loved the video you should do more like this!

hi i just really love fall out boy???? you know??? they’re a great band for our generation. their latest music video champion shows a good message. the video shows these different people’s lives and them taking off their vr. and at the end jaden smith destroying it. it shows that we don’t need “fake reality”. we need to start living our lives and we need to remind ourselves that “i can do this!! i can do anything!!

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Hello, I have always loved the Samoyed breed but have wondered how they are as pets. I know they're known to be heavy shedders, and some tips on how to deal with that hair would be very much appreciated! I have a Westie right now, but I used to own Spitzes and I'm pretty used to the shedding :)

Heavy shedders indeed! While different Samoyed owners will report different levels of intensity - and it will vary depending on gender, neuter/spay status, and time of year - you’re still definitely looking at heavy shedding. If you aren’t prepared to… 

  • desensitize your puppy as young as possible to the grooming process 
  • brush daily during certain times of the year, several times a week the rest of the year
  • vacuum a lot
  • have hair on your furniture, clothes, eyes, inside of your mouth
  • pay a decent amount for an experienced groomer semi-frequently OR do your own set up 

…then you should not get a Samoyed. 

As with the varying opinions on intensity of shedding, there are also varying suggestions on how frequently you should take your Sammy to the groomer (or bathe them yourselves), but it should be at least twice a year for the puppo’s health. More information here, from the Samoyed Club of America:  

The #1 best way to keep shedding down… is with frequent line combing and brushing. Do not ever shave your Sammy unless it is necessary for medical reasons. Do not ever use a Furminator, please, it will damage his coat. If you want to do your own grooming setup, here are the best videos & resources I’ve found online. These are all done by the Samoyed Moms who consist of some owners and breeders. 

Anyway, that’s grooming. If you’re more interested in what they are like as pets, then I would turn to YouTube videos and the Samoyed reddit. I would also recommend contacting the SCA and seeing if you can attend some shows, get involved with rescues, or even meet a breeder just to get to know the dogs. 

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Every Samoyed I’ve ever known has a very relaxed, polite temperament. They are not easily bothered or stirred - they politely and gently remove themselves from the situation instead, if necessary. Important things to know about them as a breed are the following: 

  • They NEED to be with you and your family. While they are an ancient breed, they are more people-oriented than, say, huskies. Some are cuddle bugs, some are less so because they get hot, but they are still not the type of dog to do well being left alone for long periods of time. If you do that, there is a good chance there will be some destruction as a result of boredom and potentially anxiety. 
  • They are independent thinkers. Training will be different than other dog breeds. Once they’ve learned a new trick, it’s better to generally move onto something new than to keep repeating something they’ve already learned. It’s boring and they’ll definitely let you know. 
  • They are, in general, jokesters. Some breed judges prefer Samoyeds that aren’t perfectly behaved in the ring because they feel that better represents the breed as a whole.

In essence, the Samoyede people that the breed is named after bred and raised them to work independently from humans. Typically, they’d have several dogs and one would be the “lead” dog that took some instruction from the humans. That dog would then lead the others to their tasks for the day - herding, pulling, what have you. At the end of the day, though, they returned home to their people, often to snuggle up and help keep everyone warm. Notice how throughout their typical day they are either with other dogs or people, though! They don’t like to be alone. 

Finally, if you keep the giant wads of fur you’ve brushed out of your Sammy, you can do as the Samoyede people did and save their fur for spinning and knitting (another trait they bred for was their fur texture!). 

Answered by: @phdpaws

An IMPORTANT message to the phandom!!!!!
  • Dear people of the phandom:
  • Yes, Dan did not upload the anticipated "cheeky" video this week. Yes, you have the right to be hopeful/reasonably-excited for that video as it could possibly (emphasis on "possibly") be a coming out video. Yes, his most recent video is not his greatest video ever. However, you are not allowed to disrespect Dan and treat him badly because *that* video didn't come out this week.
  • Dan stated multiple times that that video would NOT be his next video and that a simple, funny video would be coming first. He warned you that the anticipated video wouldn't be coming out this week. So you have no excuse to harass him on twitter, accuse him of overhyping a video, and treat him like his work doesn't matter if it's not a coming out video. I'm disgusted to see people that call themselves fans treating Dan and Phil like shit.
  • May I remind you, Dan has been a part of FORTY videos on the gaming channel since December, he's uploaded three extremely funny and well made videos since the beginning of the year, has been doing weekly liveshows, AND sacrificed a third of his entire year last year to bring you guys a tour. Dan Howell is an incredibly hard working person that loves us all dearly and he deserves to make a simple, funny, distraction video sometimes. He's human and, although he tries, he can't always meet your every demand. Dan does not deserve to be treated like shit for making the video that he wanted to make.
  • I'm incredibly disappointed with everyone in the phandom that is being rude to Dan, you have obviously upset Dan. As a fan you should realize how much effort Dan and Phil put into everything they do. You need to appreciate their videos as more than just a means to prove your ship, theories, speculations, and hopes/wants/desires. Dan and Phil's videos are funny and interesting; you should appreciate them for what they are, not what you want them to be.
  • You need to realize that Dan and Phil are real people and, despite their best efforts, cannot always meet your demands. Dan stated that he decided to make this video (isg 9) to be a funny distraction from things going on right now; as fans, you should respect his decision. He's trying to make a funny video to add a little light to the world and you're treating him horribly for it.
  • Dan and Phil are NOT robots that post whatever you want them to post, whenever you want them to post. Their content is a reflection of what they want to post and when they feel comfortable posting it. We need to learn to respect that and to not treat them badly when we do not get what we want. As fans, we need to show Dan and Phil that we appreciate their hard work, appreciate their content, appreciate them as more than just a ship (despite how much we love it), and understand that they are amazing humans. If you cannot do those things, you do not deserve to call yourself a fan. You cannot call yourself a fan while also treating them badly if you do not get what you want.
  • Remember: Dan's anticipated video WILL come out and it probably will in the near future, but we should not pressure him and overhype the video because of our own wants and speculation. It may not be the coming out video that we hope it is. If it isn't, we should appreciate the video for what it is, not get mad about it, and treat Dan (and Phil if applicable) with respect and appreciation. If it is a coming out video, we should support Dan and get excited afterwards(not before it's even filmed and uploaded)
  • ❁❁Sincerely:
  • A kindhearted phandom member
Kyoong Day Ending Thoughts (*translation)

BH: Usually I sing during parties but this time I wanted to talk more because I wanted us to be like good friends

BH: (Thanks everyone) 

BH: I know tickets were difficult but I hope EXO-L’s can always be happy. I saw this all the time and I’ll continue to say it (?) I hope you guys are always happy.

BH: I don’t just perform for me, I do it for people I care about as well. I can’t always see you guys but I know you’re supporting me. You all sat next to strangers but we all felt something special today.

BH: For our comeback, we have to do something fresh since we’ve debuted for 5 years. Soon it’ll be 10 then 15 years…

BH: EXO-L is a formal name so I wanted to call you guys Aeri’s. Let’s talk casually like we’re friends as well!

BH: Ah my throat hurts a bit now but I’ll be ok ;~) We don’t do this often! From now on… (sings lucky one chorus) We’ll do so much more with you guys! More fansigns and bingo and good days like this!

