loved this book so much

I loved you, so much. I love you, so much. I gave up on a few friends of mine for you. I prioritized you in front of all my best friends. I loved you enough to build a city for you and then destroy it if you weren’t happy with it.
But you? All you ever say is, “You never loved me, girl.“ Despite being aware of all these things.
—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write//claimedserenity on Tumblr

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite humans Ash @ashcostello .the top left photo is from the first day we ever met. we talked horror and Michael Jackson and just like in step brothers “did we just become best friends? yup! do you wanna go do karate in the basement? yup!”. the bottom right photo is from when we last saw each other during a haxans photoshoot… and so much has happened to us both in between these two photos… we’ve both been through a lot professionally, personally, between so many photo shoots, putting out our own book, many Disney trips… love, loss, hardships, successes, failures and so much more. Ash is such an inspiring person, watching her grow as a person and an artist, watching as every venture comes to fruition as things get bigger and bigger as she continues to work tirelessly to succeed in attaining all her goals and dreams. Truly inspiring. Although she may be queen of the goths… I’ve never seen anyone look on her with less than a full blown smile as she lights up every room and every face in that room with her energy. I am the luckiest that our paths crossed when they did, and forever grateful of her and everything she does. I cherish our friendship more than words could tribute to. I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. Love you Ash. hope you have an incredible day and another incredible year.

You love people. They disappoint you. But sometimes, they don’t. They just keep loving you, right through it all, waiting for you to wake up and appreciate them. To say, ‘I love you. I’ve always loved you back.’
—  Courtney Maum, I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

An Old English word for library was “bōchord”, which literally means “book hoard”, and honestly I really think we should go back to saying that because not only does it sound really fucking cool, but it also sort of implies that librarians are dragons.

“as we were driving into times square, our tour bus driver started playing ‘new york, new york’ by frank sinatra!”

“it was like being in a movie, except my knees hurt slightly because we were kneeling at the front of our bus.”


ladies of the inner circle of the night court

“The Court of Dreams. The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard-born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares… And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

  • sees composition notebook grimoire with scribbled spells in barely legible handwriting: i want my grimoire to look like that
  • sees huge leather bound grimoire with watercolor illustrations and calligraphy: i want my grimoire to look like that
  • sees scrapbook-type grimoire with lots of pictures and pressed flowers: i want my grimoire to look like that
  • sees online grimoire with everything tagged by subject: i want
For me, compassion and companionship are the enemies of depression, the best ways to fight it. Compassion for myself because I know I’m struggling. Companionship because I can’t fight it alone.
—  Hannah Hart in her book Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

character aesthetics ♡ fleur & gabrielle delacour

There was also a girl who looked no older than eight, whose clouds of silvery hair made Harry feel sure that she was Fleur Delacour’s sister.


Books read in 2017: Welcome to Night Vale a Novel, Joseph Fink

“I pawned that tear to you all those weeks ago for a reason. And I don’t know what that reason was. Everything I do is for a reason, and I know none of them. Everything makes sense, and the sense is hidden from me. We live in a pattern that we’ll never detect, and that will shuffle us through invisible hierarchies to the actual death of us. We are together on this. And I don’t know why, and I never will, and we just are.”