Alright, time to talk about dolls. The Maul pack looks super cute. I actually kind of dig Draculaura with all pink hair. I do wish that they’d use colors other than purple and green for Clawdeen’s hair. The Scare and Makeup set looks cute too. I like the sleepover theme so I am more than ok with them continuing it. Vampire sleepover next please? 

Bland Alistair is still bland. Would it have been so hard to put the pattern that his webisode counterpart has on his shirt? And his hair and skin should be a bit darker. I mean I will get him due to my “collect them all” mindset, but he could have been done so much better. Bunny is pretty cute. Love her outfit. A bit bummed that her bunny ears are just on her hat and not “real”. Plus she has human ears. Can’t we have an animal-ish character with actual animal ears? Hoping her dolls aren’t all wall-eyed.