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I redesigned an old character because I don’t have a large werewolf OC (surprisingly???), so here’s Kregg, sometimes called Cranberry bc he’s red and round i guess. He’s large, eternally happy, and laughs at everything. He’s also surprisingly sensitive, bad at cooking, and jiggles when he giggles.

I’ll go more in-depth when i do more worldbuilding later


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

I ⇥  I love you dammit!

Arnav: “Khushi, main promise karta hoon, tum aur main….”
Khushi: “Hamesha na?”
Arnav: “Always.”


Arnav: If you don’t like these bangles then take them off-
Khushi: And what if I like them?
Arnav: Then why did you-
Khushi: Because I wanted to you to admit it that you bought these bangles for me.
Arnav: I did!
Khushi: Good that you did!
Arnav: Fine, then wear them!
Khushi: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am already wearing the bangles.


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

F ⇥ Falling for each-other

“It was instinctive, the way I fell for you. Like an effortless intake of breath.”– Josh Walker

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RFA, V, and Saeran dealing with MC as a scientist for a 6 month NASA mission to the ISS? I love your writing! Keep being awesome!


  • he literally doesn’t know how to feel
  • MC gone for 6 months? terrifying
  • MC going to the ISS for their job? amazing
  • he spirals out of control in his life in a sorta passive way
  • like MC just walks to the kitchen one night and he’s eating lucky charms at 3 am because he couldn’t sleep thinking about MC’s mission
  • but then he also makes pancakes with the shapes of stars the day before they leave?
  • he’s a bit of a wreck while MC is gone, at least for the first days
  • he calls MC from time to time 
  • plans a big space-themed meal for when MC gets back


  • lowkey worried but appears super happy 
  • like ok she is super happy she isn’t faking it
  • but she’s also worried and doesn’t want to show that to MC because they don’t need that kind of negativity when going to such an amazing mission
  • much like Yoosung, she makes drinks and sometimes latte art with little planets or stars on the days leading up to the mission
  • she reads up a bit on the ISS and how phone calls would work there to be sure communication with MC won’t be too hard
  • while MC is gone, Jaehee stresses out lots- much like she used to before meeting them- but luckily, talking with them helps reduce that greatly


  • has he ever been not supportive of something honestly
  • it came to him as a bit of a shock, since going to actual space wasn’t something he thought he’d hear MC would do
  • but boy howdy is he amazed and proud
  • he doesn’t like the idea of MC going to space for half a year- that means he can’t hug them, or kiss them, or even cuddle- but he tries to tell himself as soon as MC is back, he’ll give them the time of their life to make up for it
  • the days leading up to MC leaving are pretty hard for him, since he’s not a fan of knowing MC has to leave for such a long time, but he distracts himself by taking MC out on nice dates 
  • while MC is gone, he starts drinking more even though MC expresses worries about that on the phone, and he tries not to be spotted outside too much because he can hear the gossip articles about how “musical actor Zen has not been seen with partner for months” writing themselves


  • hhhhhhhhnnnnnnng
  • he’s absolutely wrecked
  • proud? of course! he’s super happy to see MC going so far in life! 
  • but being away for 6 months-
  • it almost feels like he’s being stabbed
  • he can hardly stand a month away from MC on a business trip
  • he genuinely tells his assistant to look into trips to the ISS, maybe he could go? maybe?
  • he knows he can’t. it’s just a childish attempt to feel better
  • MC calls super often- more than they had planned to- even before they leave, just so Jumin gets used to hearing them on the phone instead of right next to him all day
  • while they’re gone, Jumin acts a bit off. He’s always fidgeting with pens, asks his maids to please keep Elizabeth 3rd in his sight at all times, and his employees claim he’s been more strict


  • when MC tells him, his eyes light up
  • hjkhkjhjhhow fucking cool? MC is actually going to the space station??
  • he constantly says he’s bummed that only MC gets to go
  • keeps asking MC to take lots of pics
  • on the inside tho, he’s much more sad
  • he feels almost vacant at the thought of MC not being there for such a long time
  • he realizes how he’s gotten used to them being around, and even though they have a heartwarming farewell and promise to come back, he feels like it’ll be forever
  • reads up all the webpage on the ISS almost daily because it makes him feel close to MC after the calls


