dedicate yourself to something that will raise your vibrations & raise the vibrations of people in your life. be passionate about something. everyone wont agree with your purpose, but dont create for human confirmation. let the conformation be the reciprocation. genuine intentions & positive vibrations reciprocate tenfold. you know when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, living your purpose… everything will feel “right”. the youniverse will tell you if you’re not on the right path, or if you’re not acknowledging your purpose; dont ignore that, thats love. i wont let anyone tell me that what im doing isnt “right”. i see the impact i have on ppls lives & it doesnt have to be attached to a salary. i want to encourage ppl to find peace in creating. dont need a degree or a paycheck for that. the universe honors me with unconditional love. dont let any MAN convince you that you purpose has to be attached to a paycheck. you’re not chasing money, thats not real. people need you and you may be focusing so much on getting a degree or “job” that you are missing out on truly living your propose. money isnt confirmation, only in this manmade world & im not of that world anymore. my energy had a greater purpose, i refuse to compromise. if money is important to you, dont “work” just to “work”. find a way to make your purpose your paycheck. life isnt a competition, its not a rush, its not a game, its not a battle. “time” will never be on your side because its not your “time”. i dont know whose time you’re on, but im on mine. i flow with the natural progression of the universe, playing my role in manifesting love. no watch, clock, calendar, birthday is going to define or dictate how i live my life. i didnt create that so i wont be hindered by it. i believe in myself, i believe in my abilities, i believe in my love, i believe in my power and that matters more to me than anything. you can follow this linear, manmade life but i have desires, visions & goals much greater than anything man will allow me accomplish. the manmade world doesnt care if you succeed or not, thats why they convince you that we all should be doing the exact same thing. whose life are you living? whose idea of “life” … most likely not yours. i refuse to live like that. i am a creator. i am great. my love is great. my passion is great. my purpose is great. i dont need any man or any anything to tell me otherwise. money isnt real and its not my fuel. people are my fuel. love is my fuel. positive vibrations are my fuel. a degree isnt real. its a competition to keep the masses focused on something and competing against each other. dividing us. i just want simplicity. i dont care if i make another dollar. i want significance. i want to love and be loved. i know money is “important” but i will not let it dictate my life. i grow my business because the money helps me change other ppls lives. the universe will continue to allow me to be encouragement for those in need, love for those in need, a light for those in need. i know if i had someone like me in my life i wouldn’t have gone through as many ridiculous things to get to this point but i love my journey. if you need love, im here for that. if you need help, i’ll do what i can or find someone that can help you. thats whats important to me. im here to be encouragement, to accompany you on your journey. to give you the love & motivation you need to find you, if youre open to that. i dont need a class or a degree or a boss to spread love. i dont need people to tell me what im doing it right or wrong, i dont need people to tell me to get a job. i do what i want, period. if you’re not doing what you want you’re doing what someone else thinks you should be doing. take control of your life and live your purpose. love yourself. believe in yourself. only you possess your vision & you owe it to yourself & the universe to see your vision come to fruition. all the positive energy in the universe manifested through words. i love you all, really. (+)