loved the lighting in the beginning of the ep

honestly, i’m blown away at how on point that drunk!yuuri plot twist was… usually when shows try to throw that curve (eg. gossip girl or pretty little liars) it throws everything off the curve and usually doesn’t make sense and leaves for so many plotholes that will never be explained. and u can tell that the writers just put that in last minute without thinking of the story in general

yet for yuri on ice, you can tell that this plot twist–ie. the fact that viktor did know yuuri and possibly fell in love with him way earlier than anyone expected–was planned from the beginning. because everything in the previous 9 episodes can now be seen in a new light. not only that, it makes sense too. the fact that you can watch the show in two different perspectives (that is, the perspective w/o having watched episode 10 and also the one w/ the ep 10 knowledge) and have both still make sense w/o any plot holes and stuff is so impressive!! 

it rly shows that the writers really crafted this story rly well, and kudos to them. idk if i can recall any other show that pulled the “plot twist that changes perspective” so well

it’s also a fantastic in the business perspective because it gives people incentive to go back and rewatch all the episodes in crunchyroll, giving more support to the creators so thats rly awesome too~~~~

Goblin, ep. 5 & 6

At the beginning of episode five, when the Goblin realizes he loves Eun Tak, there is a big color shift. These two episodes are drenched with yellow, particularly in the lighting.

You see it in how the Goblin decorates her room.

The restaurants…

The Goblin’s sweaters…

Even in the poles he leans up against.

I just imagine some poor guy having to track down a yellow bike for this shot:

Sorry, got distracted, back on topic. Even when things are dark as the Goblin struggles with a heart-wrenching choice, there are always a few yellow candles burning.

It’s clear his world has shifted on its axis. There is a warmth and brightness that wasn’t there before. And just in case we missed it, the writer hits us over the head:

In Episode 1, two of the characters were treated with a yellow accent, standing out from everyone else. I wondered what they had in common. Those two guys are now his roommates and friends. (If we go with the theory that the young King is now the Grim Reaper.) So for the Goblin, yellow = love.

Beauty and the Beast vs The Force Awakens

• “Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise”; i. e. Takodana, Starkiller Base, Ach-To; lightsaber duels; the Force; Kylo Ren is technically a prince, since Leia is a princess

• “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter 3”; Prince Charming, as I said above, is Kylo; won’t discover until chapter 3, i. e. Ep IX, the third “chapter” of the sequel trilogy, possibly when Kylo’s redemption begins and Rey begins to fall in love with him

• The way Belle looks at the Beast when he steps into the light in the dungeon and she’s frightened by his appearance is reminiscent of Kylo stepping from behind the rocks on Takodana and letting Rey see him for the first time, and she’s frightened by his mask and lightsaber

• As the Beast leads Belle to her chambers, she begins to cry, like Rey did in the interrogation scene. The Beast grows empathetic, and awkwardly attempts to speak to her, much like we see Kylo empathize with Rey’s memories of loneliness and isolation

• “But if the master doesn’t learn to control his temper, he’ll never break the spell”; we see Kylo throw several temper tantrums throughout the film, and he won’t be able to turn to the Light before he learns to let go of/control his anger. Remember, anger is the path to the Dark side.

• “She’s not a prisoner, she’s our guest” vs “You’re my guest”

• The broken furniture in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle, very likely the murdered employees of the castle the Beast killed when the curse was first cast, reminds me of the ashes Kylo keeps, supposedly of his “enemies” that he’s killed. Presumably he wouldn’t want Rey to know that’s what they are, and would try to hide the truth of it from her, much like the Beast forbids Belle from going to the West Wing.

• When Belle first sees the true face of the Beast in a tattered portrait in the West Wing, she looks confused and intrigued, almost the exact same expression on Rey’s face when Kylo removes his mask.

• Belle and Rey both escape from their respective captors into a snowy landscape

• The scene where the Beast rescues Belle from the wolves and a corresponding scene between Kylo and Rey will likely happen either in ep 8 or ep 9; my guess is in 8; afterward, Rey’s feelings about Kylo will begin to change, just as Belle’s did for the Beast

• The Beast collapses, gravely wounded on his arm, into the snow…do I really need to explain this one?

I believe we’ve caught up to where TFA ends, with the Beast/Kylo wounded in the snow and Belle/Rey looking back at them. The rest of the movie is the developing of the romantic relationship between the Beast and Belle, and we haven’t reached that point in the sequel trilogy with Kylo and Rey just yet.

Now, disclaimer: I think a lot of these parallels, if not all of them, are unintentional. However, while the specific parallels might be unintentional, I believe the story of the Beauty and the Beast trope between Kylo and Rey is not unintentional, and in playing into this trope they subconsciously borrowed from one of Disney’s most memorable stories.