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What if we are obsessed with a historical figure because they're watching us in the after life and are fascinated with us?

i think this is the most beautiful thought and the ardent  prayer of all Historians.

And what if their obsessions matches our own?

When Lin Manuel Miranda gets to Heaven, is Alexander Hamilton going to have a musical for Lin? 

When Lora Innes of @thedreamercomic gets to the pearly gates, does she get a welcome from Joseph Warren and Knowlton’s Rangers?

And when @ladyhistory wakes up to the Great Mount Vernon in the sky, who will be there to greet her? George Washington with His Captioned Adventures T-Shirt or Teddy Roosevelt handing her a rough rider’s hat?

this is the historian’s dream. 

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  • If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention- Ramsay Bolton

make me choose // peeta-baelish asked: rhaegar targaryen & jon connington or renly baratheon & loras tyrell?

I buried him with mine own hands, in a place he showed me once when I was a squire at Storm’s End. No one shall ever find him there to disturb his rest.


-  Can it send me to Hawaii?
                    -  Yeah, but you gotta purchase
               your program 30 days in advance.