’t scare you, you had seen what he could do. He was cunning and determined, and he had no problem with hurting innocent people to get what he wanted.
Whether you liked it or not, you still hadn’t found the spell, and Theo knew you were at a disadvantage. Your mind flashed back to the night in the library, where Theo’s claws had dug into your skin as you tried to help Scott. You knew Theo had done exactly what he had aimed to do, and now the fear was twisting knots into your stomach.
As you sat in the quiet of your room, it occurred to you that it would probably be a good idea to call Scott. You quickly dialed his number, although you were pretty sure Theo wouldn’t try anything that night. Your house was protected by spells put in place a long time ago and while that was true, you still wanted to tell Scott.
You listened as the phone rang a few times and your breath stuck in your throat until you finally heard his sleepy voice ask “Hello?”
“Scott…” you tried to begin calmly, but he could hear the shakiness in your voice.
He immediately sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes in the darkness. “Y/n? What’s wrong?”
“Theo knows about the spell,” you stated.
“What?” he asked. “How?”
“I don’t know,” you admitted. “But he called me. He was watching me. I’m pretty sure he was right outside.”
“He threatened you,” Scott realized.
“Of course he did,” you stated bitterly.
“Y/n,” Scott told you. “You don’t have anything to be afraid of. Are you parents home yet?”
“No,” you said softly. “They’re still trying to talk to other witches in Oregon.”
“Oh,” Scott said and you could hear the worry in his voice. “Well, did they found out anything about the Beast?”
“Not that I know of,” you told him.
Scott sighed. “I don’t feel right about leaving you at home alone. I know your house is spelled, but…”
“Scott, no,” you insisted. “You don’t have to drive across town at two in the morning for me. I just woke you up.”
Scott was silent for a moment. “What about someone who’s been awake all night?”
“What?” you asked him.
“Isaac’s been pacing around his room all night,” Scott informed you. “And I know he’d be happy-”
“No!” you cut him off. “Scott, don’t you dare tell him what happened.”
“Why?” Scott asked softly. “He cares about you, Y/n. He’d want to be there-”
“I don’t care,” you whispered. “He obviously didn’t want to be here when he left for France.”
“Fine,” Scott told you with a sigh. “But if you think Theo’s going to come back, even just to mess with you…”
“I’ll call,” you assured him. “Get some sleep, Scott. You’re going to need it.”
“You will too,” he told you. “And don’t worry about the spell. If you can’t find one, you can’t find one. We’ll keep Theo out some other way.”
“Thanks,” you whispered and at that you hung up the phone.
You sighed and set your phone down, reaching out to grab one of the spell books strewn about your desk. You sat there for about twenty minutes, alternating between yawning and flipping through the pages. It wasn’t long before you felt your eyes drooping and just as you decided it was time to call it a night, you suddenly heard a tapping at your window.
You jumped and rose from your chair, eyeing the window in fear. The tapping paused for a few seconds, and that’s when you heard the unmistakable sound of the window trying to be lifted open. Whoever was trying to get in quickly realized it was locked and that was when the tapping started up again.
“Y/n,” a muffled voice called from outside. “Open the window. It’s just me.”
You blinked, carefully making your way over to the window and pulling up the blinds. One look at the pair of sheepish blue eyes staring at you through the window caused your fear to melt away, but they quickly replaced it with annoyance. Isaac was sitting there staring at you, crouched on the low-hanging part of your roof that he must have jumped up to.
“I’m going to kill Scott,” you muttered, reluctantly reaching forward to unlock and open the window.
Isaac pulled himself through through the now open window, landing quietly on the floor of your bedroom. “Scott didn’t tell me anything. I did happen to overhear his phone call though.”
You rolled your eyes. “Then you must have heard me say I didn’t need you.”
Isaac just looked at you. “Y/n.”
“You can’t stay mad at me forever.”
“I’m think I can,” you told him icily.
“I’m just trying to help you,” Isaac insisted. “I know you’re scared. I know that it hasn’t been easy-”