BH and fans: Just wait a little (Music bank goodbye reference) 

BH: make sure to wear your masks (pollution in korea) 

BH: Let’s love like this forever! Let’s take a photo! Are you ready? Should we do an L pose? Okay! L! Let’s say Cheese! 1, 2, 3! 

(flashlight by jessie j starts playing in the VCR and it’s supposed to be emotional but i think something funny popped up lol)

EDIT: BAEKHYUN did adorable aegyo 

BH: I search up your fanmade videos a lot and I feel like we’re closer because of them***

Fans: Eh….

BH: Do you love me?

Fans: Yes!

BH: Say it again! Me too

Fans: Yes!

BH: My power is light but tbh it’s the other way around (?) your lighsticks always brighten up the dark arenas. Please be our light forever and allow us to shine in the dark!

Kyoong Day 170504

***yall be careful bbh is watching

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Most writers tend to focus on oikawa and develops their own version of him and not so much iwa... so what are your iwa headcannons? Like his quirks, hobbies, favorite tv show, favorite way to relax...? I need more iwa-building in general

Some miscellaneous Iwaizumi headcanons! (Implied Iwaoi).

  • He has an excellent poker face, but he’s absolute shit at card games. He doesn’t think through the strategy like Oikawa; rather, he follows his intuition. Which sometimes leads him to win… and other times, not so much.
  • He’s always been fairly tidy and likes things to be organized. He’s much more calm when his surroundings are organized and clear. If he has something he needs to work on, he can’t focus until everything is in it’s place and cleaned up properly.
  • One of his biggest struggles is being honest about his feelings. More often than not, he feels like bringing up his feelings is burdening those around him. So he buries them deep, letting them fester, and - at times - causing him stress and starting fights. As he gets older this is really something that he works on, but it’s never his first instinct to confide easily, or bring up a topic that he needs to talk about but is afraid to. Communication is hard!
  • When he is stressed, sleeping becomes very very difficult.He starts just getting used to this, figuring it’ll pass - he’ll start sleeping soon, when he needs it, when he gets over it - he agrees to talk to his friends when it’s becoming too much and it’s easier when he’s not carrying all these stresses alone.
  • He is the kind of person who can sleep anywhere. On the couch, on his side, curled up in a ball. He prefers to sleep in just his underwear or naked when possible. He loves to cuddle, wrapping his arms around Oikawa and nosing against his neck; he finds this calming.
  • He runs pretty hot. He can’t sleep without blankets - always needs at least one - but prefers to pick a thin one so he can just cuddle and not get too hot. He usually doesn’t notice how warm he is, but he does love it when Oikawa comes over when it’s cold out and the first thing he does is climb on his lap and burrow against his chest, leeching all the warmth possible.
  • He really enjoys and needs physical contact. As a kid, it’s often small - lots of hugs, holding hands. As he grows older, he and Oikawa spend a lot of time cuddling, snuggling, and lots of soft, casual touches - like putting his hand on Oikawa’s back when he walks by while Oikawa is making dinner, or dozing while Oikawa reads, resting his head on his thigh and letting Oikawa run his fingers through his hair. 
  • He snorts when he laughs, when he really laughs, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing on planet Earth. There have been surveys. Everyone agrees. Of course, he doesn’t do this very often, only when he’s very comfortable.
  • He’s afraid of thunderstorms. He has noise-cancelling headphones he wears as a kid, but when he gets older he starts to feel like he should be able to deal with this, so he gets rid of them. When the next storm comes, it’s far worse - but Oikawa’s around when it happens and he gives him some music to listen to, they close the blinds and just hole up together until Iwaizumi is relaxed enough to sleep. From then on he’s gotten better at dealing with it, and being prepared for it. 
  • He doesn’t text a lot - in texts, they are always short and brief, but he replies to every text he gets, even if it’s just a confirmation that he got the message and read it. Oikawa’s gotten a lot of Got it texts. Being clear is very important to him.
  • He is very much always in motion. When he’s thinking or nervous, he paces. He’s a fidgeter, often shaking his leg, tapping his foot, things like that. As a kid it sometimes annoys Oikawa, but the older they get, the more he finds comfort in the little noises, and the movement doesn’t bother him quite so much anymore. 
  • He doesn’t use every facet of social media like Oikawa does, but he is really good at figuring things out when it comes to computers and phones and other tech. He enjoys video games, and he’s quite skilled at them. He loves old games especially.
  • He enjoys wearing jeans and hoodies, but also swaps in sportswear and Oikawa is suffering I mean come on sweatpants like that should not be allowed, you can see too much-
  • He’s always listening to music, no matter what he’s doing, and it’s the best way for him to calm down or amp himself up, whatever he needs.

When people say they want a bird because of some cute thing I caught these monsters doing, I want to show them all the times they’ve done something like this because they didn’t like that.

For the record, their “no stop” bites don’t hurt, exactly, but they’re no love bites. And its one of their more obvious signs that you’re doing something to upset them or they’re just generally annoyed and you should leave them alone.

This video started as a “oh he’s being so cute wanting all the pets” and turned into this lol


(he is a rapper, but still I like his singing so he should’ve had more chances to sing in the ballads)


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Hey! Do you mind doing the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a YouTuber? Thank you and I love your blog!!

sure thing! and i’ll just drop my channel so that y’all check out my like.. 3 videos lmao


i’m doing this with the prospect of being a normal youtuber. like, not a big one, just a chill small channel with a decent following lol.


  • He’s actually so amazed!
  • You had yet to tell him because you weren’t sure if you were ready to do so.
  • You were a bit self-conscious about it.
  • But one fateful day, he came across one of your videos because they appeared in the suggestions.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His s/o’s a YouTuber!? That’s so awesome!
  • He burst into the living room, where you were casually watching a movie while eating some snacks.
  • You shot up the couch, cheeks all red, and looked away bashfully.
  • I wasn’t sure you were going to like them…”
  • “Are you kidding!? I love them!!! Let’s make a video together one day! Let’s make a channel together!”
  • He was so supportive of you and your hobby/job.


  • He was pretty impressed because he’s a big personality in showbiz and tbh he would be pretty excited.
  • Waits for you to tell him, but you just… don’t. 
  • Eventually you guys are having take out (a miracle bcs that rarely happened) and he asks you about your channel.
  • You almost choke on your soup.
  • I-I… W-Well you see.. it’s just a hobby! Nothing serious. Not that good, to be hone-”
  • He cuts you off by pressing a kiss to your forehead and grinning. 
  • Will you include me in one of your videos?”
  • You were about to reply before he, once again, interrupted you.
  • Because I bet you’d love it if your channel had even more beauty on it, since it already has a delicious babe in every video.”
  • You grab the nearest throw pillow and chuck it at his head, your blush spreading like mad across your face.
  • I’ll think about it.”
  • But obviously you would let him.
  • You’d let him do your hair and he would let you do his, you’d actually been planning it after the first party ended. 


