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Song Tag!

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Rules: List ten songs you’ve been listening to and tag ten mutuals (I kept it to just kpop because if I added all the other music I listen to doing just 10 songs would be impossible)

1. Feel So Good - B.A.P (not a new song but low key obsessed with it)

2. Dear - Snuper (pls stan them)

3. Remember Me - Victon

4. I (Knew It) - Sonamoo

5. One Way - Block B

6. Coffee - BTS

7. Sleep Talking - Nu’est

8. Flower - Seventeen

9. From Zero - Monsta X

10. DDD - Exid

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Don’t Blame Me

Request: “Hi! If your not too busy, could you do a pennywise thing where pennywise loves the reader. She doesn’t know. He finds out she has a crush on someone else one day and things get a little crazy. Keep up the great work!”


“Can ya do a pennywise imagine where it’s like… mating season (is that what it is idk) and she hangs with the losers and she’s friends with him and he kinda likes her in a different way but didn’t know until mating season starts and he gets like super possessive and stuff and the reader is just… confused. I’m super sad and I just wanted to request something“

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader & Stan Uris x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of mating

It all started out when you and all of the Losers’ were hanging out. You all were inside just talking and laughing amongst each other about many different things and topics. It was summer and all you wanted to do was relax and spend time with your amazing friends. 

You wanted to forget about homework, school work and just school in general. All of the stress from school had disappeared so you were prepared to take full advantage of that as much as you could. 

“So Y/N you and Stan.” Richie smirked.

“What about me and Stan?” You asked smiling as you brought your hand up to your mouth.

“Come on we all know you both like each other.” Bev winked.

Everyone in the group was taking advantage of the fact that Stan was currently inside of Richie’s bathroom using it. He obviously couldn’t hear a thing since he was all the way upstairs. 

“Oh it’s more than like it’s loveeee.” Eddie sing songed. 

“Okay okay maybe I do like him but it’s been like this for the past couple of weeks. He still hasn’t asked me out I love him I really do but I’m getting impatient.” You sighed.

“Hey we’re working on it girl calm down.” Mike joked and you giggled.

“Yeah it’s taking time but he’ll be yours.” Bill winked causing you to laugh again.

“Give it a bit more time.” Ben continued.

The house phone rang and Richie stood up to answer it. That’s when Stan walked into the room. 

You nodded, “Okay fine I trust you all.” 

“Y/N that was your mom she needs you to go home it’s about to be 7.” Richie informed. 7 was curfew time for every kid that lived in Derry.

“Alright thanks Rich.” You said and he nodded.

“We all should get going then we don’t want anything to happen.” Bev spoke up.



“You’re right”

“Let’s get going then” 


You all said goodbye to each other by embracing the Losers’ one by one into a hug. When Stan was the last one you made sure to hug him the longest.

“Bye Stan.” You said as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Bye Y/N stay safe and be careful.”

“Thanks you too Stan.” You smiled as you placed a kiss on his cheek. 

You smiled to yourself as you walked down the street leaving Stan Uris shocked and happy over what had just happened.

You continued to smile as you walked, you were about to turn the corner onto the street that your house was on until someone grabbed you and pulled you into an empty park. You shrieked loudly until the person put their hand over your mouth.

When you were turned around to face the person you couldn’t believe your eyes. It was your friend Pennywise. You took his hand off of your mouth angrily, throwing it down. 

“What the hell Penny you scared the shit out of me I thought you were a murderer!” You exclaimed.

He didn’t say anything he just kept staring at you with a cold blank stare.

“Did I do something?” You asked.

“Yes with that Stanley Boy he’s not good enough for you why do you even like the kid?” Pennywise asked.

This was so not like him. What was going on?

“Because Penny he’s sweet, kind, gentle and he cares about other people especially me.” You smiled.

“Well you can’t see him anymore.” Pennywise said seriously.

“You can’t stop me.” You stated.

“Watch me.” Pennywise challenged.

You started to walk away but Pennywise grabbed onto your arm holding it tightly. You winced as his grip tightened causing you to fall down in pain.

“Penny stop you’re hurting me.” You choked out but he didn’t stop.

“Pennywise I said stop you’re hurting me!” You exclaimed.

His face softened and he let go of you, you cried out as you rubbed your arm. There was definitely going to be a bruise there in a couple of minutes.

“This isn’t like you what the hell is you damn problem?!” You asked angrily as you hit Pennywise’s chest with your good arm that wasn’t throbbing in pain.

