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yahoo(.)com/news/chris-evans-talks-life-love-135954444(.)html hope the link works! Just remove the ()

[Anon 2]  So Chris had to say all those nice things after his favorite human spilled the bean with the press? PR, you are doing it right!

[Anon 3]  For me the new interview sounds more like “damage control”. It’s by People Mag, there is no video, it’s just written. Totally his PR team trying to make it look like everything is happyclappy between them when everything in her interview made it sound otherwise. This should Support the “we are still friends” shit. Of course he has to say nice things about her now so that it doesn’t look like he was the ass. Sorry, not buying it. I Love Chris, but that was a bit too much

The quotes were very ????????????

The first one, to me, honestly sounds like something he would have said BEFORE the break up. “Jenny is my favorite human” Okay, so wouldn’t you still be dating then if that were the case?  Magazines L-O-V-E to use quotes out of context.

 And in regards to the second one…I agree with you Anon 3. It’s almost like he HAD to say something nice so he didn’t come off looking like the asshole. And if there’s no shame in sharing if it was a “beautiful experience”….Chris’ radio silence about Jenny up to this point means what then? LOL Because he never shared ANYTHING.

It’s my opinion that he wouldn’t have even said anything about this ever if Jenny hadn’t opened her big mouth. 


8 Questions Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @princekangchani thank you for tagging me :)))) we should talk one time!! :) 

Rules: Answer the eight questions and then write eight new questions of your own

1. Who is currently ruining your bias list?

MINGHAO & hwiyoung i got into seventeen only like 2 weeks ago and,,,,, minghao just sjdkbjsakbuabd :((( the more i learn about him the more i love him his martial arts makes me so speechless…i watched that video so many times whenever he gets screen time or T A L K S wow i lsajdasdnja heart eyes everywhere plus he can be cute but thEN HE LIKE SWITCHES COMPLETELY AND I JSUT?????

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2. What was the last thing you searched on youtube?

how to fix water in ear phones…my left one doesn’t work anymore sadly rip

3. What’s your fave meme?

in general?? hmmm….idk this is the only one i could think of

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4. Fave OTP?

2jae!!! listen they’re so cute and youngjae is finally accepting jaebum’s love.. jaebum literally took youngjae under his wing and they shared a bed for the longest time and developed such a cute relationship… even though back then jaebum had a bad temper, youngjae was patient,, WHENEVER JAEBUM EVEN LOOKS AT YOUNGJAE HIS SMILE IS SO BIG LIKE HOW CUTE IS THAT,,once youngjae leaves the dorm… the drought begins 

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5. Favorite picture of your bias?

any bias,,, this will take a while to even pick one and there’s infinite pictures shduisdhs hold on


6. If you married your bias, do you think you and your bias will truthfully get along?

(ima pick youngjae for this question)

tbh, yes… we would make each other laugh with our dumb jokes we’d be the life of the party lolo jk no one gets my humor and my jokes suck ashdbd plus there’s coco (as i said i really love dogs) so we would take care of her together and go to parks and do other cute things.. i dunno i feel like we’re kinda similar in some ways :’) This reminds me of that mini “ interview “ they had about marriage and stuff and youngjae said he would try to make her laugh with his weird faces and humor… youngjae is such a positive beam of light and i would want to make him as happy as possible n take care of him ;-; And since he’s very sensitive i would make sure he always knows that he’s doing his best and to have confidence in himself wow this question made me emo

7. Fave girl group and why?

Blackpink!! When they first debuted they snatched me instantly i loved their style and music!! they’re queens,,, just wow i needed a badass girl group in my life after 4Minute…

8. Where is your safe place?

My room I guess! I always feel safe since all my stuff is in there and I’m always in there lmao,, 

My questions!

  • 1. Have you ever fallen for a movie / tv character? If so, then who?
  • 2. Fave disney princess?
  • 3.  What is your ideal type?
  • 4. What was the most recent group you started learning about? What snatched you?
  • 5. What song do you want to hear live the most? (if this is too hard then top 5 lol)
  • 6. Who is climbing your bias list rn? Why? 
  • 7. Fave rookie from 2016? (there were so many im so sorry they’re all so talented)
  • 8.  What was your last dream about?

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I love reading the confessions but they put me off getting involved in the fandom fully. You read so much about people getting angry and potentially aggressive if you don’t agree with their headcanon that I keep away from it all. What I would love to do is find more like-minded people to chat to about what is my favourite video game. The best part of this game is how everyone interprets it, and we should join together over this wonderful world, not attack each other.

