klance lovechild  ❤️💙

I’ve mentioned this boy on my Instagram a little, and finally here’s a full drawing of him! His name is Reyd McClain Kogane- obviously lovechild of Keith and Lance. 

Reyd is very flirtatious and outgoing (Lance) but shares the most physical traits with Keith. I haven’t been able to develop him much, but he is getting lots of love and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing more of him! 

OKAY, SO This is really really old, I was searching thing on my WIP folder and i found THIS. 
It’s KuroTsukki love child!, i remember i drew it when the LoveChild! thing was like super popular, so yeah. kkk
There’s some headcanons about him, he’s also naturally blond, but he usually dye his hair black, because…you know fuck the natural hair dk 
He was supposed to go to Karasuno, but he ended in Nekoma because Kuroo sign him sooner than Tsukki in Karasuno. 
He’s also really tOL, you know tol x tol= sUPER TOL SON, but he’s a dork. 
I still don’t put him a name, but you can suggest one! 

Anyway, see you soon! 


It’s been ages since I’ve posted something cosplay-related here! 💦
But today I did a very special costest~ Mamoru aka Vikturi lovechild from @natsubutart yoi AU together with Milo ( @spacebreath ) ❤

This AU is EVERYTHING GUYS, go follow their story on natsubutart tumblr💕

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Finally got to making a Kuzupeko Child! Her name is Natsuko! I feel like Natsumi would have been slightly painful for Peko and Fuyuhiko to bare so it helped to soften the name a bit! She is the Ultimate Swordfighter (yes so creative I know) and she is the next heiress to the Kuzuryuu clan! (Also the age says “14 y/o not 19 or 17) (not that she had any choice-)

I really liked @ (cant really tag ppl-)  AU with Gambler/Yakuza Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama and their content got me to ship Kuzupeko slightly more then usual! (Even draw this child oop-) Props to them for making such a lovely well thought out AU with amazing designs! Enjoy all! (more stuff under the cut if you wish to read)

Overview of Natsuko

Natsuko is a quiet girl who prefers to keep to herself, and put on a serious face. Unlike some Kuzupeko children that I have seen, Natsuko takes more interest in her mother. She sees Peko as a strong women, and being a fan of strong women herself, Natsuko strives to be that way. However her definition of strong is tough and that prevents her from being an appealing person to some. Natsumi tends to put on a callus front in hopes of intimidating others, but her height says otherwise. She despises being patronized, belittled, looked down upon, or even babied to an extent. 

Unlike Fuyuhiko, she doesn’t swear as much other then the typical “you bastard!” during times of stress or when her “strong” façade is taken down, but she does tend to bottle up her emotions like anger and at the worst times release it. Natsuko tries to be as tame as she can be, but if frustrated she will break down and the serious build she keeps up will fall, causing her to become no other then the child she is. In the instances she is more likely to cry and get over emotional,

Her swordsmanship is rather impressive, and like her mother tends to wow many people. Fuyuhiko and her have a lovely bond together also. They both take long walks with each other, to which they end up bickering all the way home. All and all, despite her dedication for her mother Natsuko adores her father just as much, and even though they fight at times, she can’t help but run back to him apologizing for her mistake.

Requested by anonymous

I guess this child inherited Hange’s very special attribute AKA “what are genders??” 

The requester didn’t specify on the gender of Levihan lovechild, if you read the manga, Hange’s gender is never mentioned, and Isayama Hajime says that their gender doesn’t matter to the plot and the readers are free to interpret for themselves~ And thus, I decided to make this baby like their parent

 Also that ponytail & undercut combo is totally taken from here: 

Tbh my fave version of Levihan children is DYFM’s, their Levihan comics are just the bes t

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