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Hi! First of all, your account is amazing, It helps me a lot, so thank you! And, well, I'm searching for fics like Street Brat, but not the plot, I mean how it is written (I love how the author of this fic writes, and I'm searching for fics which have similar writting). Complete fics pls, if they have smut I prefer top!Levi and, idk, if they are canon compliant it'd be perfect (I know this is so specific, sorry! If you can't find anything or something like that don't worry) and thaaank you!💛

The style of writing? Street Brat is probably one of the most visual and descriptive ereri fics out there so this might be a bit tricky. Since this is mostly down to personal opinion, there’s no guarantee you’ll like the writing style, but I think they’re somewhat similar in respect that they’re very… immersive. (Edit: I was so deep into answering this that I forgot to say thank you for the love.<3)

It’s Funny Because Eren Can’t Read
Summary: In the Survey Corps, reading and comprehending paperwork is equally as crucial as it is beyond the realm of Eren’s capabilities. However, with his CO’s confidential tutelage, Eren is sure he’ll be able to catch up with his comrades in no time… if he can shake this unexpected suspicion that his fondness for humanity’s strongest soldier isn’t simple hero worship.

Summary: Watching Eren’s confidence and determination gradually deteriorate as he feels the weight of endless death and failure is the catalyst to a sudden change in Levi’s perspective on freedom and the future of humanity.

Words Cannot Describe
Summary: People had always said that Eren wasn’t right in the head. As a kid, it didn’t bother him. But hearing those words now stung in a way he could never have imagined.

Beyond The Walls
Summary: It was Eren’s first mission with the Survey Corps, and it was supposed to be an easy one. However, the Titans never make anything easy. What was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance turns into a fight for survival when a Titan attack leaves Levi, Eren, and Jean stranded out in the woods, miles away from the Walls. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s the middle of winter.
    With their 3D Maneuver Gear broken beyond repair, they’ll have to overcome more than just the elements to make it back home. Namely, each other. As well as the feelings that Levi and Eren may or may not be starting to have for each other.
    One thing’s for certain: survival is going to be a bitch.


Wait, do people really think it was wrong of Sana to be bus leader over Vilde??? Who has had all the enthusiasm but none of the execution? 

Look I know she wanted this. But where was she when they were 300k in the hole? Was she out there offering any ideas about how to get this shit done? Nope. So tell me how that’s the quality of a leader?