Mod Note:

Confessor take heart and know there are a lot of truly wonderful and awesome people in this fandom who would love to chat with you. :-)

so guys this is my first video montage, reblog, like, comment, tweet, tell me what do you think and if I should do this more often ! Love ❤

ps: rory kramer’s videos

OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I don’t know what the hell I did to deserve this, but let me know so I can do it more lmao. I feel like I should do something special for this, but I can’t think of anything ?! (for a writer I am horrifically uncreative when it comes to real life orz) and I know how impersonal these things are, because making a sweeping statement of “I love all of you” is just eh but oh my goodness I hope you each know how grateful I am for every single follow. I’m so glad so many people enjoy the content I post, whether you’re here for the headcanons, videos, fics, reblogs, shitposts, memes or otherwise. thank you!!

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I do not know how to stand or whether I should smile. it is very awkward. 🙄😱🐶there are many who have written to me privately. if I could take pictures and a video where I only stand in underpants. I’d like to just as long as I for more Fallows. write if there is something you want me to do. 🐶👅❤sorry if this is too much.😜 #photooftheday #follow4follow #likeforlike #hot #hotboy #boy #emo #emokid #emoboy #emohair #cute #cuteguy #cuteboy #teen #sceneboy #scenemodel #holidays #sceneguy #snakebites #alternative #scenehair #gayboy #gay #alternativehair #selfie #body #sexyboy #nofilter #love #juleslaursen

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There are a lot of video games out right now, but do you think I should get neir or whatever it's called? I played horizon Zero DAWN and loved the heck out of it, and I kind of like rpgs in general. Is it a good game that's fun?

I don’t know if I’d really compare Nier: Automata to Horizon, but it is a damn good game. It’s kind of an odd duck to describe, though - there’s a lot of character customization and stat-building like a more conventional RPG, but the combat itself plays out like what you’d expect from a Platinum game (I’d say Bayonetta is closest to Nier out of all their games). But don’t worry if you’ve never played/aren’t great at that kind of game, though - the game goes to great lengths to provide a lot of different ways to adjust the game difficulty and mechanics. Having trouble managing the camera, controlling 2B, and aiming the support pod at the same time? You can set the support pod and/or camera to lock-on to enemies. Having trouble managing the use of items mid-combat? You can set it so that you’ll automatically use potions when your health gets low (provided you have them). These adjustments are done through the same “plug-in chip” system used to upgrade 2B’s stats, so it isn’t a “press to win” button, but there’s a ton of ways to tweak the controls and UI to your taste.

Rather than running in a level-based structure like Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising or other similar games, though, Nier instead plays out in a pretty big connected world, with plenty of optional sidequests. So you can take a break from the main story and just run around the map completing sidequests and exploring. As for the story, you’ll have no idea what the fuck is going on, regardless of whether or not you’ve played the first Nier (it’s perfectly self-contained though). But at the same time, it’s all so bizarre and intriguing that you can’t help but want to keep going just to find out more. It doesn’t push the envelope as far as graphics go, but it has its own distinctly weird aesthetic that works well, and the soundtrack is great.

But yeah. If you like the fast-paced combat of things like Devil May Cry or Platinum games, or you just want to try something weird and different, Nier: Automata is a great choice. It’s a bizarre game that’s hard to describe, but that’s precisely why it stands out so much.

What’s Your Why?

AND ANOTHER THING!!! Show people YOUR WHY.  WHY / where / how / do you do what you do?  WHY do you make music? WHY do you sing?  WHY / how do you write songs?  WHY / how / when did you write this angry/sad/love song? If people can start to see/hear/understand YOUR WHY then they are more likely to take on that same WHY as a reason to listen to your music on Soundcloud / Spotify / watch your video on YouTube / actually spend the time, energy and money to get to your gig.  WHY should anyone ELSE care if YOU don’t???

Just wondering if you guys who follow this blog would want me to post the mens league too? (AIHL) The regular season starts in April and there is some pre-season games against the NZ national team.

I’d like to post some articles from and do pages with the teams and some history stuff like I have for the AWIHL.

I’ve actually been thinking I should change the blog name to aihlfan but that sounds like it excludes the womens side of things ;.;

Also if any of you have anything you would like to post here like photos or videos just submit them! I’d love to have more people contribute to this blog! (credit will go to you of course)

(ill give you guys a week to say anything and then ill update to include aihl)

anyways i feel like justin should retire soon because its not like hes even working for anything anymore - he hardly likes his fans, he doesnt like performing and he hates doing celebrity duties (e.g. award shows, meet and greets, even music videos have NO effort). all he’s doing right now is collecting money for carrying out the bare minimum which he’s earned enough of to support his x15 great grandkids. you can’t feel the love in anything hes doing any more at all, he’s doing it because he HAS to and he’s not even scared to admit it like thats how little he cares. the whole 2016 justin persona is just so uncomfortable to watch because you can tell he has lost the passion and appreciation in everything he does. it’s a sickening feeling to witness someone you looked up to so much go from being lively to having a not-give-a-shit attitude


as much as i should study i feel a pressing need to ignore my responsibilities and make (thranduil) gifs from the extended edition instead

so i want to know

a) do you want to see gifs?

b) what spoiler tags would be the most convenient to you?

i’m asking bc it’s rather tedious to record all the videos from itunes and compress them and do a sacrifice and other gif stuff like that 


have some intense beauty on your dash as well 

Hana Akari no Koibumi
Hana Akari no Koibumi

Preview of Akatsuki’s second song, Hana Akari no Koibumi, taken from the newest preview.

