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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 19

I can’t believe how quickly @outlandishchridhe and I got this chapter written. We sat down for a few hours and BOOM! Chapter 19 was born! This is a major set up chapter that will lead into some really amazing things we’ve got planned for the future. So stay tuned!

Also, Ish is IN LOVE with all the little baby things Fergus does, so I added as many as I could just to make her squeak.

Check out chapter 18.3 HERE or the whole fic on AO3 HERE

Waving at his wife and son, Jamie left for work. His day went smoothly, though his mind wandered to Murtagh. He hadn’t seen or spoken to his godfather since the showdown with Claire. When lunch rolled around, Jamie took the time to call Murtagh.

“Fraser,” came the gruff voice on the other end of the line.

“Murtagh, it’s Jamie.”

“Took yer sweet time callin’ me back,” the other man muttered.

Jamie sighed and got his thoughts in order.

“I have some things I need to say to ye and I need for ye to listen. Can ye do that? Wi’out interrupting?”

“Aye,” Murtagh said. “I can.”

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speaking of angus's family: angus being lup and barry's kid is such a good idea even if it's obvs not canon... like he's the right age... a very smart magic boy... the memory of his grandfather's name died long before he was born... his dnd race is never mentioned... please consider barry just dropping to his knees to hug the kid he now knows is his son as soon as he gets his memories back

Listen, listen, you are in luck because I saw a ficlet going around the other day which is exactly this feeling and I am going to send it your way it’s adorable and you’re going to love it I promise because it’s adorable.

But also, consider: even in completely non-au terms this is a possibility. Angus McDonald absolutely, without a doubt, gets seven new parents after Story and Song (more than that, even, because Kravitz and Ren and all of the BoB are around and they’re not about to be left out). He’s got rooms in houses all over Faerun. Magnus coaches his soccer team, Lucretia reads him bedtime stories, Taako and Lup make him lunch to bring to school. 

Barry hasn’t dealt much with kids in the past, but there’s something about this kid that just clicks - he thinks it’s something about how curious Angus is, how excited he is to learn new things, and that’s something Angus has in common with Barry. Barry remembers being Angus’s age and seeing all of the mysteries of the world around him and being excited at the prospect of one day knowing all of the answers. He still feels that way sometimes, especially when Angus comes running through the door after school chattering a mile a minute about some new theory or discovery. He’s never too busy to listen to everything Angus has to say and ask questions until Lup forces food in front of them because it’s been hours already and, in her words, they “need sustenance to fuel the nerd-chat.” And this is new, they’ve had years without each other, they still have so much to learn about each other, but it’s a good kind of new. It grows into a warm kind of familiar, a comfortable new presence. In time, it’s difficult to remember that they didn’t always have each other.

Lup once taught Barry about the importance of hugs, and it’s a lesson that Barry passes on to Angus at every opportunity. Every time he comes in with a perfect score from a big test, or on days when he’s quiet and sad, or any time he walks through the door after he’s been away for a while Barry gives him the best kind of hug - sincere and close, with a feeling that’s just like home. Angus is his kid, too, because Barry has also learned that the family you find is as real as any family you’re given.


doesn’t want your flowers
just needs your hours
doesn’t want your fine wine
just needs your time
doesn’t want your false charms
just needs your arms
doesn’t want your fancy gifts
just needs your kiss
doesn’t want your lies
just needs only for her your eyes
doesn’t want much
just needs your touch
doesn’t want your maybes
she just needs to be your baby


kc au week | day 2 · Adversaries

Caroline tilts her head up to glimpse the devil in question. his perm emirk (that really highlights the dimples, damn him) and stubble are in place. Jeans, Henley, necklaces? Check. His hair’s a bit longer than it had been the last time she’d seen him. She really hates he’s so freaking attractive.

Wthout a Map by @lalainajanes