loved her in oc

Cloud and Midnight pearl
A couple of rebels in love!

Cloud’s weapon is an umbrella and Midnight’s is a telescope that can shoot laser blasts like Crystal pearl’s spear… but farther away and in smaller blasts, like a sniper.

Backgrounds are hell but I’m going to try doing more… 

sarazzprime  asked:

I don't know about anyone else but after I got hooked on KnB, I auto started creating this female OC who played basketball, admired American basketball pros Derick Rose and Chris Paul, and when she played basketball she played as rough and fierce as a guy imitating a lot Derick Rose's drives since she played point guard position herself. I don't know why I felt compelled to share this with you.... but I'm assuming it's from reading through your last scenario post 😅 I just really like your blog.

HEY OMG YOUR OC SEEMS BRILLIANT I LOVE HER. if you ever wanna share your OCs with me, guys, feel free to!!!! We can make our own little group of basketball players hehe!!

But honestly i feel you, it’s hard not to make an OC for the KNB-verse, because i personally feel like it’s a story that can be applied to so many characters in so many different ways. Plus it’s always fun to think about an OC interacting with the original characters!!! The characters are so dynamic, it leaves so much room for opportunity!!

Again, your OC sounds amazing and i love her pls give her a hug for me

so i figure ill do the bachelor challenge for both etienne and brynden but who to do first hmmmmm 

probably not gonna include their canon LIs (dorian and erik specifically) and just use ocs. kira’s definitely gonna be in etienne’s one because #aurorienne 4 lyfe even if they dont end up together. 

and if i enjoy the challenges enough ill do a bachelorette one with like. visenya? probably visenya i love her

but yeah. if anyone wants to throw in ocs for this challenge hmu gender of the oc doesnt matter at all because the bi lads are ready to have a fuckin good time w/ anyone

some doodle-y warmups of @cat-pun‘s Ophelia (drawn with minimal reference forgive me)

 hope you guys werent tired of my tiefling yet because heres more of her. this time with outfits

(worth mentioning - she also has a hellhound pup for a companion! it has wolf stats for now because real hellhounds are like a lv. 10 creature and that would be massively overpowered, but i dont even care lmao i just wanted a dog thats also on fire)