365 Days of Love: Day #47 - Prayer for Mrs. Bacal.
(Photo credits to Alyssa/@alyssalabroski)

Oh Mrs. Bacal, it’s crazy how I thought about you a few days ago. Everyday, Me and Mr. La Volpe still take after you with the “Hello Kitty!/Child!” thing. Something that’ll stick with me forever.

I remember my sophomore year, I was placed into your 9th period Chemistry class with myself being the only underclassmen surrounded by juniors. However, a week after, I was switched into your 6th period class. I was doing pretty well the first two marking periods and I remember you would always praise me with your accent saying “Really smart child” and pat my head or back. Or those times where we’re all taking a test and you’re rolling in your seat checking how everyone is doing and then jokingly go “No cheating. I can see under your little nose.” Your method of teaching was pretty good. To be honest, I did not like science, but the class was pretty fun despite how rowdy we were.

As far as I can remember, your personality was well-loved. You were really kind, and pretty outspoken when you had problems with school supplies. I remember when Joan and I decided to stay with you on the last day of school. We got to learn about your dog, your daughter, and your garden. Your random stories about Romania and Russia, your school days. The way you showed off your mole figurine and how you celebrated Mole Day. How you picked on Gulo or David and a few others, and sometimes have me write on the board. But I will never forget that time where I walked with you back to class while you pushed your cart, that supported you to walk, filled with everything. We talked about our personal lives; you asked me about my early life and family, and you did the same. During our stroll down the science wing, I lost my earring and you were willing to help me look for it, but it didn’t matter. Haha.

Oh, Mrs. Bacal.. I smile right now remembering how you were with us the last month of my junior year, and the first few months of my senior year and you left. You didn’t need your cart anymore because your hip didn’t give you anymore problems. All I can recall were the smiles you gave me, and how we would always greet each other “Good morning!” and sometimes you offering me an apple, when you came back from your surgery. Did I mention how awesome your hugs were? They were pretty warm hugs, haha. Thank you for those, and thank you for teaching me the basics of Chemistry and having me memorize Avogadro’s number. 

Mrs. Bacal, I still can’t believe what happened. I was looking forward to you coming back again this year. I wanted to actually visit your classes and say hello. Lastly, I wanted you to sign my yearbook while calling me “Little kitty,” and give you a “Thank You” card stating how thankful I was having you as a teacher. You were one-of-a-kind.

You are in safe place now. I’m sure now that you will feel no pain. I remember your hip has given you trouble for years, but no longer will that pain exist up there. Let Him heal and welcome you with open arms. Be happy up there, and guide us when you can. Forever we will be your “Little Kitties/Children”. Rest in Peace, Mrs. Bacal. We love you and we will miss you.


P.S. I’m going to honestly say that, if you’ve never encountered or had Mrs. Bacal, you have not experienced CPHS as a whole. She was the best, definitely one of the teachers that stood out. She’s a pretty awesome woman.

The good news of today, and the reason to celebrate. I GOT INTO RUTGERS NEWARK ARTS & SCIENCES - COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM! (It’ll be an easy transfer for me to New Brunswick now!)

I meant to post about it earlier today but since I know everyone’s most likely to be on this hour, I decided to share it right now. The picture is my literal reaction when I opened up my RU status when I woke up. I took the picture RIGHT when I opened my status.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good! He brings NOTHING but GOOD NEWS. I’m so thankful. I’m so grateful.


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