Harry Potter Spells!

Accio (Summoning Charm)
Aguamenti (Spell to send a jet of water from the wand)
Alohomora (Spell that opens locks)
Anapneo (Spell that clears blocked airways)
Aparecium (Spell that makes invisible ink appear)
Arresto Momentum (Spell that stops the descent of a falling object)
Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)
Avifors (Spell to turn small objects into birds)
Avis (Spell that Ollivander used to make birds fly out of Krum’s wand)

Cave Inimicum (Spell used to strengthen an enclosure from enemies)
Colloportus (Spell used to lock doors)
Confringo (Spell that causes anything that the spell meets to explode into flames)
Confundus (Spell to confuse someone)
Crucio (Cruciatus Curse)

Defodio (Spell to gouge, carve or dig out any material)
Deletrius (Banishing/eradicating spell, possibly used to remove spell effects)
Densaugeo (Spell that makes front teeth grow enormous)
Deprimo (Spell to make a very powerful wind and/or make things soft)
Depulso (Banishing Charm)
Descendo (Spell to make things sink or go down)
Diffindo (Spell to cause things to split apart)
Dissendium (Opens concealed entrances)
Duro (Spell to make an object hard)

Engorgio (Spell that makes things grow)
Ennervate (Stunning spell)
Episkey (Spell used to heal minor injuries)
Erecto (Spell used to make something erect)
Evanesco (Vanishing Spell)
Expecto Patronum (Spell used to conjure a Patronus)
Expelliarmus (Disarming Spell)
Expulso (Spell used to cause an object to explode. The force of the explosion may depend on the intent of the caster.

Ferula (Spell that creates a splint or wooden rod)
Finite Incantatem (Spell that cancels out other spells)
Flagrate (Spell used to enable wand to leave fiery marks)
Flipendo (Spell to knock and object backwards)
Furnunculus (Spell to produce boils on someone)

Geminio (Spell to create a duplicate of any object upon which it is cast)
Glisseo (Spell to cause steps on a stairway to flatten to form a ramp/slide)

Homenum Revelio (Spell used to reveal humans near the caster)
Homorphus (Spell to make an animagus or transfigured object to assume its original shape)

Impedimenta (Spell used to slow down attackers)
Imperio (Imperius Curse)
Impervius (Spell to make an object repel water)
Incendio (Spell that sets things on fire)
Incarcerous (Spell that makes ropes appear to wrap someone up)

Langlock (Spell to glue someone’s tongue to the roof of their mouth)
Legilimens (Spell to allow the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim)
Levicorpus (Spell that suspends an individual in mid-air)
Liberacorpus (Spell that releases or frees the individual suspended in mid-air)
Locomotor Mortis (Spell to lock someone’s legs together)
Lumos (Spell used to make a wand emit light)

Meteolojinx Recanto (Spell to make any spells causing weather to change/to cease.
Mobiliarbus (Spell to move heavy objects a few feet)
Mobilicorpus (Spell to move unconscious bodies)
Morsmordre (Makes the Dark Mark appear in the sky)
Muffliato (Spell to keep people near the caster to hear nearby conversations or noises.

Nox (Spell that cancels out Lumos)

Obliviate (Spell that erases one’s memory)
Obscuro (Spell to cause a blindfold to appear over someone’s eyes)
Oppugno (Spell that makes conjured creatures attack on the command of the conjurer)
Orchideous (Spell that makes flowers spring out of the tip of a wand)

Pack (Packs luggage)
Petrificus Totalus (Body-bind spell)
Piertotum Locomotor (Spell used to animate statues and suits of armor to do the casters bidding)
Point Me (Spell to make wand act like a compass)
Portus (Spell to turn an object into a portkey)
Prior Incantato (Spell to reveal the last spell a wand has cast) 
Protego (Spell to shield minor to strong jinxes, curses and hexes)
Protego Horribilis (Spell that provides some form of protection against dark magic)
Protego Totalum (Spell that provides protection for a dwelling or area)

Quietus (Spell that cancels out “Sonorus”)

Reducio (Shrinking Charm)
Reducto (Spell to blast solid objects aside)
Relashio (Spell to release caster from binding)
Rennervate (Spell used to revive someone who has been stunned)
Reparo (Spell used to repair broken or damaged objects)
Repello (Used before the latin word for anything you want to keep away from you)
Rictusempra (Laughing Spell/tickling spell)
Riddikulus (Spell used to transform a scary boggart into a humorous shape)

Salvio Hexia (Spell that provides some sort of protection against hexes)
Scourgify (Spell used to clean)
Sectumsempra (Spell used to seriously cut another person)
Serpensortia (Spell used to make snakes appear)
Silencio (Spell used to silence something)
Sonorous (Spell used to magnify a voice like a loudspeaker)
Specialis Revelio (Spell that causes an object to show it’s hidden secrets or magical properties)
Stupefy (Spell used to make someone unconscious)

Tarentallagra (Spell to force someone to dance)
Tergeo (Spell to siphon material from a surface)

Waddiwasi (Spell to unstick an object)
Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation Charm)

Valentine's Day
  • Couples:Best day EVER! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo :-*
  • Singles:Pass the booze. I'm going to kill myself. SOMEBODY DATE ME. Forever alone :'(
  • Long-Distance Couples:Well, today sucks.

I wouldn’t want to be famous because then the paparazzi would follow me around and people would laugh about how literally every time I go to the grocery store I walk in, pick out my food, realize I left my wallet in the car, sketchily walk out without buying anything and then come back in with my wallet and a different coat on hoping no one remembers me.

I have two options. I can go with the one that truly expresses how I’m feeling: I could call him crying, hysterical, and tell him that I’m really scared. Or…I can do nothing. 

I’m not going to do anything. I don’t want to make him mad. Or uncomfortable.

anonymous asked:

This isn't hate mail, it's honesty mail. I worry about you. Ever since you have had a tumbler you have seem more depressed. I only see you sometimes during school, we aren't even friends. but I notice it. You always look sad, I don't know what makes you so sad..but maybe tumbler isn't helping.

Hi sweetie. I honestly have ZERO idea who you are. But it means a lot to me that even though we’re not friends, you care enough to say something. Here’s the thing. I’ve been depressed for a lot longer than I’ve had a tumblr. I’m seeing a counselor, I’m taking medication, and I’m working on it. I’m getting better, really. Tumblr didn’t start this, but I agree that it can be triggering. I’ve unfollowed a lot of depressed blogs and I understand what bad images can do to me. Thanks for caring, love. Much appreciated xoxo. Come off anon and we can really talk, if you’d like <3