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Take your time! You're doing awesome and your comics are amazing! I love your art and I love your plot and the huge twist in Fatal_Error's story. I did not expect such a dark turn! I'm sorry if some people are rushing you, you're doing amazing and some people out there are just really impatient. Don't worry though, me and several others will support you all the way! You got this!

Aww thank you, I appreciate the support :) I don’t feel like I’m being rushed or anything - if anything, I know it’s coming from a place of excitement which I can relate to, I’m just feeling a bit exasperated that it’s taking me so long to finish the things I’m working on. I just want to start on Chapter Three already XD I really do appreciate everyone’s patience, though, it makes it a lot easier for me. Thank you :)

I hope you’ll think what I’m working on was worth the wait!

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so... in your opinion, do you think mutsuki looked bored/annoyed at the fake execution bc he knew that wasnt kaneki + the hypocresy of ccg or did he lowkey tried to avoid to watch bc in a lucid state he has touble watching people get hurt? i would love to see some positive development from him in the future bc at this point i can really see how it can get worse, tbh i dont think he will give away :re, it seems to easy though i would love a confrontation with touka, that would be nice

Mutsuki’s definitely rolling his eyes there. The most likely explanation is that he knew it wasn’t Kaneki. From what we know of Mutsuki post-rueshima he’s become conscious for the most part of what would otherwise be his fugue state persona’s actions. Which means most likely he remembers these events in detail after the fact, even though he recovers to a more stable kind of mood. During that time, Mutsuki already bore witness to this:

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Just beat it today after getting it a week ago…LIKE REALLY THOUGH, WTF WITH THAT ENDING SQUARE ENIX? REALLY?




God, Evangelion had a more satisfying ending and felt more hopeful than that did…..AND AFTER YOU MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH NOCTIS TOO? FUCK.YOU. SQUARE ENIX. 

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BTW this is just a warning to the onslaught of FF15 AUS I’m probably gonna shit out because of this…this travesty.

La Vie En Rose (Loki x reader)

Warnings: none really

Note: just something short i wrote! English is not my first language, and please give me feedback!

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The rain was falling outside, making you more relaxed than you thought you could be. As one of the Avengers it wasn’t often you were relaxed at all. Though, the late night talks with Loki helped a lot. It was like he understood you in a way no other did. He listened and answered. You had fun together. Your friendship evolved to something with unclear boundaries. You loved him, that was for sure, but how you loved him, you didn’t know.

“Can I come in?” you heard Loki ask from behind the door. Quickly you sat your hair so it didn’t look so messy and tried to hide the smile on your lips.

“Yeah sure.” You answered. The door opened, and in came Loki. He didn’t have anything but his pants on. It took your breath away. ‘God he is handsome’ you thought, and tried to hide your blushing face. He smiled at you and walked towards your bed, where you were sitting.

“What did you want Loki?” you asked, hoping he wouldn’t ever leave.

“I just, I wanted to talk. You’re the only one who likes me here.” He said quietly. You got up from the bed and walked towards him. His eyes followed your every move. You took his hands in yours, looked into his pained, green eyes.

“They don’t matter. If they can’t see the amazing in you, they don’t deserve you.” You said and smiled to him. He chuckled. It sounded amazing.

Suddenly, he leaned forward. Slowly. You were forehead against forehead. Not easy when he was so tall compared to you. He sighed deeply, got himself together, and finally pressed his sweet, soft, cold lips onto yours.


When you kiss me, heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see La Vie En Rose

When you press me to your heart

I’m in a world apart

A world where roses bloom

And when you speak angels sing from above

Everyday words seem to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me

And life will always be

La Vie En Rose

Songs used:

La Vie En Rose - Daniela Andrade 




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i want to get back into grumps after about 5 months, what are the best series they've done in that kinda time frame?


I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO RECOMMEND SNIPPERCLIPS. It is so damn pure and cute and it is a feel good playthrough for sure!! 

The 2017 Steam Train because my child Jack Walsh worked super hard on it and it’s damn good content. 

