I manipulated a lot the pictures from the episode Mascarade, to make it look like Kat was sad and scared, i hope you like.

Damon & Katherine :

Damon acted quickly, grabbing Katherine off the floor, and pinnef her against the wall roughly as he grabbed her cheek into his hands, staring into her eyes. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” He questioned, honestly curious. Katherine had done so much to him, more than anyone in this room. He needed to know.

Everything happened so fast and with such an intensity that before Katherine knew it, she was pinned against the wall by Damon. This was it. Her life. After trying to hard to stay alive for over 500 years, her journey was about to end by the hands of Damon Salvatore. There was no escape now. He had made his choice, and probably nothing that she said would change his mind, but she had to try. Even if she died now, there was something she needed him to know, something that she needed to get out of her system.

“Because I love you!”

extract from the RP by lovedmetoomuch (Kat) & salvatore–damon (Damon) graphic by Brit Croft