April 28th, 2014

Hey lovelies! I’m excited to say I received my packages LoveCollections and Chicnova! I adore the headband bow Rie sent me, the Paramore Lover White Bow Headband, which I posted on my main blog [see the post here]

I got the Forest Print Point Collar Chiffon Blouse and the Floral Skater Dress from Chicnova! I did a photoshoot today with one of my best friends for the blouse; the dress, however, came in too small so I will hopefully be reordering it soon♥

Photoshoot photos will be posted once they are edited, I can’t wait for you guys to see them! In the mean time, I encourage you guys to check out these two great stores♥

abt that post earlier, i love putting things in their place, i lovecollecting things and sorting them and filling in what i dont have. 

when i was abt 3 i had a ton of little toy cars in a drawer on a side table and everyday i would get them out and park them in little parking spaces and i would get so satisfied when i pulled one car into a space right between the other two „ i would do my excited little hand thing and roll my tongue and breathe rlly quickly out of it which is something i still do when i’m excited

but ye i used to be rlly obsessed with parking spaces and now that i think abt it like that was a rlly stereotypically autistic thing to do and i cannot believe that like no one ever picked up on that ??

actually yes i can its bc no one wanted to believe im autistic bc im ‘good’ and get ‘good grades’ lol

but ye i love collecting things esp books and pokemon cards

i have my binder with the card sleeve sheets in it and i sort them by dex number and i obviously dont have all of them, so when i fill a space it makes me so satisfied and i organise them all the time it’s so calming

and i rearrange my bookshelf all the time sometimes i’ll change it to being organised by colour and then back to author name and i’ll keep changing it

idk what the point of this post was but ye

Three of my loves in life 1) @vspink 2) @cartier oh yeah and 3) @callhimdizzy who got me the bracelet 😹💕 | #love #vspink #lovepink #cartierlove #Cartierjewelery #Cartier #lovecollection #victoriassecret #victoriassecretpink #whitegirl #whitehot #princessemma #prettymuch #crazycatlady #obsessivecatdisorder #mylove #lifemylove #lovemylife #lovinglife #livinglife #happiness #spoiled #pink #comfyclothes #comfy #girlswithtattoos #tattooedandemployed #inkedanimallover #animallover #onegoodgirlisworthathousandbitches