Breath of the Wild has been pretty good if that’s your jam

The guest grumps with Finn Wolfhard (they did 2 but I am only linking the first one) 

Pokemon Sun even though they are taking a break on it 

Paper Mario: TTYD (I personally really love this play through) 

Dan’s solo spacequest playthrough

Game Grumps VS: Tennis 

Spooky Halloween Live Action Video 

Resident Evil HD Remake 

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Sometimes your sass (is that the right word? Is using "sass" rude? IDK moving on) your sass gives me life. I love how opinionated you are about some things. If this comes off as rude? It really not meant to be and im sorry if it does ? D': Love you bab

LMFAO AFDJHFJKADGJKK thank you!!! i’m very opinionated on so many things??? ive gotten tired of being shy and would rather kick ass lol but yeah i’m very sarcastic and sassy but it’s because i’m tired lol i try to be really nice though because i don’t want someone to see me and get like that instant “eugh” vibe??? so like i know when to stop

also sometimes i’ll be texting @sassy-sims and sass her off and she’ll be like “did she do that? she did that” but i always mean it lovingly so its ok :p

love u too bb :*

Bonner and Sharna

Oh shit. It’s time. I say as if I haven’t already watched the dance like a dozen times…

Pretty dance with a pretty lady.

Ugh. So pretty. 

That little zoom in on their hands and his thumb though…

Alright. Focus. The dance was good. Nice and simple and pretty. Honestly, maybe not quite worth an 8. (See, I can be unbiased.) Solid 7.5. He’s just not a natural dancer and performer and that’s ok. I appreciated I think Bruno saying that he could tell they worked really hard to get it right because they clearly did. He needs to be a little more smooth and comfortable in his movements. But it was an improvement and that’s all I ask. 

And they’re in love, but that’s my own problem… 

ME:A Review

I’ve finished the main story and all ‘meaty’ sidequests (I did skip some of the tasks), so here are my thoughts on the game as a whole. And some thoughts about the Jaal romance, as that’s the one I did.

Spoiler free until after the read more, where I’ll discuss some story specific things. I loved the game, so even though I also list the negatives, I am very happy with the game overall, and if any of you are still on the fence because of the negativity we’ve seen, I’d say definitely give it a go!


- The main story; even though some of it felt a bit predictable, I was really invested in it, and it has some great emotional moments. (I have some gripes, but I’ll discuss it more in the spoiler section)

- The crew; I loved all of them and by the end I just wanted more time with them. I know Bioware has said this isn’t a new trilogy, but I just really want Ryder and the crew back! And not like me2 where you can’t take everyone with you.

- The Angara; I was a bit disappointed that we were only meeting one new species (and the Kett I suppose), but that did give the game enough time to really establish the Angara, who they are as a species, what motivates them, and create a lot of Angaran characters who felt very real.

- Combat; it’s so much fun in this game! I’ve said it before, but really I love it. If you’ve just come out of replaying the trilogy, it’ll probably take some getting used to, but once you do, it’s a lot of fun.

- Crafting; sure it felt overwhelming at times, but once I took the time to figure out what was going on, I really enjoyed this system.

- The crew gets a lot of content. Which is good, because characters are the number one reason I play bioware games. And the content is good.

- It really felt like you were an explorer. The scale just felt bigger, and Ryder felt smaller, like you would in a new galaxy.

- I like the new ‘react now for a sudden reaction’ system. I wish there were more moments like that! Some were really tense and genuinely had me nervous about making the wrong choice.

- The sidequest felt more meaty and meaningful than da:i, and I enjoyed them.

- Havarl; that place is so gorgeous! I loved exploring it and it’s the only planet (besides 2 I can’t mention without spoilers)  of the bunch that I actually want to visit again in any possible sequel to this game.

- Kadara Port; it’s the closest Bioware has ever gotten to creating a living city (or settlement/ outpost).

- The Jaal romance, can’t speak to the others (I have seen the Reyes romance), but it was done so well it really felt like it added to my enjoyment of the game.

- Letting us colour our clothes/ armour

- Jumping! ;)


- While I liked playing explorer, the worlds felt so empty.

They can brag all they want about maps being bigger than da:i, but at least da:i’s areas had more than just seas of sand/ snow. There’s a reason why I loved Havarl, besides it just looking really cool, it also looked like a place I want to explore.

I’m sorry but riding around sand/ snow dunes with the nomad isn’t exploring. And the occasional enemy isn’t going to relieve the boredom of having done that for 70 hours. There was some banter in the nomad, but that ran out long before I finished the game (and yes I used different combinations of crew members) and I was just left in silence, no music, no banter, just the sound of the nomad (sound that cut out half the time). Even at the remnant sites you didn’t have to activate there was nothing going on.

I get what they were going for and I get that it’s probably partially the limitations of what systems can run right now, but then just don’t do it. Much as people hate always comparing things to TW3, you can’t deny that that game had variety in the environment that invited you to explore without resorting to huge deserts. Or deserts with red trees. Or deserts with lakes. Or snow deserts. HZD had a much smaller map, but I will always prefer that over desserts.