“I’m sorry I’ve just been going through something it’s stupid.” Pennywise said looking down.

“You better tell me before I walk away and never speak to you again.” You said seriously.

“It’s mating season for me okay that’s why I did what I just did.” Pennywise confessed.

“Whoa this is not my fault and I’m a teenager so if you’re thinking about-”

“No no don’t worry I’m not that’s just illegal as you humans call it. I just got jealous of Stanley Boy alright I promise it won’t happen again.” Pennywise sighed as he sat down.

“Penny you have nothing to worry about. Sure I love him but I love you too. I love both of you and no boy can change that.” You said reassuringly while placing your hand on his shoulder.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yes, of course. Now get me home it’s about to be 7 in two minutes and I do not need my mom asking me why I took so long.” You said standing up.

“Alright child don’t worry I got you.” Pennywise chuckled.  

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Number 30 for the prompts, thank you.

It’s been a very long night.

It’s been a very, very long night.

It’s been a very, very, very long night.

Stiles moans piteously, smothering his face against the covers in an attempt to end his own misery. He fails, but that’s no surprise. He moans again, cursing his luck and the Scooby Doo gang. Pack. Whatever.



Who in his right mind tries to talk to a manananggal? Who???

He turns his face to the side and breathes deeply. He squints and his vision focuses a bit. He needs food. He needs it right now. He spent way too much magic to kill the thing and then he had to drive back alone because Scott pitched a fit about Stiles killing said thing.

A thing that ate human beings. As in, its prey were human beings exclusively. It had already killed an entire family up north that they know of. Children included. Because just like lions eat other animals, manananggal eat humans. It’s their nature.

That can’t be changed.

Because they’d starve to death.



Stiles breathes deeply again. In through the nose, count to five, out through the mouth, count to five. Rinse and repeat. Getting angry won’t solve anything. It won’t stave his hunger or clean the now bloody and most likely ruined covers or wrap his wounds.

But he’s so damn tired… Maybe if he sleeps a bit first…? Just five minutes to regain some energy should be fine…

He wakes up way more comfortable than he should be. He takes a deep breath and forces his eyes to open. He’s wearing soft cotton pajamas that he doesn’t remember putting on and he’s inside the covers. They’re a deep blue instead of beige. He frowns and tries to will his brain into starting more quickly. He’s not successful.

“Those were Egyptian cotton covers, sweetheart,” Peter tuts as he enters the room. “They cost more than your jeep, you know.”

“Lies,” Stiles manages to get out. His tongue is so dry that it feels stuck to the roof of his mouth, so that’s a feat.

“They do. But to be fair, you wouldn’t get more than five dollars for it, so that’s not much of a stretch now that I think of it.”

“Don’ dish m'Roscoe, asshole.”

“Note that I said five dollars when I meant one.” Peter sighs dramatically. “That’s what I get for being nice?” Stiles grumbles long-sufferingly but accepts the glass of water the man’s handing to him. “What happened to the windshield?”

“Scott tried to talk to a manananggal.”


“Yeah, oh.”

“I take it that it didn’t go well.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Stiles grumbles.

“Where is it?”

“Scattered around the preserve… and on your covers.” He grimaces. “I… need to refine that new array a bit.”

“A bit.”

“Okay, a lot. That thing blew on my face. Ew.”

“It can’t have been that bad. There wasn’t that much blood on your-”

“I ducked behind Scott the moment I noticed what was going to happen,” Stiles shrugs. “Serves him right for fucking up the element of surprise.”

Peter snorts in answer. Stiles sulks in silence for a moment before looking mournfully towards the bathroom. Peter sighs dramatically and hauls him up.

“The things you make me do,” he complains and Stiles grins.

Stiles’ grin widens even more when he notices that the bathtub is already full and that Peter has dropped a bathbomb inside. He breathes the citrusy smell in and subconsciously relaxes. When he sinks in, he can’t help the delighted moan that escapes him. After a second, he turns soulful eyes towards Peter.

“If I tell you I love you, will you make me pancakes?”

Peter snorts once more, takes the first aid kit out of the cabinet to rewrap his wounds when he gets out of the bath, and then leaves.

“I loveeee youuuu,” Stiles sing-songs happily at his retreating back.

Peter sticks his head back in, rolls his eyes dramatically and then leaves. Stiles laughs.

(He gets the pancakes, of course.)

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