lovee this one

au where yoongi and jimin are on their first date and jimin playfully guesses yoongi’s favourite colour to be pink (because it’s the colour of his hair) and yoongi just kind of looks at him for a moment and takes in the soft pink of his hair, the natural blush of his cheeks, the tip of his nose which is a lil flushed from the cold, his full rosy lips, and blurts out that yeah, he’s totally right (though in all honesty, yoongi didn’t even have a favourite colour until that very moment).

Stop romanticizing the past. Forget the “good parts” you keep torturing yourself with. See them for what they really are and not for what you wish they would’ve been. Stop and think about the pain; she left you. Remember that part. Don’t sugarcoat your relationship to make yourself feel better and fill your heart with false hopes. She was a lesson.. not the one that got away.
—  Good advice from a good friend

Don’t know how I found this photo but I am going to share it for those who’ve never seen this one before. He’s so dreamy ❤