Beside Havarl the other two planets I liked most were Habitat 7 (or Ryder 1), which of course we couldn’t really explore except for the mission set there, and Meridian, which we couldn’t explore at all because you have to rush through it in the final mission. But those two and Havarl were the nicest planets. Just let us walk next time, stop the giant dessert maps, smaller maps is fine as long as they’re alive with plant-life, animals, and content beyond random enemies.

- Pop up everywhere

Yes, oddly enough, even though the worlds are so empty, the game still suffered from a lot of pop up. I’ll be honest, I don’t normally mind a bit of pop up, most of the time when people complain about it I just shrug… but this game man… it was insane. Grass would pop up BEHIND the nomad, whole buildings would pop up when I was just meters away from it, even when walking the grass would pop up while walking over it. People would pop up, sometimes just in front of me, sometimes in the air before the building would pop up. I’ve run it on my PC (and tried so many settings) and on my PS4 and both had the same issues, even though my PC is a lot more powerful and should be able to run it on its highest settings.

Ironically enough, the place (the interiors not included) that had the least pop up - but still some - was Havarl! The least empty of the worlds!

- The family’s story

I’ll explain in the spoiler section.

- Lazy design of NPCs.

I’m sorry, while I don’t think Bioware deserves all the negativity we’ve seen,  they do deserve criticism over the lazy designs the game is full of.

Obviously the Asari are one of the most noticeable ones… they all have the same face!!! Only Peebee gets her own face. Who okayed that? In one scene there were three Asari standing next to each other and it looked ridiculous. They couldn’t even be bothered to give Lexi her own face.

Most of the Turians are white, for some reason, not only does it make them look wildly different from what we’ve seen from Turians before, in a lot of the lighting, the white plating looks really cheap. I’m not even sure how to word it. Honestly, Garrus with his nice HD mods on PC looks better than these Turians.

I’m not sure how they designed the human characters, at times it almost looks like they used me3 CC… but there are some hideous creatures out there. Obviously Addison is the worst, just because you see her clown-faced/ doll-eyed appearance A LOT in the game. But I’ve seen others that creeped me out as well. Some just looked really bad as if they’d been imported from me1, others looked… scary…

(^^This one was so bad I saved a picture to show my bf because I can’t describe how bad this face is. Why are the eyes so close together,  why is the nose sooooo small!? Was this generated by an AI raised on Hellraiser movies!?)

- Not being able to do anything with your crew when it came to their gear, or wtf they were doing in combat… Every combo I managed was a coincidence. Also, how is it even possible that you give them fixed weapons but then in some cutscenes they don’t even have their own weapons?

- Scanning (minor gripes really)

I don’t mind scanning, and I think it’s a believable thing for the pathfinder to do. But all forms of scanning have issues.

For instance, scanning from the Tempest forces you to watch the whole animation of travelling to the point you scanned. It looks beautiful, and it’s fine for travelling to a destination, but with scanning it just becomes so tedious.

Scanning in the nomad was better, but it looked ridiculous to then see that probe hanging above the car/ land. Still, it worked fine enough.

Scanning by hand… it works fine except for some things, like it isn’t always *that* clear where it wants you to scan, and some of the quests that involve scanning need to be changed. Especially that minesweeping quest! AHH! It was the most frustrating thing in the whole game, and I’m fairly certain it just kept creating new mines because I kept finding new ones in the area I already scanned.

- The CC, yes, still. There are some amazing facial animations in the game (in a few important scenes), I think that’s why they’ve gone with this restricted CC, but I’d happily trade those few moments for a real CC.

- They could have done so much more with SAM (will discuss it further in the spoiler section)

Story discussion, and some thoughts on the Jaal romance (with SPOILERS):

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Martha! So I'm going to be attending my local Byzantine Catholic Church for Mass. I'm so excited, but I don't want to look like an idiot. Any do's/don'ts i should be aware of?

AAAAAAAAH, my friend you’re going to love it. Like I’m most definitely biased but I think the Eastern Church is the most beautiful form of worship on earth and I always get excited when people decide to attend liturgy.

•So you should definitely venerate the icons! They’ll most likely have one on a podium thing, standing front and center (sometimes as many as three). I usually venerate the icon as soon as I enter and the last thing i do before I leave. It’s super simple: stand before the icon, cross yourself twice, kiss the icon on the lower corner, and then cross yourself again.

