loved her hair in this

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Do you still take smut prompts? I was dry humping my boyfriend on the weekend until he came (gotta love being in control and he loved every second of it) anyway any chance of writing a smutty CS fic where Emma humps Killian till he explodes?

ten minute warm up with this amazing story, thanks for sharing!! ;)

Sometimes, making it up to the bedroom was too much work.

Sometimes, shedding all of their clothes was too much work.

And today, shedding any clothes at all was definitely not on her agenda.

She loved the way his hair looked after a particularly intense make-out session. It stuck up in wisps and curled in a way that read “wrecked” and very much enhanced the look of hungry desperation on his face as he watched her straddle his hips.

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↠ ↠ Araleen Mahariel, Hero of Ferelden


Archetype: The Shield

Tarot: The Chariot // Willpower, achievement

Motto: Ductus exemplo // Lead by example

Represented By: The Column //  Fortitude and constancy

Self Description: “Expendable”


Armed With: Sword and shield (Dumat’s Spine - Bulwark of the True King)

Accompanied By: Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran or Loghain

Strategy: Overpower, War Cry, Carapace

Catchphrase: “Νο.”


Core Desire: A purpose

Talent: Commitment, perseverance

Tragic Flaw: Selflesness

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Granted you've drawn Moon with her hair down. But since that little promo with Moon in a different style. You ever had MoonToffee ideas where Toffee sees Moon put her hair down and will get awestruck or something

Maybe? I love her hair in the promo. I love seeing her hair down.

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Jasmine's hair is to die for (especially her short hair)! Has she ever talked about the products she uses/what her hair care routine is??

Hi there! 

She has not specifically mentioned any products nor her routine, but just by observation (i really looked into this since i love her hair too), I noticed that in her old dressing room at The Public/Richard Rogers, she had this product  by her mirror quite often. Other than that, I’m not sure what her routine is but I will keep an eye out!


The Fair Ones Don't Play Fair (Elsewhere University x RPDR Crossover) 1/8 - Wednesday Angeline

A/N: crossover fic, university and fantasy AU. The Elsewhere University universe (by Sam, @charminglyantiquated, official blog located at @elsewhereuniversity) but with drag race characters, because Elsewhere University has absolutely sucked me in. I also threw in a few of my OCs, I hope that’s okay :) I’ve tried to make everything as accurate to Elsewhere U as possible, but I may have missed a few things, please do correct me! Feel free to message me with feedback or questions @wednesday-angeline :)

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Cardi b on natural hair