“You underestimated us because we had a stand-in since you think you’s hot shit but can’t get a decent win

don’t know how you can hate me outside Key Arena, when you can’t even GET in!”


“Step into my lane, you gonna need buy-back…

Rosh, Aegis, solomid and TI4 upperbracket? I TAKE THAT.”


“I  see you holding hands in my jungle- nawh that’s cheesy… When i blink-in and make short work of you like easy breazy…

take my gpm and hero kills, and equate it to the value of 2ez4RTZ”

follow this blog of questionable content at joshuaseen, dota fans. I thirst for your love. I’ll see you all in the TI4 main event, lane cowboys. Stay frosty.

Thanks lovedota2 and thisgirlgames for being so cool about the whole sourcing issue, didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that but tumblr has issues about putting links in asks and I wasn’t sure how else to alert people. I know that sometimes even image-searching just turns up more reposts on imgur and suchlike because other people didn’t give a crap or it originated on the chans. :| I appreciate the efforts you guys have made and that you do care about sourcing what you post! ♥