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BTS reaction to them regretting for breaking up with you

@creepychimchim said:  Hey! New Here Can I request a BTS reaction when they broke up with you for another girl but then they just realise that they love you and they want you back? My english is so bad I’m really sorry for that. Loveeeeeeeeee youuuuuu!💕

- Hiii! Your English is amazing don’t say it’s bad! Enjooy ma lovee and I loveee you too! <3

Jungkook: After some time being with this girl wasn’t the best thing. Most of the nights he will fall asleep with you on his mind, not her. 
She’s not like you, doesn’t like a lot of stuff as you, she doesn’t understand him like you did. Soon after he would feel this regret, seeing you at the caffee with another guy just hanging out. Seeing your smile on your face as he talks to you would bring back a lot of memories when two of you were together. He would lick his lips and want to look away but he can’t. He would realize what kind of a mistake he made. That mistake was losing you. *gif*

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Jimin: Seeing you around for few times, he would notice how much beautiful and more gorgeous you got. But you always keep that smile on your face. He guessed you are doing well and good. At night laying in his bed he would look at your messages that you used to send, look at your pictures on instagram. 
He just misses you a lot, even thought he has a girl. He isn’t happy, at all.
Sometimes he wishes to just stop you at the street and talk to you, just to hear your voice again.

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Taehyung: Not even caring of the girl he is with now, he’ll walk straight up to you and talk to you. He wouldn’t care if you push him away, yell at him, he would try so hard to convince you and make you understand that he made a huge mistake. He knows you still love him, he loves you. You would be shocked at the fact what he is saying even he has his girlfriend. Taehyung would fight for you, do anything just to have you back next to him again.

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Jiyong can’t resist the temptation to tease Kwanghee whenever he can

Jealousy - Junhoe scenario (Requested)

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@sexyllamonkey said:  Hii <3 I’m really into angst right now lmao and you know Junhoe is ruining my like lol Soooo.. Can I request a Junhoe agnst scenario. Where he is an overprotective BF like he gets jealous easily ikd lmao IM JUST IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG

- Hiiiii <3 I loveee ANGST LIKE SO MUCH LOL I hope youu enjooooy and thank youu I LOVEE YOU SO MUCH

Genre: angst 
Members: Junhoe x You
Word count: 2236

Junhoe kept looking at you, staring at you. His leg was shaking, his hand on his cheek. He was getting angry, jealous.
Why suddenly you are doing this? Few hours ago it wasn’t like this.

– 2 hours back –

His lips moved against yours, he worked the kiss more by using tongue, not lot of it, but a little. His hand on your cheek, holding your face softly.
His hands travel down on your waist pulling you closer to his body, your hands moved on his chest.
He layed down slowly on the couch, pulling you on top of him. You smiled pulling away, going down his jawline with your index finger. You look at his eyes, he had a small smile on his face. You lean in and kiss him again. Junhoe’s hands travel down your back to your ass, grabbing it.
You liked that and smiled under the kiss.

Bobby walks inside of the living room, and covers his eyes with his hand.
“YAH can you please take that to the room and not here?” he said

Junhoe and you laugh sitting up on the couch.
“Like why, but why I always come in when you two making out” Bobby said moving his hand away
“You come at the wrong time” Junhoe raised his shoulders

Bobby shakes his head and sits down next to you.
“We going later” he spoke as he places his legs on the coffee table
“Where?” Junhoe asked
“Just a small party, I mean It is not even a party, it is like a gathering, all of us members” Bobby said watching the TV
“But where Bobby” you laugh and push his shoulder and he smiled
“We like reserved a place, It’s like near woods, so like there will be fire, marshmallows and stuff like that”
“OH that is so fun!” you smiled and looked at both of them

You were so excited. You love being outside, especially in some nature places, like walk around in the nature.
“When we going hyung?” Junhoe said
“In like 30 minutes or so” Bobby looks at him and Junhoe nods his head

Junhoe and you started to walk upstairs.
“DON’T DO ANYTHING NAUGHTY UP THERE” both of you hear Bobby shout
“Oh shut up BOBBY!” you shout back and Bobby laugh hard

Hanbin got of the bathroom, with only jeans on.
You look at him and he scratches back of his neck, smiling.
Junhoe looks at you then at Hanbin, he sighs and walks inside of is room.
“You going to the thing?” Hanbin looks at you
“Yeah. I like your tattoo on your chest” you said

Tattoo was so beautiful and looked really good.
Hanbin looks down at his chest and then lifts up his head
“Thanks. Go to your boyfriend he’ll get pissed off because you’re here with me, while I am shirtless” Hanbin taps your shoulder and you nodded your head agreeing with him and laugh walking to Junhoe’s room.

He just puts his long sleeve shirt over his body.
You smiled and hugged him form the back. Junhoe smiled and turns around and gives you a hug.
“I love you” you said into his chest
“I love you too” he softly said and kissed your head still holding you in his arms.

