lovee this one


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d


S O U L  E A T E R  N O T ! ( SoMa ) | COLOR EDITS

my biases in sen! are the main cast (mostly maka and soul, and i added a bit of mastar there for the crowd, and i love the colors so y not man)

please ask permission before using!

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird

i just wanna say that one direction makes me so happy and it’s not naive to hope that they’ll get back together and it’s certainly not dumb to trust that they aren’t lying when they say they will get back together and i really hate that certain parts of this fandom make me feel bad for wanting them back together because the world is shit and one direction is great so stfu and let me enjoy things maybe