“You have no idea,” you cut him off. “You were gone for six months, Isaac. Maybe Scott told you what happened while you were in France, but you don’t know what it was like. We thought we lost everything when Theo tore us apart. He drove Lydia insane. He killed Scott! I don’t even know how we were able to bring him back, and now that things are starting to be okay again, you can’t just waltz back in here with a smile on your face and try to pretend like you know what we went through!”
As your voice grew louder and you became more and more upset, everything in your room began to shake. Isaac knew you were angry, but he had never imagined that you were this angry, and it was clearly manifesting itself in your powers. You barely even noticed the fact that you seemed to be causing what looked to Isaac like a mini earthquake. It wasn’t until the crackling sound of the mirror shattering behind you hit your ears that you realized you had let your hurt and anger get the best of you.
You ended your tyrant and whirled around just in time to see shards of the mirror falling to the floor. Everything stopped shaking as you calmed down, but the damage was already done. You looked to Isaac, who was staring at you in complete and utter shock, and you brought a hand up to your head and closed your eyes. You dropped down onto the edge of your bed and rubbed your hands over your face, finally letting the tears you had fought for so long spill.
“I’m a mess,” you whispered. “I can’t help anybody.”
You suddenly felt the bed shifting beside you. “That isn’t true.”
You looked up at Isaac. “How is that not true?”
“It just isn’t,” he told you. “I know you and I know you’ll figure this out. You’re too smart not too.”
“In less than 24 hours?” you wondered.
“If that’s what you have to do, then yeah.”
You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest. “Maybe I’ve changed since you’ve been gone.”
“A little,” he noted. “But you’re still the girl I fell in love with.”
“Then why did you leave?” you suddenly whispered.
Isaac took a deep breath. “You really wanna know?”
“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” you asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Okay, okay,” he told you. “I didn’t leave because I didn’t love you, Y/n. I left because I needed to.”
“Oh, right-” you began sarcastically.
“Just listen,” he begged. “Please.”
You looked at him skeptically, but then you nodded for him to continue.
“When Allison died protecting me, in front of me, I realized that I wasn’t totally invincible. I realized I couldn’t protect anyone, no matter how strong or fast I thought I was. And all I could think about after was how it could have been you. If you hadn’t been in the tunnels with Lydia and the others…if you had been trying to protect me too. You could have gotten hurt and I wouldn’t have been able to protect you.”
You swallowed. “So?”
“So I needed to learn how to protect you,” Isaac explained. “Allison’s father needed someone and I needed to learn some new skills. He took he me to France and trained me. I learned so much, Y/n, but I never forgot about you. I always wanted to come back and now…here I am.”
“You…you left for me?” you asked him. “To protect me?”
Isaac nodded. “But I never realized how much it hurt you. I never should have left you. I never should have left Beacon Hills.”
“No, you shouldn’t have,” you agreed. “But you thought you were making the right call.”
“I’m sorry that Theo hurt you,” Isaac said softly. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you. But I swear, Y/n, I’m never leaving you again. I’m going to be here from now on.”
The cynic inside of you wanted to call Isaac out, to tell him not to make promises he couldn’t keep, but somehow, you knew he was being sincere.
“I understand,” you told him. “But you can’t expect me to just stop being mad at you…or to jump right back into your arms.”
“I guess I deserve that,” Isaac said. “You should sleep. You’re going to need it.”
“Yeah,” you said, looking toward the window. “I guess I’ll see you then.”
“Y/n?” Isaac asked softly. “Would you mind if I stayed until you fell asleep? I swear I’ll be out of here by then it’s just…I want to make sure you’re okay.”
Part of you wanted to argue with him and insist that you were fine, but you just didn’t have the energy. With a firm nod, you scooted back to the front of your bed and crawled under the covers. Isaac kicked off his shoes and followed you, lying gently down under the covers beside you. He watched your eyes shut as you drifted off, more content than you had been all night. Sleep took you easily and when you woke up in the morning, true to his word, Isaac was gone.

