paraisolarrie  asked:

Hi i follow i few kpop blogs and i keep seeing all those posts about the racists comments from 1d fans on twitter and i'm kind of confuse?? I wouldn't know that there is this problem if it wasn't the posts u guys make on tumblr and it's just that i wanted to let you know even though here the fandom is big no one is saying nothing bad about t-ara and the fan-army thing

Did you just say no one is saying anything bad about T-ara? well they still are, just because they dont say “t-ara.” just by mentioning “kpop” they’ll still be considered attacking them.

It might not be about the poll anymore but thats because directioners made this all about race now. 

paraisolarrie  asked:

some people were saying gd dated kiko for 6 years?? is that true?? i thought they met last year or something

No they met back in 2009 :) but it wasn’t confirmed that they stayed together since then, we think I that they’ve been on and off all this time but they never confirmed anything publicly :(