“Y/N!” Donghyuk smiled as you walked downstairs to the living room
“DONGHYUK!” you smiled, he hugged you
You two didn’t see each other because he was in the city with Yunhyeong and Chanwoo to get the stuff for the party you guys are having.
“Let’s goooo!” Bobby shouts

You guys get into a van and drive off.
As you arrived to the destination, it was a big log cabin.
“What” you said with your mouth open, you couldn’t believe how beautiful it was

You guys got out, and walked inside. It was so beautiful. Everything made out of wood, nicely placed, furniture was looking amazing. It just felt so warm when you walk inside, had a nice atmosphere look.

“This is.. Wow” Hanbin stand next to you looking up and around
“GUYS!” Jinhwan shouted form the backyard

You guys rush outside, there was set up camp fire, chairs all around the fire. In the back there was a radio who played music.
There was placed a table with chairs and food on it.

“Let’s get cookin” Bobby laughs and takes marshmallows and opens the bag
“Hey we should do chubby bunny challenge” you point at the bag
“Are you serious?” Hanbin looks at you
“Yeah” you laugh

Bobby nodded his head. Donghyuk tried to find two bowls in the huge kitchen. He did and ran outside handing Bobby one and Hanbin one.
“Oh this is gonna be funny” you laugh and Chanwoo points at you nodding his head, smiling

Bobby puts one marshmallow in his mouth
“Chubby bunny” he smiled
Hanbin did the same.
They put in 4 of marshmallows in their mouth, they look at each other and laugh almost everything falling out of their mouth.
You laughed and stood next to Junhoe. He was laughing, thought how Bobby looked like an actual bunny.
His hand was around your shoulders, holding you close to him.

After 6th marshmallow, Bobby and Hanbin laugh and spit out the marshmallows into the bowl.
“Oh my God, I can’t believe I did this” Hanbin laughs and wipes his mouth

You all sat up around the camp fire, looking at the fire, talking old childhood stories, laughing, sharing thoughts. Music played all the time in the back.
Junhoe kept looking at you, talking to you, he didn’t talk that much to other members. He was just focused on you.
Boys went and danced around the radio with music playing.
Junhoe was not in a mood for dancing so you had to stay with him.
“Why don’t we go dance?” you smiled at him
“I am not in a mood for dancing. Let’s just stay here and talk just you and me” he looks at you

You slowly nod your head and look at the fire.
You wanted to have fun, dance with everyone, sing along the songs. Sometimes you hated Junhoe for his behavior, when he acts that way. And now you can’t have fun just because he doesn’t want to, if you go and leave him he’ll probably get mad.

Hanbin looks at two of you just being quiet, doing nothing special. He walks over to you and takes your hand in his.
“Y/N let’s dance” he said looking at you

You look at him then at Junhoe.
“Y/N come on” Hanbin repeated
You nodded your head and Hanbin and you rushed to the “dance floor” and started to dance
“Like he wouldn’t let you come here” Bobby said quietly dancing next to you
“I know… I don’t know why he is acting this way” you said

Junhoe licks his lips still watching you. You are there with them for a while now, laughing, dancing, not even once you didn’t come back to him.
He noticed how Hanbin is putting his hands on your waist, around your shoulders, getting closer to you.

Hanbin was getting on his nerves. Why are you letting him touch you, when only Junhoe can.

Junhoe started to get sick of the party, sick of Hanbin, you. The way you acted. Yes he knew he is overreacting maybe, but he cares about you, he can sometimes be overprotective but this is making him sick. He can see how you are flirting with Hanbin and he with you. The way you are smiling at each other.

“I’m going home” Junhoe said looking at everyone and all of you stop dancing
“What?” you asked
“This “party” ain’t fun at all” Junhoe lifts his shoulders up
“It’s because you don’t want to have fun” Bobby said
“Whatever I am going home” Junhoe said
“If you are going home, we all have to” Yunhyeong said being serious
“So what?” Junhoe shakes his head
“Junhoe” Hanbin said looking at him with a serious look and serious tone of his voice
“Are you guys going home or?” a woman that organized all of this asked
“You know that if one person is going all of you have to, that is what your manager said” she added
“We know” Chanwoo said
“I am going home” Junhoe repeated
“Then everyone is, then pack your stuff, we are going in 5 minutes”  the woman said walking back inside

Where Junhoe was standing there was Hanbin’s bag, so Hanbin slightly pushed him out of the way to get his bag. Not just Hanbin, but everyone was mad right now, even you.

Soon you all were in a van going back home.

You sat in the middle between Hanbin and Bobby. Juhoe was in front of you guys with Jinhwan and Chanwoo.
“Selfiee” you smiled
“Yeah selfie in the dark” Hanbin smiles and you take a picture
“Aww it is nice” you said and Bobby and you started to discuss that he looks fine on the picture

Junhoe was just getting angrier and angrier. Jinhwan looked at him and pushed him a little.