“Y/n, get Lydia!” Stiles cried, frantically gesturing to the door Valack was dragging her through.
You nodded, lowering your hands to drop the chimera you had been dangling in the air. Tracy fell to the ground with a thump and had you had more time, you might have laughed. You had never really liked her, considering she had tried to kill you and your friends numerous times.
The plan to save Lydia had gone smoothly enough to begin with, even without the trapping spell for Theo and his chimeras. They had shown up before you and the rest of the pack, and they had actually helped by stalling Valack in an effort to take Lydia for themselves.
Only you and Stiles had been able to make it through the mountain ash gate, but Scott, Liam and Isaac were currently trying to find another way into the hallway. Parrish had shown up soon after the boys left, although you weren’t exactly sure he knew what he was doing. Only moments ago, he had nearly burned Corey alive, and he and Josh had escaped into another hall to no doubt find a safe place to heal.
Parrish was now currently taking off through a door to your left to grab Lydia, the one you were about to follow him through before a pair of arms grabbed you from behind and slammed you into the nearby wall.
You cried out in pain as your body connected with the cement violently, and soon your were on the ground, beginning to push yourself up on your palms. You could see a pair of converse sneakers stalking toward you and as you raised your hand to throw them back with a spell, one of them suddenly slammed into your stomach, kicking you across the hall.
You rolled across the dusty tile floor, gasping in pain at the force of the blow. Theo stalked toward you again, but this time you were ready, you sent a bolt of energy flying toward him, slamming him back into the wall. He fell to the floor with a growl, just as Tracy was beginning to stalk toward you.
“Stiles!” you yelled to the boy crouched in the corner. “Find Lydia! Go!”
He nodded hastily and scrambled past the battle, shoving open the door to the hallway Lydia and Valack had disappeared into. Now you were on your own against two chimeras, but you figured that was a small price to pay to save your friend.
You used your power to lift Tracy from the ground and then slammed her into the wall to your right. You didn’t want to kill her, you just wanted to knock her out so she couldn’t get in the way, and when her body hit the cement with a loud thump, you knew you had. She tumbled to the ground unconscious and you whirled to face Theo, only to have his arm snake out and grab you by the throat. He slammed you into the wall behind you, choking the air out of your lungs.
You tried to claw at his arm, but he had managed to pin both of your wrists above your head in seconds. You jerked against his grasp, but you couldn’t breath, and you could barely think straight.
“You have been such a pain in my ass,” Theo snarled in your face. “God, I knew I should have killed you. You just live to ruin my plans, don’t you, Y/n?”
You glared at him, anger coursing through your veins. That strong emotion was just enough for Theo to feel a large force pushing him backward, no doubt your magic, but it wasn’t enough. You were fading quickly and there was no way you were strong enough to let off the the display you had last night while Isaac was in your room. What Theo felt was merely a last ditch attempt to throw him off of you, but his grip was too strong and he knew it.
He chuckled. “I bet you wish you hadn’t been so cocky now. I could have used you, Y/n. Maybe if you hadn’t been so-”
Crash! Theo shot a glance over his shoulder as plaster and dust rained down from the ceiling, and suddenly Isaac was standing in front of him.
“Get away from my girlfriend,” he snarled, grabbing Theo by the throat himself and then ripping him off of you.
You fell to the tile, your palms slapping the ground as you gasped for the breath you had been deprived off. Your cheek rested on the floor as you watched two more pairs of shoes land on the floor. In your addled brain, you eventually made the connection that Isaac, Scott and Liam had kicked in the ceiling tiles to get into the hallway, but by that time, Isaac’s face was already looming in front of you.
“Y/n?” he asked, his voice muffled. “Are you okay? Y/n?”
You nodded weakly, finding the strength to push yourself to your feet. Once you were up, you stumbled, but luckily Isaac was there to catch you. “I’ve got you. I’m here, I’ve got you.”
You nodded into his chest, watching as Scott and Liam stood over an unconscious Theo.
“Lydia,” you breathed, gesturing to the door. “Valack took her down there. Stiles and Parrish followed him, but you have to help them.”
Scott and Liam nodded, and you watched as they quickly disappeared into the doorway, just like everyone else. When they were gone, you managed to push yourself away from Isaac. “I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, his blue eyes wide and concerned.
You felt a sentimental twist in your stomach as Isaac looked down at you and it reminded you of all those nights you had spent running around Beacon Hills with him. It reminded you of all the times one of you had nearly died, or been too hurt to heal without help, or even just sought comfort in each other. Maybe things had changed between you and Isaac after he left…or maybe that hadn’t at all.
You nodded. “Yeah. Let’s go get Lydia.”

