lovecraftian humor

Fallen London

I’ve been playing Fallen London for a couple of months. What a great game! Especially since the number of actions is limited, so you can’t waste whole day on it. Plus it’s free and you can play it on your phone.

If you like the Victorian setting + Lovecraftian lore + humor and horror, I absolutely recommend it! At times the writing in the game is better lovecraftian fiction than many of Lovecraft’s own works in my opinion (but you’ve got to play a while to get to the good stuff, some of it is premium content, but not all).

So if you’re fond of the setting of Dishonored or Bloodborne you’re probably going to love it! It’s a bit of a grind at times, but it’s not a time-wasting grind and much less so than it used to be. Give it a try, it gets really good after first few weeks when you get the hang of things and start getting into the longer stories.

There’s Eldritch Capitalistic Bats from Space, Actual Devils, Rubbery Men with Faces of Squid, Tomb Colonists Wrapped in Bandages, Talking Cats, Murder Tag with Knives and Candles, and a sentient Bazaar. What’s not to love?