  • Tbh, she wouldn’t so impressed. 
  • She just thought it was unexpected, since she never even saw you with your cameras around. 
  • And she rarely had time to browse YouTube. 
  • But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t supportive of your dream/hobby/job.
  • When you told her, she asked you if you could please show her all of your videos.
  • Every time you turned around, there was a cute little smile on her face.
  • And a blush.
  • And she just looked so cute that you wrapped your arms around her and gave her a quick kiss.
  • So, do you like it?”
  • She pulled back from the embrace, a pink hue visible all over her cheeks, before fixing her glasses.
  • Of course I do. You look adorable in all of them, I even read the comments. And I think some people are a little bit too friendly for my liking.”
  • S’cute.


  • You had to show him your channel as well because he was such a klutz with technology.
  • When he noticed the quality of your videos and the size of your audience, he immediately offered to sponsor your videos.
  • He also noticed how good you were at what you did, he was surprised.
  • You knew better than outright refusing his offer.
  • To him business was something serious, and this was obviously business related. 
  • So, you knew that if you refused right away, without thinking it through, he would go and lecture you about the importance of rare business opportunities.
  • You were quiet for too long though. 
  • So? (Y/n), what do you think? Yes, no? I honestly think that it’s a great opportunity for both your channel and the company. YouTube is a great way of doing publicity and you would obviously benefit from C&R’s publicity.”
  • You noticed the fierce gleam in his eye.
  • He was serious.
  • He also looked very cute when talking about business. 
  • You couldn’t help but offer him one of the smiles that always and without fail made him melt.
  • You also felt guilty, because you felt like you were just taking advantage of him.
  • How about this, baby? You sponsor some of my videos? I just… I honestly don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you. I hate the prospect. And I know this is business and that I should think logically, but I don’t care. I have a moral code I must follow and that’s that. What do you think?”
  • You were blushing. 
  • It always made you flustered, talking business with him.
  • It was overwhelming and also slightly hot.
  • He just smiled at you and grabbed your hand, his thumb brushing along your knuckles. 
  • We have a deal, my love.”
  • “And I have one more condition?” you continued.
  • He raised a single eyebrow, smile still present on his lips. 
  • He knew that tone of voice, you wanted to get away with something.
  • I… I want you to be in one of my videos!”
  • He was taken aback. 
  • Take it or leave, Mr. Han.”
  • Mr. Han… 
  • You were pinned against the couch in an instant, his lips hovering over yours.
  • Deal.”


  • Obviously, he already knew about your videos.
  • He thought you were adorable and sexy and perfect. 
  • And he constantly created bots that left loving and supporting comments on your videos. 
  • Once Saeran settled in his house and was used to you, he decided to bring it up.
  • Why?
  • Because you had stop uploading videos ever since you joined the RFA.
  • He knew the reason. You were too busy with the organization and helping him. 
  • He loved you so much.
  • Huh? Oh…” you rubbed the back of your neck, a sheepish smile on your face, “Yeah… Um, I guess I do have a decent following and I’ve been reading the comments asking me to upload but… I’m pretty busy.”
  • “I’ll help you.”
  • You looked at him dead in the eye.
  • A video with Seven. Now that would be something.
  • A creative spark lit inside of you and a grin started spreading on your face.
  • Would be willing to wear a paper mask and be in one of my videos?”
  • That was easy.
  • A devilish smirk appeared on his face before nodding once, already plotting the weirdest most random video, fitting for your comeback. 
  • He’d help you blow up, just like he helped Zen. 
  • Of course, he’d ask you first. 
  • And you know… Along the way… we can make some other type of video.. In which we do thinks like fuc-”
  • You threw your slipper and it landed right on his face.


  • He also knew you were one.
  • He chose you after all.
  • (This is after Mint Eye btw, he’s on the road to recovery)
  • And I think that this baby would binge watch the videos he didn’t already while helping himself to some ice cream.
  • But he wouldn’t create supportive bots.
  • Instead, he’d look up at the negative comments, trace them, and suddenly the owner’s laptop would have a strange virus. 
  • No one messes with his angel.
  • He’d low key be your fan.


  • This nugget underwent surgery and when he watched your videos he was astonished. 
  • The way you handled the camera and edited your videos as A+++++.
  • He’d offer to help you with the filming process. 
  • And offer to pay him.
  • But he REFUSED. 
  • Why would you even offer that? 
  • “I’m doing this because I genuinely want to help and want to make you happy.”
  • Bless this sweet baby. 

I lost inspiration at Saeran and V aslfja sigh. sorry this was shitty.

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What are your favorite podcasts? I've recently gotten into them with Dear Hank and John, but I always want more amazing podcasts to listen to.


i got you. 

here are my favorites:

psychobabble: if you’re into hank & john, i’m guessing you like youtube? this one is hosted by tyler oakley and korey kuhl- they are HILARIOUS and have had me full-on cackling in public.  the episodes aren’t that long, like a half hour or so each, so it’s pretty easy to get into. episode 45, trash talking turtles, kills me every time. if you listen to the show too much you’ll start talking just like them. 

ladies who lunch: another youtuber podcast. but you definitely don’t have to watch their videos to love this show. hosted by ingrid nilsen and kat valdez- two women talking openly and honestly about their lives and their experiences. their topics range from mental health, navigating family relationships, honesty within friendships, pollitics, spirituality, and a bunch more. listening to this makes you feel like you’re doing something good for your well-being and it’s such a comfort. 

gilmore guys: this one is kind of specific, but if you like the show gilmore girls, you should definitely listen to it. it has made me indescribably happy to hear people earnestly discuss one of my favorite shows in such depth. they go through every episode of the show- all 7 seasons plus the netflix revival. episodes are long as fuck (like 3 hours usually) which is why i love having it on in the background while doing life things. it’s made me laugh a bunch and made me feel even more connected to the show & characters. 

dear sugar: hosted by writers cheryl strayed and steve almond. beautiful and wise show where the hosts read letters written by listeners and give advice. no topic is off limits. it makes me feel connected to the world & has for sure helped me through some tough times. and it inspired me to read cheryl strayed’s book tiny beautiful things, a collection of advice columns she’s written. so SO good. my desert island book. 

comedy bang bang: this has been my constant companion for like two years straight. it’s made me laugh so, so hard and given me an appreciation for comedy in general. it’s just a silly improv show in the form of long interviews. the host, scott aukerman, has had some pretty well-known comedians on there (like nick kroll, amy poehler, ben schwartz), and some that i only know from the podcast world (like lauren lapkus oh my god she is so funny). the comedy bang bang tv show is also really really funny. 

my brother, my brother, and me: i can’t believe how long it took me to really check out this show. i just started listening like two weeks ago and it’s quickly become my absolute favorite. it’s an advice show hosted by three brothers- it’s crazy funny, and sometimes genuinely sweet? it’s great. it’s so great. please listen to it. some people recommend starting all the way from the beginning, but i’d start with the newer stuff (in the old days they were a little less woke. but one of the best things about their show now is how inclusive and open-minded they are!) also, you will 100% adopt their vocabulary. i’m so happy this good good podcast has come into my life. also you should listen to the adventure zone! also hosted by them. also great.


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Love your blog! Could I request an RFA + V & Saeran scenario where MC and them have to babysit MC's baby cousin? And MC's amazing with the baby and just loves to take care of the bab, and they realise that MC would make a great parent.

omg this sounds adorable I’m gonna have so much fun with this one~~~~ I’m glad you like my blog, thank you!!