  • oh boy
  • MC almost felt guilty telling him- they knew how badly he could react to them leaving for such a long time
  • he tries to take it in slowly and maintain his cool
  • MC will call- they’re not gone forever- they will come back, they’re not escaping
  • it’s… not the easiest thing
  • the weeks before MC has to leave, he sometimes shuts himself off in his room to just lay there
  • but the day before, he seems to be relatively ok; he makes breakfast, talks with MC about the station, and even wishes them good luck with a big smooch and a tight hug
  • his brother stays with him during those 6 months, to make sure he takes care of himself and takes his meds, and also give him some much-needed company


  • the smile he gives MC shows nothing other than sheer happiness
  • he hugs them tightly, and keeps congratulating them
  • he wants to do a space-themed photoshoot before MC leaves
  • of course he knows he’ll miss MC a lot, and gosh knows how well he’ll be able to manage them being gone, but for the meanwhile he just wants to focus his positive feelings
  • when MC has left, he tends to invite the RFA over at least thrice per month because he feels lonely
  • sometimes when they’re all over (even Yoosung, who comes only because he has to) he calls MC so they feel included
Crash into Me (Ch.2)

(Juice x OC Janna)

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One handed she followed Jax and Chibs to Juice’s place. When she parked the guys came over and helped pry Juice free from her hand and brought him into the house.

Settling Juice on the couch Chibs phone began to ring. “Hello?… Aye. …. On our way.” Chibs shut the phone and slipped it back into his pocket. “Jacky Boy, we gotta go kid.” He went to the kitchen and pulled a burner from the drawer.

Making their way back out they found Janna in the truck gathering her bags from the back seat. “Hey love,” Chibs called to her. “Jax and I’ve gotta go. Juicy is set up on the sofa. I’ll be back later to check in on ya.” Pulling out the phone he started punching numbers into it. “Here take this my numbers innit. Call if you need anything darlin.”

With that they were gone leaving a confused Janna standing in the driveway.

Grabbing the rest of her stuff she made her way into the house. Preparing herself for a disaster. She was instead pleasantly surprised to find the place very clean, right down to the freshly vacuumed rug that sat in the middle of the hard wood floor.

Setting her things to the side she made her way to the kitchen and plugged the phone in as it was low when Chibs gave it to her. Noticing a radio on the counter she turned it on and let the music drift through the space. Deciding that food would maybe be a good thing to have when he woke up she opened the fridge and started cooking a real home cooked meal while Juice slept heavily on the couch.

A few hours later Juice woke to the smell of food cooking and the sound of music playing in the kitchen. Slowly he sat up and stood awkwardly on one foot and limped his way to the kitchen. Standing in the door way he tried to not be seen as Janna danced around his kitchen singing along to the radio.

Smiling at her he listened for a moment


She finished with a dramatic cry. Juice started clapping at her performance causing Janna to jump in surprise. “Shit!” She squealed rushing you turn down the radio. “You scared the crap outta me. What are you doing up anyway? You shouldn’t be walking on your foot.” She scolded as she went over to help him to a chair at the table.

“Sorry. I woke up to the smell of something delicious and a woman declaring her love for another man in my kitchen.” He smiled at her blush.

“I hope you don’t mind I raided your fridge and cooked for us.”

“Not at all it smells amazing.” He said stretching his neck to try and see what was on the stove.

“Well it’s just about done. Maybe we can change your bandages while it finishes?” Janna suggested.

“Yeah that’d be great. Could you do me a favor first?” She nodded and listened carefully as he asked her to go to his room and get him a shirt and gym shorts.

Finding what he had asked for where he told her they would be Janna went to the living room to get the supplies Tara had given her to change the bandages on his leg and arm.

When she got back to the kitchen she found Juice had already gotten his shirt off and was starting to pull the wrap from his arm. “Here I’ve got it.” She said rushing over to help him.

Juice let out a hiss when she applied the burn cream to his upper arm. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” She kept saying over and over. When his arm was done Juice stood on one shaky leg to take off his heavy and tattered cargo pants. Not even caring that Janna was there he dropped the pants and any dirty thoughts she may have thought she would have at seeing him in his underwear went out the window when she saw the blood soaked gauze on his leg. The burn ran from about the middle of his calf up the side of his knee and mid way up his thigh. The icing on the cake was the black swollen blob that was his foot. “Oh my God.” Janna dropped to her knees and was fighting back tears as she slowly pulled the gauze from his leg. “Juice I am so sorry. Oh my God this is all my fault. I…”

“I’ll be ok Janna.” He reassured her. Looking up at him she saw he was smiling trying his hardest not to let the pain show so she wouldn’t feel worse than she already did.

Seeing it wasn’t working he decided to maybe change the subject. “Thanks for staying with me. I’m just gonna go ahead and apologize for anything I say while on the meds.”

