lovee iss

  • could literally kill someone with his smile
  • has definitely (accidentally!) killed someone with his smile
  • constantly wears approx. 808497198 layers of clothing
  • it could be 59°C and he would still wear a billion layers
  • probably saves kittens from trees
  • takes responsibility for his tribe’s suffering
  • would probably try and make you smile if you were sad
  • also probably a Conduit Rights Activist
  • spraypaints GIANT RUBBER DUCKS on walls
  • is fictional

Arnav: If you don’t like these bangles then take them off-
Khushi: And what if I like them?
Arnav: Then why did you-
Khushi: Because I wanted to you to admit it that you bought these bangles for me.
Arnav: I did!
Khushi: Good that you did!
Arnav: Fine, then wear them!
Khushi: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I am already wearing the bangles.

im so excited for miraculous ladybug season 2 like im going to cry so much i miss it i miss when i was waiting for new episodes i miss how much my chest would hurt i love that show i love it i m iss it


skimmons requested by atonofweirdcrap [x]