  • He’s never babysat a human before
  • After the child has been dropped off at MC’s house he stares at it for a second like…… “now what”
  • The baby is about 18 months old so he can say a few words such as “want cookie” or “me up” and Yoosung is s h o o k. He must obey the child’s commands
  • But MC swoops in and manages to convey to the baby in less words than Yoosung thought possible that he can’t have a cookie until he’s had lunch
  • Yoosung has no time to be impressed with MC as the baby starts to go into what gamers would call a “rage”
  • Clearly not pleased that MC won’t give him a cookie, the baby starts to cry, and while Yoosung’s first instinct is to freak out (he doesn’t know what abilities this child has), MC gets up, turns around, and ignores the kid
  • Once again Yoosung is quite shook
  • MC tells Yoosung that making a big fuss about the child is only going to make him spoiled and that “If you were to throw a tantrum, I’d probably ignore you too because that’s a way of getting attention, right?”
  • Our boy really hasn’t seen MC act this way yet. She’s being so mature and adult-like and this side of her is completely new. Yoosung is more familiar with the MC who games with him and acts silly and goofy and immature.
  • And when the baby finally calms down, eats lunch, and MC keeps her promise of giving the child a cookie, just as she had predicted, Yoosung feels his chest swell with love and thinks having a child wouldn’t be so bad if it was with MC


  • He’s so excited and he just can’t hide it
  • Knows seeing MC caring for a baby will be the most adorable thing in the world
  • This one has just turned a year old not long ago! So it’s only just starting to walk and can’t say any words except she’s starting to get the hang of “mama” and “dada”
  • Zen is completely comfortable with children and the baby, much like everyone else in this world, is enchanted with him. She crawls/waddles toward him at a feverish pace almost as soon as she sees him
  • MC and Zen spend soooo much time playing with her and sitting a little ways apart so that they can have the baby walk to and from them in a straight line
  • Zen spoils the kid let’s be honest
  • He’ll sneak her snacks all the time when MC isn’t looking (she probably knows let’s be honest but it’s just too heartwarming to stop)
  • Eventually the baby gets really tired out from playing and wants to take a nap, so Zen goes into the other room to get one of the blankets that MC’s aunt and uncle gave them
  • When he returns though, he finds MC curled up on the couch also asleep holding the baby in her arms and Zen’s heart practically explodes it’s so cute
  • He sits on the couch right beside MC and brushes her bangs back from her forehead, silently promising that he’ll have his own child with her someday


  • She’s never done babysitting before but hey, if she can be crushed with paperwork and phone calls as Mr. Han’s assistant, she can easily take care of a kid
  • This one is a little girl, 2 years old! She can make small sentences and point to things in books and can be pretty defiant of rules for someone so young
  • Jaehee was a little worried about that because MC’s aunt and uncle warned them that she probably wouldn’t listen to anything they say and just… try not to let her break anything
  • MC to the rescue!!!
  • Whenever the kid gets a little too feisty MC’s party training comes in handy because it’s made her persuasive and winning
  • So Jaehee kind of gives MC all the authority because she’s doing so well and Jaehee really doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • But when Jaehee is sitting at the kitchen table trying to work while MC is in the bathroom, the toddler comes up to her and snatches an important document off the table
  • death it is time to panic this child is going to destroy it my life is over
  • In a moment of desperation Jaehee firmly tells the child to give the papers back to her. And the kid immediately does what she says. Apparently being Chief Assistant for so many years just gives you an automatic sort of authority
  • When MC comes back into the room Jaehee is practically gushing like “I got her to do something! By myself!” And she’s already decided that adopting a kid would be pretty awesome


  • He has only one worry, really
  • “If they are too rough with Elizabeth, they will have to leave. MC are you listening. This child may not know to be gentle with Elizabeth the 3rd. MC.”
  • jumin calm yourself the kid is five
  • MC’s little cousin is a boy who adores MC. When he’s dropped off he says “Hello Mr. Han!” after greeting MC with a big hug and kiss
  • Now while Jumin has to admit the “Mr. Han” coming from a five-year-old is adorable, he can’t shake the irrational jealousy that MC just allowed him to give her a big smooch on the cheek
  • MC really wants Jumin to like kids so this is really the only chance she’ll get to show him how rewarding it is… But he’s starting to get that possessive look in his eye and that’s never a good sign
  • Right at that moment Elizabeth saunters into the room with a leisurely “meow” and the kid is deLIGHted he loves animals!
  • Jumin has a moment of unbridled panic as the boy makes a beeline for Elizabeth with outstretched hands
  • But he stops right in front of her, kneels down, and looks at Jumin. “Mr. Han, may I pet Elizabeth the 3rd please?”
  • Saying the cat’s full name along with the heartbreakingly cute politeness suddenly makes this kid a winner in Jumin’s eyes. “Y-yes, you may,” he says, surprising himself by thinking that he might actually really love to be a father


  • “MC I sit in my babies all the time!”
  • stop calling cars your babies saeyoung
  • He’s got a natural talent with kids and his weirdness just makes them tend to like him more
  • One thing that four-year-old children like to do is insist on various things and also pester you and this little girl is all up in Saeyoung’s business
  • “What does that big computer do?” “Are you a spy?” “Should you be in jail?”
  • Saeyoung answers all her questions (some more honestly than others) and that just makes the girl fall in love with him more
  • MC and the kid get along really well too, so the three of them are what we like to call in the industry: instant BFF’s
  • They have the most fun day ever, playing hide-and-seek and tag around Saeyoung’s house like they’re secret agents and discovering that the little girl is actually a BOSS at video games
  • Right before the child gets picked up, Saeyoung and MC watch a movie with her to get her a little less hyped up when her parents arrive
  • And now that Saeyoung has his mind cleared up to think to himself, there is absolutely no question that he wants every day with MC to be as fun as this, them together with their own child


  • MC’s cousin is just a baby, but she’s so calm and doesn’t fuss much
  • V was a bit nervous when he heard that they would be babysitting a really little kid who couldn’t even talk yet
  • He was afraid he would do something wrong because he can’t even see the baby, so if he accidentally hurt it somehow…
  • But MC’s soothing presence is right there next to him, guiding him all through it
  • She picks up the baby, glad that it’s calm because she doesn’t want V to get any more anxious than he already is, and gently places her in V’s arms
  • Who is instantly dazzled by the feeling of holding such a small thing and falls in love right away
  • MC spends time telling V the few stories that her aunt and uncle have already told her about different milestones the baby has been making over the past few months and V is so invested
  • Because V is barely moving, the little girl eventually starts looking tired according to MC
  • So MC starts singing a little lullaby that her parents would sing when she was a baby, and V knows in that instant that he would be the happiest man in the world if he could have a child with MC


  • He thought taking care of a kid would be easy
  • MAN was he wrong
  • The little five-year-old boy that is brought to them is a menace–not to MC, but to Saeran. It’s like the kid’s personal mission is to torment Saeran
  • And he knows it, too. He’ll be cuddling up next to MC one minute and then as soon as he sees Saeran looking, he’ll give this little devilish smile like there’s nothing you can do about it~
  • So needless to say Saeran is not altogether pleased with this arrangement
  • MC is starting to get a little nervous; she had been hoping that her cousin would make a good impression on Saeran
  • So she thinks of a distraction to get the kid off his back for a little while, and turns on his favorite cartoon and gives him a few snacks to keep him busy
  • MC insists to Saeran that not all kids are like this and that the boy is just used to getting all her attention during babysitting
  • Saeran hmph’s and pretends not to care, but later when she sits back down with the kid and starts playing a little game with him, he notices how much fun they both look like they’re having
  • So even though he might not get along with this particular kid, who’s to say that their own child wouldn’t be different?