At that Janna let out a snort trying hard not to laugh but the reddening of her face gave her away “Oh Fuck. What did I do?” He groaned.

“Well, first you tried to flirt with me by winking but all you kept doing was blinking at me. Then you kept calling me baby.” She laughed.

“Is that it? Please tell me that’s it because that’s not too bad.” He asked hopeful as she started to tape fresh wraps to his leg.

“Well when we got in the truck I asked if you were ok with this.” She indicated to her being in the house. “And you said of course babe then grabbed my hand tride to kiss it but more drooled on it then passed out and wouldn’t let go.”

Juice was blushing!! Actually blushing beat red and mortified at his own actions. “Jana I am sorry I really … fuck… I am so sorry.”

“Juice it’s fine really!!” She reassured him wrapping his knee and then working on his thigh. “Not gonna lie you even made me feel pretty for a minute there.” She blushed as she smoothed the tape over the top of his thigh. Juice caught a shiver when her finger tips brushed over his skin.

Juice couldn’t help but think she was pretty as she knelt infront of him picking up the supplies. He was broken from his trance by her voice. “Here.” She said.

“Huh? Oh.” He noticed her indicating to the shorts she had gotten him she held them open and helped him pull them up to his hips so they wouldn’t brush the fresh bandaging on his leg. “Thank you.” He mumbled into her hair when she stood up. She was so close having helped him dress. Catching her eye before she could move they stared at eachother a moment. “Ya know I think by now I should have gotten you more than a couple drinks.”

Janna laughed and blushed turning away attempting to distract herself from the cute funny shirtless guy with… holy crap that body… “Umm are you ready to eat? Suppers done.”

“Yes please.” He fought with his shirt for a minute while she got plates out but ultimately gave up his shoulder was sore and the tape was pulling on his arm he wasn’t fighting with a t-shirt. Not when she’d already seen him in his underwear, and hell, she’d even helped him dress like he was a damn toddler.

As she filled their plates a knock came at the door. Janna moved to open it but Juice had some how hopped over in two strides and pulled her from the door. “Are we expecting some one?” He asked in a whisper.

“Yeah. Chibs said he’d come by if he could.” She looked worried. “Why?”

“I didn’t hear a bike.” Was all he said pushing her behind him and grabbing a gun from the top of the fridge. Janna’s eyes went wide for a moment and she crowded behind Juice. As he moved closer to check who was knocking on his back door, another loud bang sounded followed by the familiar Scottish drawl.

“Juice boy! Janna Love! Open up iss me!”

Sighing in relief Janna moved around Juice and opened the door. “Hey love ya aright?” Chibs asked noting her startled face.

“Yeah ya just scared us a bit.”

Confused Chibs turned to Juice “Didn’t hear the bike and all the sudden someone’s banging on the back door.” Juice said pitting the 9mm back in its place over the refrigerator.

“Ahh sorry bout tha. Drove tha van. Is actually rainin out.”

Looking past him out the still open door Juice and Janna saw that there was no lightning or thunder but there was indeed a steady but light rain fall blanketing the early darkness of the night.

“Have you eaten?” Janna asked Chibs.


“Would you like to stay for supper? I made plenty.”

Looking to Juice who nodded Chibs stepped in shutting the door behind him. “That be lovely darlin. Do ya need help?”

“No no go sit I’ve got it.” She shooed him to the table with Juice. They laughed as they heard her scooting a step stool around with her foot so she could reach everything in the upper cabinets.

“So how bad was I? Janna said I tried to flirt with her and failed miserably.” Chibs laughed.

“Aye tha ya did. Tha best was Tara was talking to us bout your condition and you kept trying to grab that sweet arse o hers.” He laughed harder as Juice just dropped his head in his hands.

Janna pulled them from their thoughts as she set the plates on the table and dished out drinks. Handing Chibs a beer and Juice a water. “I don’t get a beer?” He asked.

“Not with this you dont.” She placed his meds on the table next to his plate.

“Ahh lass this look amazing. What all ave we got ere?” Chibs said picking up his fork and knife.

“Baked chicken mashed potatoes green beans gravy and cornbread.” She smiled. “A southern soul food specialty.”

Digging in they all chatted about Janna and where she was from. About her family and theirs. Cautiously she asked if they wouldn’t mind filling her in on the no hospital policy and the need for Juice to have a gun over the fridge. Neither man wanted to scare her but they knew they should at least let her know a little bit.

