loved this passage so much tbh :)))

You know I like and what I think are pretty? Flowers. You know what God says he loves more than the flowers of the fields? You, and me. Pretty neat, huh?

I’m always keeping an eye on dat Aminorphs tag, and I’ve seen a smattering of folks doing readings of either entire books, favorite chapters, passages, scenes, dialogue… you name it, folks are recording it, and I’m listening and loving every moment. You’re all precious and I adore you.

I have a proposal.

Back in the day, I was very much into Discworld and all things Terry Pratchett. Still am, just less so as I’ve aged (and got too lazy to keep up with the booming fandom TBH). My forum did something very similar to what I’ve seen in the tag; reading passages and scenes and what-not, and posting the files to share.

What it all boiled down to in the end was a patchwork quilt of so many people reading so many chapters. It was really interesting to hear everyone’s interpretation of the characters; everyone had a slightly different, unique way of reading characters. Everyone had a different voice, accent, cadence. Everyone brought a different kind of emotion into the project, and the end product (a book read by dozens of people) was really lovely to hear.

Would anyone be interested in coordinating a similar project? 

I’m really just spit-balling this idea right now, “10,000 foot view” and all. Not trying to step on any toes, or co-opt anyone’s idea. 

Okay world, let’s sit down and discuss one of my favorite series–it’s relatively new, only has two books published so far, and the author has promised to break that pesky Dystopian-type trilogy the YA genre has fallen prey to. The series itself is titled Penryn & the End of Days, but most would probably recognize the series by the titles of the first two books: Angelfall and World After. I could literally go on and on about why you should read (or attempt to read) these books, but I’ll narrow it down to a few bullet points:

  • The author, Susan Ee, is a kick ass WoC who began with the series by self-publishing the first book, and it’s been steadily gaining popularity ever since its publication. (P.S. I had a full-fledged meltdown when she accepted my friend request on goodreads).
  • The protagonist is a teenage girl who literally takes shit off of NO ONE. She’s honed her self-defense skills, is fiercely protective of her younger sister in particular, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, is tough as nails, and is brave and reckless in a way that gets me worked up super easily.
  • The protagonist’s younger sister is a disabled girl who ends up being SUPER important and SUPER fucking amazing.
  • The protagonist’s mother suffers from a mental illness, and the story explains the estranged mother x daughter relationship that results, and how the protagonist is becoming more welcoming towards her mother as she begins to grow and learn more about her mother and start to slowly accept things she had otherwise been hardened against.
  • It takes place in a post-apocalyptic California that also incorporates fantasy and folklore and it’s just SO COMPELLING TO READ?
  • The protagonist’s love interest is described as being a PoC, which I personally think we never see enough of in YA lit!
  • ALSO THE PROTAGONIST’S LOVE INTEREST IS LITERALLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS EVER HAHAHA BYE. He’s sarcastic, dynamic, jaded, and experiences such growth and compassion within the span of two books alone that it makes me want to cry.
  • The romance doesn’t just spring out of nowhere after like ten minutes of knowing each other, and it’s not even the forefront of the story. It’s there, and it plays a great role, but the story focuses more on the world around them and the strength and growth of the main female, which I love. (Also, if you love romances that are kind of love-at-first-sight, that’s totally fine, of course; when I’m reading, though, they aren’t usually my thing. I prefer build-ups and stuff.)
  • I mean, the protagonist pretty much attempts to blackmail a supernatural being. Fearless as hell tbh.
  • The story doesn’t feel rushed or completely BS'ed. It feels like Susan Ee is building up to something great and magnificent; there’s so many twists and turns that I gobbled these books up in less than a day each.
  • One of the passages in Angelfall is literally so important to me that I have it bookmarked so that I can go back and read it whenever I want.
  • A lot of people think “ugh, a story about angels/archangels, how stereotypical can it get?” I mean, that’s kind of why I avoided a lot of angel stories…from what I’ve heard, YA lit doesn’t churn out very many decent adaptations of angel-based books. But this series is just so GOOD? It’s got corruption and light vs. dark and incorporates the greed and sinister ways of big politics within the angels and archangels. In many ways, the superiority complex of the angels over humanity can reflect into a lot of modern day society.
  • There have been whispers of a possible film adaptation (please).
  • It’s just really good, I’m sorry. I hear a lot of people asking for YA lit recs, and I’m pretty picky about YA lit these days, so for me to find a series like this is A M A Z I N G. I got one of my best friends into the series and now she’s fallen into the rabbit hole.
  • Damn it I wanna go reread them now.