I love reading the confessions but they put me off getting involved in the fandom fully. You read so much about people getting angry and potentially aggressive if you don’t agree with their headcanon that I keep away from it all. What I would love to do is find more like-minded people to chat to about what is my favourite video game. The best part of this game is how everyone interprets it, and we should join together over this wonderful world, not attack each other.

Mod Note:

Confessor take heart and know there are a lot of truly wonderful and awesome people in this fandom who would love to chat with you. :-)

EXO Reaction to their fans finding out about their long term relationship

There were various requests of this type so I’ll just do them all here. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’s really thankful to his fans that they have been so supportive* “You’ll always be my exo-ls, I’ll always love you like no other. Worry not! This song goes for all of you”


“Baobei I know you are nervous but you don’t have to worry about it. They know I’m happy with you and that you’ll take care me. It’s going to be alright!” *Is very positive about it*


*Struggling* “They… they know?! Oh no… they will start asking questions… we have an interview today… oh no…. they will ask me to tell them our story… I don’t think I can do it… the boys… they won’t stop..” *Shy baby*


*He’s a little worried so takes a day off to think about everything* “I’m happy that they know… she’s my girl. But I’m worried that they’ll be upset… I just want my fans to be happy, just like I am”


*He’s very honest and open about your relationship* “You know… she’s actually an exo-l. We met in this concert… I just fell in love in that moment”


“See jagi? I told you not to worry about it! They already love you!”


*Really really nervous* “Come on guys… what are they saying? They love her right? She is a sweetie… oh my aeries, always supporting. I should show them more love!”


*Really surprised about your reaction* “I thought you would be angry…. I was so worried but… baobei you are amazing, always thinking about them too. We don’t deserve you, I’m happy they can see how amazing you are”


*Decides to do a Vapp live video and answer all the questions he can* “Remember exo-ls, I love you all so much too!”


*Decides to release a statement or something like that* “This changes nothing, I will always love my exo-ls and be here for you. You’ve done so much for me and I will never be able to repay you. I’m still your D.O-oppa and you have nothing to worry about!” *Very professional our Soo*


*He’s just pure love and never forgets to thank exo-ls for the support and respect in every aspect* “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, never forget that my heart belongs to my exo-ls!”


*He’s just really worried that his exo-ls are going to be sad and he just wants them all to be happy and give hugs to them all* 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

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ps: rory kramer’s videos

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did you like dan's liveshow? any thoughts? :)

This show was about fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, all my insecurities are on display.” and fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, I love my partner and the things I do with him and that is also on display.”

He very obviously fucking loved doing that pastel edits video, and also very obviously feels like that is not something he should be allowed to love, like it does not hit the quality threshold that he feels his critics hold him to - and the heavens and earth would come crashing together before Dan acknowledged for more than the amount of time between one breath and the next that the praise he gets is just as valid as the critique sometimes. 

A few things I loved about the liveshow: 

- His pride in Phil being inventive. He literally searched youtube to see if anyone has ever done a pastel edits video before. (And no, they haven’t.) 

- All of the unbidden Phil remarks. What are you wearing, Dan? Phil calls it my parachute jumper. Do you like mac and cheese? Well, neither my mum nor Phil like cheese. Will he wear a tattoo out? Phil wore his to the dentist. Does that one stubborn curl have a name? Not Babe the Pig, despite Phil trying. 

- Shade at straight guys who don’t like the pastel edits, followed by what I think was an attempt to be eloquent expressing his opinions on heteronormativity and the dangers of a patriarchal society. I’d love to hear his thoughts if he actually prepared what he was saying ahead of time, but I really appreciate the message he’s putting out there. 

- Not avoiding Valentine’s Day but bypassing the opportunities to insinuate he’s single. Not that I really expected he would, but if he felt like throwing up some walls he had the chance - and he chose not to. 

- They can’t commit to Vidcon Europe or SITC because they have “some plans for the year” but are going to the Australia thing because “me and Phil just really want to go back to Australia, and stop somewhere along the way” jesus christ they’re so married or at least in the planning stages.  

- And hands down the best part: Dan raving for a couple minutes about the facebook header he made that @degnam drew. All shall love manged and despair. Especially Dan. 

For more thoughts along these lines, check out my timestamps on IDB. 


YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1227

Genre: Fluff

“Ready to get lost? Today we’re going to Busan!” Mingyu smiled widely at the camera as he stood in front of the Seoul train station. After the time he’d gotten lost while vlogging in LA on his trip to visit Joshua for a collaboration, Mingyu found that getting lost in a new city was a really fun video that was well received by his viewers as well and made it a point to get lost in a new city once a month since. 

“I asked Woozi hyung about good places to visit and he told me about this small beach on the northern part of the city and a sashimi place nearby so the goal today is to explore and eventually find those places.” He quickly made his way into the station to grab his ticket and start his journey for the day as he continued to talk, making sure to film everything as he went.

Signing the receipt after paying for the ticket with the selfie stick in one hand was a bit of a struggle, but Mingyu managed to do it before wandering off to grab some snacks to eat in the hours he’d be spending on the train. His eyes scanned the aisles of food, looking for the familiar green box of his favorite crackers. 

He wandered the little convenience store inside the station with one arm out to continue recording and the other trailing along the shelf when he felt himself bump into someone. Or did they bump into him?

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” Mingyu apologized as he bowed deeply.

“Sorry I should’ve looked where I was going and not just at the food.” You said as you bowed furiously in apology as well, causing the two of you to hit heads due to the limited space between the two of you. 

You both shot up and apologized again, unsure what to do. Your hand went to your head to rub the spot that had been hit and Mingyu muttered out another apology that you tried to refused. 

“Does it hurt? I’ve been told I have a hard head. Do you want me to buy you ice for it?” Mingyu questioned. You shook your head and promised him that it was fine as he continued to say how he felt bad. His filming was forgotten as he began to fuss over the you, his meticulous sides coming out. 

You told him that it was fine, the awkward silence enveloping the two of you once again as neither knew what else to say or how to get out of the situation. After a good few seconds you just mumbled out a bye and went to find yourself a drink for your train ride. 

Mingyu blinked a few times before remembering his purpose for the convenience store trip and the camera in his hands. He quickly repositioned the camera to continue his filming and to continue his quest for the box of whale shaped crackers he loved. 

They were located in the next aisle over and Mingyu happily grabbed two packs before heading over to the register to purchase the food. From there he proceeded to the water fountain to fill his water bottle and then headed over to the platform to board the train.