• Don’t venerate the icons while wearing lipstick tho because the last thing you want is a bright pink kiss mark on it😂

•Cross yourself and bow in the direction of the iconostasis (the beautiful screen of icons which connects the knave of the church to the sanctuary, where the altar and tabernacle are kept) before entering your pew! There may not be pews, if not that’s okay. Bow upon entering and exiting the church.

• Don’t genuflect or kneel. In the east kneeling is is viewed as an act of penance and sorrow. But Sunday is a little Easter, it is a joyous occasion! So rejoice!!!! Stand during the consecration and after receiving the Eucharist😁

• The whole liturgy is in song! Your church will most likely have a little book that contains all the prayers and hymns if you want to follow along! Even if you can’t find the book, there’s a few parts that are repeated a LOT! By the end of Liturgy you’ll be singing “Lord have mercy” like a pro

• Before the Homily, the priest may say “Glory to Jesus Christ” and you’ll respond by saying, “Glory to him forever.”

• Do receive the Eucharist! (As long as you’re properly disposed to receive of course. Any Catholic may receive the Eucharist at any Catholic Church, Roman or Eastern. But Catholics aren’t permitted to receive Eucharist from an Orthodox Church.) The Byzantine Church use leavened bread, not communion wafers. It’s cut into little sugar cube sizes and and mixed with the wine. The priest administers the Eucharist directly into your mouth with a spoon. You’ll walk up with your hands folded over your chest, tilt your head back, open your mouth (but don’t stick out your tongue), and the priest will give you the Eucharist. He may ask your name right before too.

• Don’t shut your mouth down on the spoon! Don’t stick your tongue out because the Body might fall. And if you’re not going to receive communion, don’t walk up for a blessing, just remain standing.

•Do venerate the cross! Anyone can do it, Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant whatever. It’s super easy. The priest will say the proper greeting for the Liturgical season, and you reply with the proper response. As of right now the priest would say something along the lines of “Christ is among us”, to which you would reply, “He is and ever shall be” (these change during Christmas and Easter though) After that you’ll kiss the cross and then kiss the priest’s hand that’s holding the base of the cross. We kiss the cross because it’s the instrument of our salvation and we kiss the priest’s hand because his hands have held the most holy Body and Blood of Jesus.

•Some parishes don’t do the hand kiss though, so you may want to double check.

•Do partake in the antidoron, just like venerating the cross anyone can do it! After you kiss the cross you’ll walk past an altar server carrying a bowl or a basket. It’s filled with bread. Blessed but not consecrated, so it’s not the Eucharist, just bread. Take it. Not the whole bowl though because rude, take one piece. If there’s extra they’ll pass it around and then you can get more if you’d like.

•Cross yourself as often as you’d like and whenever you feel it’s appropriate. There are a few parts where you bow but the priest will tell you “bow your heads to the lord” so you don’t need to worry about knowing when, and you can also just take queues from those around you! ☺️

• If you have an Eastern Christian friend, ask them to go with you. They can help answer any questions about why something is or how something should be done. If you don’t know anyone from the Church already, I would get there a little early and introduce yourself to the priest or deacon or just a friendly looking lay person. These are usually very small communities so if you introduce yourself to one person you’ll quickly become acquainted with just about everyone.

I know it sounds like a lot, but everyone there is going to be so kind and understanding, so don’t worry about doing everything _perfect_ Your primary concern should just be being there, and worshiping Christ and encountering him with all your senses. Like literally hearing, feeling, taste, touch, smell; It’s amazing. I wish I could go with you! There’s nothing I love more than bringing friends to Liturgy with me!

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omg how do u play azir like that! i put like a full month into that dude and did Not get any better omg

i just really love control mages and being able to hold sway over the zones of a fight, which is probably because ori is my favorite champion and i look for people who play similarly to her

thank you though! this is very flattering


Impossible Love

by Lilytita

I do not understand

why it happened that way.

Impossible, they said,

a spring love is sweet

but as time itself it will pass.

When you realise it’s here

it will disappear.

Why did I stay?

Even though spring love passed

these memories are sly robbers

once my feelings were stolen

I could not spent another day.

Spring love indeed had been done

the flowers had withered, gone.

Now I’m a willing prisoner. 

My life sewed, my mind addicted,

to this person, this love, this moment. 

Hi guys, this is the last Spring Love pictures and poem I’m going to post. Hope you enjoyed. It was really fun do write them. 