They gave her minor details about how they were apart of the club that they kept the town safe doing what police couldn’t do when it fell outside the parameters of the law. Juice finally leveled with her saying. “Janna we try to be good guys but we’re not. We’re outlaws we do bad things but we try to do them for the right reasons.” He realised he wasn’t saying what he wanted to say so he sighed placing a gentle hand over hers. “We’re not always the good guys. But .. we’re good people and you are safe with me. With any of us.”

Janna smiled squeezing his hand. “That’s all I needed to hear.” She was fine as long as she felt safe and oddly enough she did. They continued to eat, Juice and chibs having seconds. When Janna reached for her drink to take a sip Chibs was telling a good one on Juice letting Tig be attacked by a stripper at the Jelly Bean. “I’m telling ya love all we saw was Juice side step and this strippers arse flying over his shoulder and her thighs around Ol Tiggy’s neck.” They were laughing so hard Janna missed her own mouth with her drink and spilled water all down the front of her shirt.

“Oh my God can I just not keep my drink in my damn mouth today?” She fussed at herself trying to wipe up her mess. “Did I tell you that’s what almost killed you by the way. I spilled my drink on me and took my hand off the wheel for a second and nearly killed you.” Juice was trying to help wipe up what had spilled on the table but was distracted by her shirt sticking to her chest.

Staring at her his mouth went a little dry. “Umm it’s fine really. Here.” He thought he may be able to speak to her if he wasn’t distracted and handed her his shirt that he never got on.

“Thanks” she said and stood, whipping her wet shirt over her head with out a second thought. Juice and chibs would’ve enjoyed the show had they not been met with a colorful assortment of bruises that painted up and down her side.

Grabbing her hips where she stood next to him Juice ran his fingers over the marks looking up to her when she hissed in pain. “Who did this Janna?”

“Juice it’s not..”

“WHO?!” He cut her off angry that anyone would do this to her. “I swear to God Janna…”

“I DID IT!” She blurted out.

Juice’s forehead creased in confusion and he looked to Chibs. Janna slid Juice’s dry shirt on and sat down. “I did it. It was an accident. I was at work. I pulled a little ford Fiesta onto the lift but the balance was off. When I hit the button to lift the car, it slipped. Knocked me back into one of the tall metal tool boxes. That’s also why I’m looking for work they fired me.” She looked ashamed. “It’s like I said I’m a clutz.” She laughed at herself embarrassed.

Seeing her upset Juice felt like such an ass. “Janna .. I’m …”

“Stop. Please.” She stopped him. “It’s not your fault. It just sucks. And it’s a little bit embarrassing.”

Chibs began to get a bit uncomfortable watching the two. He could tell Juice wanted to talk to her but wasn’t sure bringing it up infront of company would be appreciated. “Well I better be off now.” He stood from the table. Gathering his plate and bottle. “Do ya need any help with this lass?” He held his hand out to the left overs on the counter top.

“No thank you. I can get it. Did you want to take anything with you?”

“No need love. I’ll be back by tomorrow. Dinner was spectacular darlin thank ya.” He walked over to give her a quick hug and a peck on the forehead. “I’ll see ya Juicy.” He he nodded to his friend and went to leave. Smiling as he saw Janna fussing over Juice through the window and Juice smiling never taking his eyes from her.

“Did you take your medicine?” Janna asked as she put the last dish into the washer.

“Not yet. I didn’t wanna make an ass outta myself during dinner.” Laughing she brought him a fresh glass of water. Taking the pills she went to help him up to go to bed.

“Just take me to the couch. You can have my bed.”

“What? No Juice..”

“Janna it’s fine. Really.”

“I am not nearly killing you and kicking you out of your bed in the same day.” She stated trying again to steer him down the hall to his room. Juice stood firm though.

Janna looked up to him not realising how close they were at first. He held her gaze and leaned in “Then stay with me.” He whispered to her.

“Juice I…”

“You’re not sleeping on the couch. You’re either staying with me or alone. Either way it’s in the bed.” Brushing her hair back from her face Juice smiled. “Besides you’re gonna have to check on me throughout the night right? Makes sense to just be together.”

Janna was really hoping it was the medicine talking but had a feeling it was only helping him say what he wanted to say. “Fine.” She relented and helped him to his room. She figured she could just get him to sleep then slip out later.

What she neglected to take into account was that drugged Juice was strong and handsy. When she climbed into the bed beside him he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in close. He fell asleep almost instantly and she tried to wiggle away but like with quick sand the more she struggled the deeper she sank into the mattress and Juice held firm.

It wasn’t long before exhaustion took over and she fell asleep.