“Ok, so I just got on the train and it’s currently about…” he adjusted his backpack strap with his free hand before he fumbled around in his pocket for his phone. “9:24 AM and the train leaves at 9:32 so - CRUD!”

Mingyu’s phone fell out of his hand as he tried to slide it back into his pocket and missed. He brought his camera down and started to lean down to pick up his phone when his forehead was hit by the back of someone’s head as the person tried to stand up. 

“Ow,” you said as you rubbed the back of your head with one hand and held Mingyu’s phone in the other. “You know you should really invest in a better phone case. This isn’t going to last long if you keep dropping it like this.” You said to try and make the encounter a little less awkward than the last one as you handed him the phone. 

“We also need to stop meeting like this.” Mingyu said as he brought his own hand up to his forehead after taking his phone back from you. 

“It’s only the second time.”

“In like fifteen minutes.”

“Fair enough.” 

“I’m Mingyu.” He said as he tried to stick out a hand to shake before realizing both of his hands were full. Awkward appeared to be a reoccurring theme whenever you met him. 

You introduced yourself and the two of you managed to make conversation (albeit a bit awkward) and you learned that he was a youtuber that lived in Seoul. The two of you proceeded to find seats together and you pulled up his youtube channel on your phone as he vlogged in his seat for a bit. 

His channel was a clutter of things and you found everything from cooking videos to random challenges to what appeared to be the only regular series other than Chefgyu, “Lost with Gyu.” You discovered a lot about his personality and saw that he was a bit talkative and actually just an overexcited puppy in the form of a really tall human being. 

“Do you want some?” You looked up from the video you were watching to find that Mingyu had stopped filming and was offering you some snacks. You thanked him and took a few.

“I didn’t realize you knew WonWooJi, I love that channel!” 

“Oh yea, Wonwoo hyung always comes over when he’s too lazy to cook and Woozi hyung also likes to nap on my couch. I actually did a video on their channel that should be coming out soon.” The two of you fell into a much more comfortable conversation than before, having found a common conversation point. You continued to talk about youtube for a while before the conversation turned to you and you talked about what you did.

“Sounds tiring.”

“It is at times though I do enjoy it at others, but that’s why I’m going to Busan for the weekend. Just taking a day off before it’s back to the grind. I’m honestly kind of just winging this trip. Thought of it yesterday and the only real goal is to get some good food.” Mingyu smiled as you talked.

“Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m winging it too. The plan is to get lost and have some good food. I wouldn’t mind having someone join me.” Mingyu offered. 

“Are you inviting me on your little vlogging spree right now?” Mingyu nodded his head, but quickly said that you didn’t have to if you weren’t comfortable with the camera or with him since technically, you two were still strangers who’d met once. You told him that it was fine. 

“So do you want to get lost with me?” You nodded with a smile on your face, starting a friendship that would eventually blossom into something more as Mingyu’s viewers watched, them even shipping you before the two of you did.

Written by Admin Sea



yuri!!! on ice, chris x phichit (regarding their friendship and stuff, with a side-dish of victuri)


in bercelona, chris and phichit become fast friends.

they’ve known each other for a while, and they’ve known of each other for longer, but it’s not until the final in barcelona that they actually get to spend enough time together to have a proper conversation outside the skating arena.

they bond first over their respective best friends (‘I’ve never seen victor quite like that before.’ ‘oh, you should have seen yuuri’s side of the room in college’), then over their pets (‘why would you want a cat when hamsters are so much more adorable?’ ‘well, that’s a matter of personal opinion, is it not?’), and then over their love for social media (‘how many more likes do you think we would get if we could manage to sneak the lovebirds being love-dovey into a selfie with us?’ ‘lets’ find out!’).

they exchange phone numbers and emails with the promise that chris will send phichit all the incriminating photos and videos of yuuri he has from last year’s banquet. poor yuuri almost has a nervous breakdown when he hears.

they sit together and livetweet the exhibition gala and especially victor and yuuri’s pair skate. phichit comments on how fitting it is that they skate to stammi vicino together, and chris wonders what would have happened had that video not been uploaded. they both agree that victor would have probably ended up going in search of yuuri anyway.

they break instagram at the banquet and yuuri actually starts worrying about what this new friendship will mean for both his privacy and his dignity.

when he talks about it with victor when they get back to their hotel room after the banquet finally ends, victor is highly amused.

‘well,’ he says, ‘it’ll surely be the most epic of bromances, that’s for sure. if it doesn’t go sideways and chris breaks poor phichit’s heart.’

yuuri looks surprised at that. for a grand total of three seconds. then his expression changes into one that says he finds victor extremely adorable.

‘honestly?’ he starts, and his tone piques victor’s interest. ‘if that were to happen, chris wouldn’t know what hit him.’

for a second, victor is speechless. but only for a second, because this is yuuri’s very not shy best friend they’re talking about here. and yeah, if it ever comes to that, his own best friend is so very screwed.

Anna’s Attack

“J-Joe?” A scared sounding voice drags his focus away from the video he’s editing, and Joe turns his chair to face the doorway, frowning as he sees Anna standing there.

“Hey, you alright?”

“Uhm,” She wrings her hands together, and it’s very clear that she is not alright. Her eyes keep darting around the room, unable to focus on one thing for too long, her skin has paled slightly, and in the quietness of the room, he can hear her breath rapidly entering and leaving her body. “I d-don’t think s-so.”

“Okay, come sit down.” Joe pushes himself out of the office chair, moving to the side so she can sit down in his place. Anna practically falls into the seat, and up close, he can see the tears pooling in her eyes. Placing a hand over hers, which are still constantly moving around one another, he crouches in front of her. “Anna, what’s going on?”

“I ju-just…I was sitting th-there, and th-then reading through so-some stuff on J-Jack’s video…” She breaks off, a small sob slipping past her lips, and he can feel her hands shaking under his.

“It’s alright, we can talk after.” Joe says softly, pressing firmly on her hand. “How about you take in a deep breath for me?” She looks at him as if that’s the stupidest idea ever, but he just offers her a small smile, “Please. For me? I mean, I am your favourite after all.”

Nodding, she takes in a breath, it’s shaky and not very deep, but it’s a start.

“Good, now breath out slowly. Perfect, want to try again? I’ll do it with you.” And when Anna takes in another breath, this one deeper than the last, Joe follows suit, smiling again as she releases it slowly. While they repeat this, he traces circles into the back of her hand, increasing and decreasing pressure with each breath, feeling the shaking slowly subside. Her eyes, the blue so similar to that of his boyfriends, begin to find focus on him, and Joe keeps his own eyes locked with hers, talking softly, encouraging her to breathe in and out.

“Once more, last one, I promise.” He says, taking in a breath with her, glad to see this one sounds deeper and steadier compared to the first one, before they both release it slowly. “How’s that?”

“Better,” Anna replies, slipping one hand out from Joe’s to wipe at the corner of her eyes. “Thank you.”

“Of course, I’m glad I was home. Panic attack’s can be scary.”

“They are,” She agrees, biting her lip, her eyes falling to her lap.

“This wasn’t the first one, was it?” She shakes her head, fresh tears falling down her eyes. “Do your brothers know?”