Have a good day!  :**

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what is your and pirozhki-prince's love story? how did u meet and how did u two get together?? if you dont mind me asking!! feel free to ignore aaaa i just find you both really adorable ; o ;

omg ok ofc i dont mind it’s totally fine to ask, also tysm <3 >,<

so we legit met on tumblr fangirling over yoi

in the words of @otayuri-queen we ‘low-keyed our feelings even though they were high-key’ and now we’re going to Barcelona together and spend nearly every waking hour talking

we agreed to keep things on the down low but somehow tumblr figured us out lmfao

BUT @pirozhki-prince still hasn’t actually asked me to be her girlfriend sooooo….


My UR scouting luck continues!

I wanted to do a pull for the New Year’s Chika and You SRs. Didn’t get Chika, but I did get the You! As far as SRs go, I managed to score some pretty nice ones. But I also unexpectedly managed to pull Christmas You! I’m glad because it’s one of my favorite Aqours URs! I think I’m You cursed for Aqours, because I have a ton of her cards.

Then in blue tickets I scored China Dress Nico and Constellation Maki. My smile team really needed another UR, so I’m glad for that lol I must be Maki cursed, though. This is my third UR of her xP  She came to me in my last blue ticket pull, and before I did it I even said, “I swear to god if it’s Maki…” And low and behold haha Oh well. Maki is third best Muse girl, and I love this card, so I can’t complain! :D My pure team is bomb. This is my sixth pure UR lol

I also managed to get Dia’s initial SSR, but I sold her so I could idolize my Chika SSR instead. No regrets.

GOOD SCOUT THOUGH! NO COMPLAINTS! No idea what I’m saving for next. Honoka’s birthday box isn’t until August, and I’m not particularly interested in any of the upcoming sets. We’ll have to wait and see!

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Hey! I was wondering, did you guys ever think of having like a little forum section somewhere, where people can share pictures of their horrors and other critters from you all? I admit I love seeing and talking with other owners out there, as well as seeing some of the variety in the customs people have ordered!

That’s a really neat idea! Unfortunately its probably not do-able since neither of us have time to moderate something like that, let alone figure out how to work it into the website.
We always take picture submissions for adopted horrors though!

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"This party is so boring Katara, why'd we even come?"- Zuko "Oh it's not that bad! Come on Zuko let's dance!"- Katara

“This party is so boring, Katara. Why did we even come?” 

“Oh c’mon, Zuko. Lighten up! It’s not that bad. Come dance with me!” Katara smiled as she pulled Zuko towards her, Zuko smiled, finally. 

He grabbed her, and picked her up, spinning them around. Katara giggled as he spun them around. He smiled at her. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as boring as I thought. 

They danced the night away together, not caring if people were watching them. Only watching each other, enjoying each other, and most of all, loving each other. 

Okay, so this was short and really ew, but today was my first day back to hell (school) and I’m running on E. I did finish the smutty thing though! I should be posting it late tonight, or early tomorrow! 

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oooh, there's also yurionicetarotproject, and it seems really interesting?? i'd love to see your work as one of the cards...

oh myyy that really looks good and interesting!! lol haha a friend had a similiar idea last summer, only with Mystic Messenger tarot cards! we never did it though ;v; but thank you for telling me about this! ahhh idk if I should apply..I have a con in June and deadline for this is 17th June..hmmmm DXXXX

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did you actually get a lot of hate on tumblr bc you are a fan of Casey?

you know, not really. we didn’t start running this blog until after the oscars though so i feel like we missed out on prime hate time. i made this blog, however, to avoid conflict with mutuals that are my friends on my personal blog. i didn’t want to have to fight them over my love and support of casey and wanted a blog i could do that in peace on (while also knowing we’d likely get SOME shit, but honestly we’ve not gotten much of anything). i keep waiting for lots of hate but it never comes. however, i do delete negative asks on the rare occasion we get them and block blogs that make negative replies on our posts or reblog and say negative things. our sidebar says this is a positive space for casey and im determined to keep it that way 😊

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Who teach to draw as amazing as you do?! Are you a professional graphic designer or something? Your job is a cool! I really want to draw like you one day! Kisses~

Oh my god! Can I hug Viktor?! Please~? He is as cute and handsome and cool and… Yuuri too! He is really cute!

(Just adding your other ask in here too lol)
I’m pretty much self-taught drawing-wise haha. I did get my bachelors in graphic design though!
THANK YOU and you can totally draw! You just gotta practise!
(and yes you can hug viktor & yuuri omg they love hugs)