Akatsuki’s songs are all so pretty.

Pretty music, pretty instrument, pretty singing voices, and pretty lyrics. The lyrics are especially so poetic I’m torn between wanting to translate it and scared to do so because I can’t write poem in English. But in the end, I tried, so if you have time and want to know the general meaning, please click read more!

(it should be noted as always that the lyrics is not official yet and I only wrote what I hear)

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Snapchat (Drabble Series) P.3

Pairing: Best Friend!Bucky x Reader

Prompt: The reader loves to take snapchats of Bucky, and he likes to take snapchats of the reader.

Words: 400

Warning: LANGUAGE 

A/N: Two parts in one day, because I really love this part! I don’t know how long I should make this, so please tell me if you want more! 

Masterlist  (part 1+2 are there) Request

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It was the morning after your beach day with Bucky and Steve, and you were planning on getting revenge on Bucky for not deleting the video after you told him to do so. Today you had to go train with him so you thought that it would be the perfect time to do so.

You entered the training room and you immediately headed towards Bucky who was already sitting on the mat stretching.

“You ready to get your ass beat boy?” You asked Bucky as you put your stuff down, and sitting next to him.

“I should be asking you the same thing (Y/N)” He responded as he got up and got ready. You stood up as well and began training.

Half an hour later, you had managed to beat his ass and now, you were both lying on the mat trying to ease your breathing. Once you started breathing normally again, you got up and headed over to where you had put your water and your phone down earlier when you came in.

You turned around and saw Bucky pulling his shirt over his head. You saw this as the perfect moment to to what he did to you at the beach.

You grabbed your phone and got ready to film. You pressed opened the app and pressed the white circle down. “DAYUM LOOK AT MY BEST FRIEND’S ABS” You exclaimed basically repeating what he had said about you yesterday.

His head shot up from looking at his own phone, and he immediately rolled his eyes. He threw the shirt he was holding in his hand at you, which caused you to stop recording. You quickly wrote ‘Payback’s a bitch’ on the snapchat and added it to your story before going over to where he was standing looking annoyed.

“How does it feel like getting objectified? Not very good does it.” You said punching his arm slightly.

“Go suck a dick.” Bucky said jokingly pulling you into a side hug.

“Ok, let me go find Steve so I can do just that.” You said with a smirk as you started walking out of the training room.

“What the actual fuck?!? (Y/N) Come back! I was just kidding!”

“I wasn’t!! Bye Buck! I’ll see you later!” You shouted back at him. When you reached the door you winked and left the room, and an extremely shocked Bucky, behind.

I really love that I’ve seen so many posts about “adele’s music video has more views than taylor’s!” and “adele is gonna walk all over 1989 with 25″ 

because as if the media doesn’t compare and pit women against each other enough, we have to do it ourselves, right?

adele is flawless; her new album will no doubt do spectacularly and might even beat a lot of the records set by 1989, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should be comparing that in a nasty way - it should be celebrated that a woman artist can do that at the drop of the hat - like beyonce or taylor - and take the music world by storm with her talent

it just doesn’t really make sense to me - both women are so talented. healthy competition is always good because it makes every artist try harder to be better than those before them, but I feel like all this has been more damaging than anything 


TFWI’s Supernatural Season 10 finale reaction Video

Last year we put up a Q&A video and now this year, we’re sharing our reaction video to the last five minutes of the Seaon 10 SPN finale! It’s 4 months late but better late than never!

This is how Amanda and I watch Supernatural whether we’re together or not. This show is going to kill us. Enjoy our faces. We would love to do more stuff like this especially with follower interaction!  

Note: We (or just Ruth. It’s basically Ruth) are a little loud so you should probably lower your volume a bit. Amanda and I are also going to NJCon 2015 so if you see us feel free to say hi!


i had this idea to start making youtube videos and this is my second video

here is the post were i talked about my other video ideas

this vid it kinda a part 2 to the video i made last week

and yehh h h this video is less negative than the last one

with these 2 videos i just wanted to spread a little positivity and this is for my friends, mutuals, my followers and everyone on this side really ilyyyy 

i would appreciate if you would message me how you like/suggestions for improvement/if i should do more videos/if you want me to let you know when i post more 

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