“No. Only you do, and I was trying to get over it myself, but I just felt myself losing control.”

“Do you at least know what triggered it?”

“This one, yeah, kind of. But the others ones, not really. But I think they started when I began appearing on Jack and Conor’s videos. There was this sudden pressure, having all these people watching me, commenting on me.”

Joe nods, his thumb still moving in circles, continuing with the increasing and decreasing pressure as he feels the shaking begin to return, “It’s understandable. There’s a lot of pressure for anyone, especially someone who’s only sixteen. You could tell them that you don’t want to do any more videos, they’d understand.”

“That’s not what I want,” Anna shakes her head quickly, her hair flying around her, “I love doing the videos with them! We always have so much fun!”

“That’s true, I think Jack is happiest with you and Conor.”

“You’re wrong,” She mumbles, “He’s happy with you too. Trust me, I know, he’s my brother.”

“Alright,” Joe smiles at her, “But I do think you need to tell them about the panic attacks. They could help you with them. And maybe don’t read the comments on their videos.”

“I’ll try. And I’ll talk to them tonight.”

“You don’t have to.” Both jump at the new voice, and Joe falls backwards as he spins around, seeing Jack and Conor standing there.

“Jesus,” Joe mutters, a hand on his heart, “Don’t you know how to knock?!”

“I live here, babe,” Jack rolls his eyes, walking over to pull Joe up, “Why would I knock?”

“Because you gave me a bloody heart attack, that’s why.” He replies, their fingers lacing together.

“How much did you hear?” Anna asks quietly, and all three boys look over at her.

“Most of it.” Conor admits, “Why didn’t you ever tell us?”

“Because it’s stupid.”

“What?” Jack gapes at her, “No it’s not! Anna, we never wanted you to feel like this!”

“Anxiety and panic attacks are quite normal, too.” Joe supplies, “My sister suffers through them. Heck, I’ve had my own fair share.” Jack shoots him a brief look at that, but Joe shakes his head, silently telling him they’d talk later.

“You should always be able to come and talk to us,” Conor says, pulling his sister in a hug when she stands. “Sorry you felt like you couldn’t.”

“Please don’t make me stop doing the videos,” She says, glancing between her brothers, “I do have fun doing them!”

“On one condition,” Jack points at her, “You tell us when it’s getting to be too much. And you listen to Joe, no more reading comments.”

“Alright,” Anna smiles as Jack steps forward, his hand slipping from Joe’s to wrap his arms around her in a tight hug.

“We love you, Anna. We just want you to be happy.”

“I am.” She tells him, looking over at Conor after, “I am.”

“Then in that case, I’m starving!” Conor throws an arm around her shoulders, “Let’s go raid their fridge for food!” He leads a giggling Anna out of the office as Jack turns back to face Joe, his hands reaching out for the other man’s.

“Thanks, for helping her.”

“Of course. It was just like helping Zoe.” Joe shrugs, leaning in to kiss Jack quickly on the lips. “And she’s your sister, Jack, I’d always help her.”

“Still, thank you. And we need to talk alter about these panic attacks you mentioned…”

“Don’t ruin the mood,” Joe rolls his eyes, stepping to the side, tugging Jack with him, “And let’s go before your siblings eat all of our food.”

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Hi, I'm actually developing a cryptid dating sim... I feel bad that i-am-the-karkat-media-worldwide is doing it too. I feel like I should stop making my game but I've already put in so much effort. I already have a script and code and character designs and backgrounds and sprites.. I had an anxiety attack over all of this and I'm scared mine won't be good enough... I just don't know what to do anymore...

Please do yours as well ! I’d love to see it, and if you want me to promote it I gladly will ! I love creativity ! Everyone is so different in everything they do, having more than just o n e video game and they’re made by different artists? Thanks !!! So great! gifts to the world and i would l o v e to know more ,..,?.,send message if you’d like to ..,

Since my master post got a lot of attention i’m going to make one with fun facts on the members! here we go this is gonna be long.

Kim Youngbin (11/23/93)

-he likes to play korean chess
-strict when need be but also very cute and surprisingly funny
-mismatched eyes. Said they were his charm in one of the earlier neon lessons
-sucks at basketball but does that stop him? no
-he’s caring. he scolded hwiyoung in d.o.b once for doing the move not the way he pictured is and then went to comfort him when he cried, saying they’re gonna debut together since they’re all apart of the team.
-he’s an angel and loves his members a lot before they debuted he did everything to make sure they all debut together
-he dabs…a lot…i mean most of them do too but..
-another quote that made me cry was when he was like “I want to debut for the happiness of our 9 member’s families. Let’s succeed with debut since we’ve been struggling and trying hard”
-HE LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH i love him he’s an angel
-he gets shy and flustered and its so cute??? thanks
-he’s the thrill junkie in the group imo he was always hyped to go on every ride in spectacle fantasy 9
-selfie king thanks 

Kim Inseong (7/12/93)

-eldest member
-VOCALS he has such a sweet voice wow
-He’s learning english with Jaeyoon and he’s very good at it tbh if he keeps it up he can be fluent in no time 
-he has great taste in movies he recommended three when they did their q&a thing in the fan cafe and i watched one that caught my eye (bc of him) and it was literally one of the best movies meaning wise thank u inseong please recommend more 
-HE CALLS HIMSELF A FENNEC FOX BC HE THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE ON can u say furry…im kidding i love him 
-also used the fox filter on snow when they did that video of all of them…using snow filters…self explanatory i guess but yeah
-usually adds cute drawings to his signatures
- really doesnt act like the eldest tbh but he is dont let that fool you 
-hes a happy little baby 
-he’s always next to Zuho and holds hands and HONESTLY they do that for me thanks 

Lee Jaeyoon (8/9/94)

-vocals!! during their hour long v-app he sang and I melted his voice is like honey just like he says 
-he’s so extra but in a good way
-he’s the best at girl group dances in my opinion along with Dawon 
-Learning english with Inseong, his english is also fairly well!!
-amazing body proportions 
-glowing angel
-can be a meme i guess
-he has amazing self confidence i wish i have
-He’s from busan and love to let people know that he’s from Busan
-manly busan man Jaeyoon
-he’s scared of big rides someone needs to protect him 
-he has cute squishy cheeks 
-we need to hear him sing more please

Lee Dawon (7/24/95)

-was in AOA creams MV as the main man there…the only man in the video but u know what i mean yeah ok 
-he said in one lesson that he strives to be the worlds best vocalist and he’s there ok he’ll get there i believe in him and you should too 
-happy virus and mood maker
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in the one hour v-app thing they had at the very end of it he did a high pitched scream and honestly so relatable 
-always. screaming. 
-but a ball of sunshine even if u don’t stan him u stan him 
-he says he’s a fashion enthusiast i agree 
-the MOST extra member but thats what people love about him and i do too 
-and flirty tf he knows how to give fanservice y’all Dawon stans are lucky
-he loves eating and i support that 100% he should have his own eating show with inseong ok thanks i’ll petition for that are u guys in?
-he has a soft looking smooth face like tell me ur skin care routine 
-he tries to make everyone happy and comfy even if he’s not happy he’ll be the type to make sure the people around him are
- loves making people laugh stan this sunshine