With a content, exhausted sigh, you pushed away the door of Deaton’s exam room and walked into the waiting room. Isaac was standing there, pacing around nervously until he heard you coming.
“Is she okay?” he demanded. “I heard her scream.”
“Lydia’s fine,” you told him with a smile. “Deaton did something…I don’t even know what it was, but she’s okay now. We’re all okay.”
“I guess Plan A worked out for once, huh?” Isaac asked as you sat down in one the chairs lining the wall.
You nodded as he sank down beside you. “For once. Although there were a few rough patches.”
“Can you say you’re surprised though?” Isaac asked.
You laughed softly. “No. No I can’t.”
Isaac smiled, reaching out to pat your hand. Feeling his warm fingers over yours brought back a memory from earlier that night, and along with it, a question you had been itching to ask.
“Hey, Isaac?”
“Earlier…when Theo was choking me, you said ‘Get away from my girlfriend’,” you stated.
“Oh shit,” Isaac realized. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I-”
“Isaac,” you said softly. “I didn’t mind.”
“You…you didn’t?” he asked.
You shook your head softly, reaching out to grab his hand. “Not at all.”

Scott left the exam room, taking a deep breath as he did. For the first time in weeks, he felt like he might be making some progress against the Dread Doctors. They had tried to tear you and the others apart, but now Scott had each and every one of you back. The Pack had slowly returned to normal and now that you had Isaac too, he was confident everything was coming back together.
Scott rubbed his tired eyes with a yawn, but as he looked over at the row of chairs lining the waiting room wall, he froze. You were curled up against Isaac, taking up several chairs as your head rested on his shoulder. The beta was smiling down at you softly, one of his arms wrapped around your shoulders as you slept against him. He looked up at Scott as the other boy walked in, gently lifting one finger to his lips.
Scott nodded and smiled before heading out to grab a blanket from Stiles’ jeep for Lydia, but as he left you two were at the forefront of his mind. Yeah, he thought as he walking outside. Things were definitely coming back together.

anonymous asked:

11, 17, 47 for those asks?

11: a song that reminds you of your best friend

i don’t exactly have a best friend but this is what makes us girls - lana del rey reminds me of my friends in general

17: a song that makes you want to slay your enemies

the resistance - skillet is possibly one of the greatest songs for this cause.

47: a song that you love to dance to

brand new moves - hey violet — i look like such a dork when this song plays, i know. but i loveeee it! so catchy.

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B, you need to listen to Nothing's gonna hurt you baby by Cigarettes after sex and the whole album Lost in the dream by The war on drugs, I really think you would like them!!

i loveeee cigarettes after sex!! 

i’ll listen to the other song x (i have a playlist on my spotify filled of songs you guys suggest to me) 

ok but the song is so fucking good honestly like u don’t expect that from a song called hair but ofc this is little mix always slaying with their music bc i know the song is called ‘hair’ but now,after i hear it im bald:-) aw little mix always dragging me with their talent!!! ending me!! i love this feeling!! it feels like home!! i love my moms:~)

( cont. )  Swift Secrets has a ton of posts about disliking 1989 compared to other eras… but it’s because those people are right. 1989 is a fantastic, successful album but it just doesn’t add up to Taylor Swift standard songs. I’m disappointed in it but I’m still a TS fan (though not as much as I used to be.) I LOVEEEE Tay’s older songs and her unreleased songs are life…. but I’m just really hoping the next album tops allll the rest. I hope she writes more by herself and I can hear more emotion and real, raw lyrics like in other songs. I’m still holding out hope!