“Leave me alone” Junhoe said and kept looking through the window

You look up hearing Junhoe say that. You knew his tones of his voice, the way he acts. He was mad about something, something was up for sure.

Arriving at their house, Junhoe stormed inside and went straight to his room. You followed him and open the door.
“What is going on with you?” you asked looking at him, while he was putting out the stuff from his bag

He looks up at you and then back the bag.
“Junhoe. What happened?” you look at him
“You.” Junhoe said and looks up at you
“Me?” you point at yourself
“Yes you. You left me there alone” he said still looking at you
You felt pressure building up inside of you.
“You didn’t want to have nice time tonight. And I wanted to! I wanted to go there dance, sing with the boys” you raised your voice a little

“Ohh right, by boys you mean Hanbin?”
“Hanbin? Are you serious?” you were in shock

Junhoe throws the bag away and looks at you in anger, stepping closer to you. 
“You. Flirted with Hanbin tonight. I was so sick watching you smiling at him, touching him…” he said
“I did not flirted with Hanbin. We were just dancing Junhoe” you stared at him and he laughs
“Yeah yeah whatever” Junhoe said and turns around
“So you just going to laugh? Is that it?”
“Hold up, what do you want me to do?” Junhoe turns around
“You don’t trust me. I know you” you look at his eyes

He laughs again

“Yeah I don’t trust you. I don’t think I will again. Because of what you did” he steps closer to you
“I DIDN’T FLIRT WITH HIM!” you raised your voice because you were sick of his acting this way, not trusting you at all
“YES YOU DID! YOU FUCKING DID.” He points at you shouting
“Me? A fool? I saw everything with my own eyes! WHY did you let him touch you? Huh?” Junhoe got close to your face, staring at you

You actually didn’t know what to say. This was the first time Junhoe was acting this way. SO angry, shouting at you.
“See you don’t have an answer because you flirted with him” he said coldly
“I didn’t flirt with him. Junhoe stop saying that” you look away then at him
“You’re lying Y/N” Junhoe looks at you

You laugh in frustration, feeling tears building up in your eyes.
“You cheated on me in front me”
“YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE! I NEVER DID ANYTHING WITH HANBIN! I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING WITH HIM! STOP SAYING THAT I FLIRTED WITH HIM or even worse cheated on you! Are you out of your fucking mind?!” one tear falls down your cheek

Bobby, Hanbin and Jinhwan walk up inside of the room.
“What is going on here?” Jinhwan asked
“Look there is your boy, go ahead Y/N. He is all yours” Junhoe points at Hanbin and Hanbin didn’t get anything, he was confused, you were crying silently.
“How can you say that? I only love you, no one else” your voice cracked
“Don’t lie Y/N… UGHH how I hate when you lie.” Junhoe got angrier
“Junhoe you need to chill” Bobby said walking up to him

“SHE FUCKING FLIRTED WITH HANBIN AND I SHOULD “chill” ?! Are you FUCKING SERIOUS!” Junhoe shouted into Bobby’s face
“We what?” Hanbin asked
“Oh like you don’t know” Junhoe said
“Flirted? Are you kidding me?” Hanbin laughed
“I never would do that to you Junhoe” you spoke
“LIAR, YOU ARE A FUCK-ING LIAR” he rushed towards you in anger

You actually got scared, looking into his eyes there was no love, only hate, anger. This wasn’t Junhoe you knew. Bobby and Jinhwan grabbed him by his arms pulling him back. Junhoe tried so hard to get away from their grip.

“Come on Y/N let’s go.” Hanbin looked at you
“YOU go with him. We’re over.” Junhoe said

You kept looking at Junhoe. Donghyuk walked inside and Hanbin told him to take you to another room. You walked with Donghyuk.
Hanbin walks over to Junhoe.

“You’re a fucking idiot, you know that?”

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Did you watch the latest vlive at BBMA yet ? I couldn't help it but spazz at jin's calmness and his reassurance for hobi after hobi spilt the coke on him he's so sofftt and gaah I loveee him<3 he was like 'that's okaaaayyy' and 'gwenchanaaa' awwwh i stan the right man <3

i know omg jin was so calm! if i were him i’d probably cry because mY DRESS IS RUINED :” but i guess he didn’t want to make a scene for a little thing like that. thank god yoongi was quick to the rescue tho, helping jin drying his clothes with the tissue :”)))))

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marine kingdom, sugar dream dome, memorial cake ;-) , day dream carnival, twinkle mermaid 💖💖💖

  • Marine Kingdom: Favourite undersea creature? dolphins
  • Sugar Dream Dome: What do you like most about Winter? it smells really good
  • Memorial Cake: What is your ideal romantic experience? making breakfast 4 the love of my life
  • Day Dream Carnival: What do you daydream about the most? gay love!!
  • Twinkle Mermaid: Favourite type of fantasy creature? pegasus


WOW it’s already one year since I started this tumblr/// 
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Here’s to years and years more of death noting/////

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