loved nicole in these scenes

do you ever think about how gay you are and then get this really bubbly happy feeling in your chest where it’s kind of hard to breathe because you’re just so happy that you get to like girls??


With all respect to my fellow compatriot, Major Revere, your spirit and mine is made of far heartier stock. Hence our most impressive roster of victories. ‘Tis because we care. Come what may.


Nicole Wallace trying to convince Tony Goldwyn to run for office on The View 5.7.15

Waverly Earp: *basically says she loves Nicole* *but then turns into a demon*



In honor of the amazing WayHaught goodness we got, here’s one of my favorite WayHaught scenes. Waverly + Nicole = Love

Credit to Syfy

Okay but my favourite part of the WayHaught kiss scene is the way Nicole says “What?” after Waverly asks “You know what I’ve always wanted?” Like, she is clearly Feeling Things cause Waverly just burst in and kissed the heck out of her and pushed her down on the couch, but she’s totally willing to stop and listen to the adorable girl who has stolen her heart.

i love how at the start of the Barn Scene, nicole is standing over by the wall and she looks so sad and a bit pissed. willa was so rude to her and completely dismissive of her place in waverly’s life. and waverly is trying so hard with willa, giving her so many free passes, so she doesn’t say anything in nicole’s defence. and of course nicole totally understands that – the importance of family and that this is all new for waverly. so she goes to the barn, but she’s still a little hurt. 

but the SECOND waverly mentions her own struggles, nicole just completely puts all of that aside. she rushes across to waverly and she’s so gentle and tender and understanding. “i know, baby.” she Gets It and she’s going to do everything to make waverly feel better, feel good. waverly’s happiness is so much more important to her than anything she might be feeling herself.

nicole haught is the girlfriend of your dreams