Baek Juho (7/4/96)

-Stage name Zuho idk why they changed it it’s the same pronunciation but yeah if he’s happy with it so are we
-MY BABY MY WORLD MY ANGEL i love this dude…so much can u tell who i stan..
-visuals…for days
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-deep toned rapper 
-his voice is so beautiful like..imagine waking up to his raspy sleepy voice wow sorry
-literally a lyrical genius 
-he writes most of his own raps can you say TALENT? 
-sharp nose is his charming point and he likes to let people know he’s happy with his nose which i love like yes be confident baby 
-people (FNC and members) call him tsundere but i don’t like using that so pretend i didn’t just write that
-members say he’s the most boring dsflak
-he trained the longest..6 years along with rowoon
-both him and rowoon where in a FNC show way before NEOZ SCHOOL was born 
-cheekbones!! he has really sharp and strong features
-invented wearing headbands…
-he says he has the broadest shoulders of the group and that he’ll show them off once he’s more comfortable 
-a BTS fan !! i bet he’s excited for their comeback, and excited they get to promote together wow 
-meaningful lyrics 
-the members woke him up once in DOB by dragging him out the hotel room and fed him a piece of bread lfakf
-bc he’s the hardest to wake up that part was so cute 
-just a shy bun whom i’d lay down my life for if he tells me to 

Kim Rowoon (8/7/96)

-like i know i said everyone is the visual but thats bc they are ok but the title belongs to him if u understand what im trying to say
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in CYH he played a baseball player and u can tell how good his proportions are in the uniform wow he can pull off the uniform better than anyone ok 
-he feeds the members and cleans the dorm
-basically the caretaker of the group
-so he’ll be a good husband to whoever he marries !!
-he’s so sweet a literal angel thank u 
-his hight intimidates me he’s a whole foot and inch taller than me he can LITERALLY step on me
-but he’s gentle so there’s no need to be intimidated he’s a gentle giant with a warm heart
-FT islands biggest stan, biggest minhwan stan 
-when he met him in dob he was so cute and flustered
-nice butt but u didn’t hear tht from me 
-he could literally be a model i’m WAITING
-trained the longest with zuho
-alone with cleaning the dorm he also nags the members to clean and put their clothes away. 
-during dob he and two members made a picnic for the group i support
-also accidentally hit chanhee’s nose and he has a nose bleed he felt so bad it’s like a father who was playing with his son i,- 

Yoo Taeyang (2/28/97)

-I have a mini playlist on YT with his predebut videos i might make a post abt them bc wow he did that
-his smile is the literal sun? No pun intended with his name his smile is just !!
-dancer !!
-he choreographs along with youngbin!
-big eyes and is proud of his eyebrows and honestly me too when will i ever
-went to that famous dance school that literally all the best idol dancers went to like zelo 
-usually sings the chorus, or the beginning, his voice is beautiful
-before wanting to sing he played guitar and i think he still does!
-calls himself sexy charisma like ur 6 please 
-loves chanhee
-prolly the biggest chanhee stan next to me bc im chanhee’s certified mother 
-cHANHEE SAID HE RARLEY GETS SLEEP BC HE WORKS THE HARDEST AND THAT MAKES ME SAD like you’re a hardworker you deserve some rest please :(
-his hard work pays off he’s an amazing dancer ?? and singer one of the best honestly he’s just full with passion 
-the selfie with him in the pink sweater is my favorite 
-i think he can beatbox or am i just making that up?
-lmfao like in January people gave him shit bc of his name since taeyang from Big bang has the name like? there’s thousands of taeyangs stfu let this sweet boy live.
-a little shy awkward baby 

Kim Hwiyoung (5/11/99)

-a baby
-a little awkward but not really but yes
-he knows he’s handsome y’all he prolly uses that to his advantage
-i already said this in youngbins thing but he cried when he got scolded by the leader bc he though youngbin was mad at him :(
-he’s sensitive pls handle with care
-doesn’t look or act like his age? he’s really mature for his age
-there’s a selfie of him sleeping with a kitty…my favorite
-he loves cats
-like so much he used to add a cat face at the end of his signature idk if he still does? 
- can u say Jumin Han
-^ im kidding please
-in an episode of DOB he volunteered to bungee jump first and the members called him courageous bc he is !! 
-he talked informally to the eldest members in a episode of DOB he really did that nice
-nice arms 
-beat chanhee in arm wrestling he was so proud 

Kang Chanhee (1/17/00)

-cutest nose and smile ever please
-played sunwoo in signal and was in other dramas as a chil mostly
-when he was little he was friends with moonbin of astro and chanwoo of ikon!!
-with those two they were in an epsiode of star king with DBSK and played mini DBSK
-he’s literally been in the business since childhood thank GOD he debuted he deserves this 
-his goal is to play in a movie!! let him do this please..
-forces the members to be cute. He did that with Youngbin in a DOB episode i love him 
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-other than signal he was also in hwajung and to the beautiful you
-has amazing facial expressions on stage 
-i already said this but his nose is so cute :(
-I need to protect him im his #1 mom 
-before the group name change like even before dob he had an interview with a magazine bc of him being in signal, and he said “the other members and myself will try our very best to debut together because that’s our dream” and i cried
- that was before dob so member changes were more speculated 
-every other member is a chanhee stan 
-if u don’t stan him u still stan him bc u gotta? 
-everyone’s son
-since he’s been exposed the most he’s one of the more popular members!!
-he loves chicken and ramen if u buy him chicken he’ll prolly ask u to marry him 
-when he sleeps he kicks off the blanket he’s a baby bean
- he loves to dance and is really good at it! he says he’s lacking but he’s training hard to meet everyone’s expectations please love him 

jillcipher  asked:

That ex genocide s/o was pretty heavy, so here's a fluffier request. UT Sans, UT Papyrus, UF Papyrus, and US Sans with a s/o who has ducks and geese as pets?

My ex boyfriend had chickens as pets and I thought that was pretty weird. 

Undertale Sans

Classics likes to mess with them by fake throwing bread and sending them on a wild goose chase. He actually really likes having them around and finds their quacks hilarious, but he especially love the stupid ones, the ones where they keep running to the glass doors. He takes videos of these and they go viral. 

Undertale Papyrus

You’re….pretty sure that Papaya is more in a relationship with your birds than with you. Whenever he’s over, he’s always paying more attention to the ducks and geese than you, and whenever you two initiate sexy times, he’s always asking about the birds like, “DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD GO CHECK ON THEM?” or “HAS DUCKY BEEN FED YET”. It would get annoying, but he looks so cute whenever he’s stroking the duck’s feathers, or helping them groom. They all waddle around, following him throughout the house, like he’s the mother duck. It’s very precious. 

Underfell Papyrus


Underswap Sans

Blue is low key scared of your birds. Have you ever seen a geese with teeth? Terrifying! When they start chasing him, Blue screeches like a little girl and climbs on top of a chair to get away from them, then he remembers that they can fly. You of course, are somehow oblivious to this and he doesn’t want to ask for help. He’s the Magnificent Sans! These creatures are no match for him! At least, that’s what he tells himself as he locks himself in the bathroom to get away from them.