“E-eh? Uh.. N-nice to meet you, I guess. I’m an SHSL Spy though, s-so don’t bother going near such a dangerous person like me.." 

Remember this SaiOuma lovechild?

This time I made a sprite thing for him using Ouma’s and Saihara’s sprite as a reference www

I also tried copying NDRV3′s introduction cutscene ww I hope it turned out well since I’m not really sure how to do it  ^_^;; //I tried googling to see if there’s the templates for it but no luck ;; //is my japanese even correct ww

I wanted to make a fake screenshot of Kohaya’s sprites in the game but it’s really difficult to copy NDRV3′s amazing graphics ORZ 

EXTRA(Height comparison):

Ouma is so short HAHAHA//slapped


klance lovechild  ❤️💙

I’ve mentioned this boy on my Instagram a little, and finally here’s a full drawing of him! His name is Reyd McClain Kogane- obviously lovechild of Keith and Lance. 

Reyd is very flirtatious and outgoing (Lance) but shares the most physical traits with Keith. I haven’t been able to develop him much, but he is getting lots of love and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more of him! 


I feel like Rowan would be an amazing dad. What should their daughter’s name be though? Any suggestions?


It’s been ages since I’ve posted something cosplay-related here! 💦
But today I did a very special costest~ Mamoru aka Vikturi lovechild from @natsubutart yoi AU together with Milo ( @spacebreath ) ❤

This AU is EVERYTHING GUYS, go follow their story on natsubutart tumblr💕

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